Pics from hippie's house!

A few nights ago, I went over to hang out at Caylyn's house! Woo!

A sports composite of Caylyn jigging with a strobe light going.


And when my internet decides to be a bit faster, I'll post the rest of the pictures. *sigh*


Mushroom, MUSHROOM! (if you don't get it, ask)

Zangarmarsh, one of the new areas in Outland in the Burning Crusade expansion pack for WoW (choir of angels) is pretty much just a swamp of giant shrooms. And some of these shrooms attack you. Apparently one of the Blizzard guys wanted to relate a bad trip he had. XD

Pounce Tag

Tele's new favorite thing to do: play tag.


Happy Lil' Furballs!

Alright, Vane, here it is. Or Elle or whatever you wanna be called. (i really don't know. sorry ^.^") But yes! This is Tele's new worgy bro! Vane! (the "a" has a little ^ above it, but i don't know how to get that to type...)


Flamethrower Fun

Okay, for one thing, what the HELL is with all the gnome rpers on earthen ring all of a sudden?! And why must they follow Jorn and Tele around?!

Another thing, if you look at the link to this image, please don't think that's my fault. it looks like "many uses of flamethrower sex." The "ex" was added by imageshack, I had NOTHING to do with it this time! o.o"""


Maybe his shirt's ripped a bit too much... >.>

Or not enough...

Tele and Elfy have been fighting again... And this drawing comes at much request, though I'm guessing everyone wanted to see Tele in the picture, too. Got to practice drawing worgen first, guys. Then I'll post something better. ;) But here's Elfy, with his wings and a ball of fire forming. The fight started because of Tele breaking up with Xzorn... Apparently Xzorn went off on Elfy because he's pissy lately, and sort of losing his grip on reality at the same time. Or something like that. Elfy, you can correct me. But then Elfy comes over to where Tele is, he tells her to shut up about whatever she's talking about, and then he starts yelling at her for breaking up with Xzorn, because "You were his connection to the outside world!!" blah blah fight starts after tele punches him. More on that in a while, that's gonna take a while to draw. o.o""


Nap time

Yep. My boy. Sleeping in my lap. And yes, my boy is Fletch.


Takin' a nap, and a cute one, at that.

Aww, Aussie boy Fletch! <3 This is probably the side of his personality he was referring to.

Dangit, I wanna go to Australia so bad. >.<