Today, I felt sick at school. The sculpture class has been going to the elementary school to teach them to make either pinch or coil pots, so I was walking back from there. The sun was hot today, and medicine I had taken was starting to wear off. (if you're a boy, count your blessings, cuz you never have to deal with THIS) So I felt sick and I was getting way too hot and I was also getting tired from walking. I went straight to the nurse's office ("nurse" hah) and demanded to call home to get picked up.

After about an hour and 20 minutes later, mum still hadn't shown up. I called again, and she said she'd take a little longer to get there, since the sheriff's deputy was at the house.

So I laid down for about ten more minutes, wondering what the hell was going on. Mum showed up, I got out of the school, and in the car, she finally told me what had been going on. Sis was in the passenger's seat, too, which I thought was odd. Lately, she's been doing the payroll for the plastics factory that the family owns, a job which grandma would usually do, but she's been losing her memory. And of course, dad's rampant spending of our grocery money and bill money on DVDs and other worthless shit he doesn't need/already has, has prompted us to demand he only gets $100 out of his paycheck, since he doesn't pay bills. He also left us without grocery money for about two weeks. Anyways, Sis has been doing the payroll. She was holding an unwritten paycheck for him (why he still gets a fuckin paycheck is a mystery to me), sitting in her car with the windows half-open when he comes over and reaches in, grabs her arm, and says he'll break it if she doesn't give him his paycheck, even though he "hates talking like this." Hates talking like that my ass. He talks like that all the time, just never physical threats...

So the sheriff's deputy was at the house and told dad to use some anger management techniques. Sis decided to not file charges, though a report was definitely filed of the incident.

This is why I keep a knife by my bed and had a pair of handcuffs at the ready; I knew dad would go this way eventually... Even if I don't want to hurt him, I will if I have to.


Another new link!

I have no bloodfang... nor am I a male night elf... BUT MAN THAT'S COOL!! :DDDD

Now, a link to my main armory page. Trouble is, half the time I'm in my rp armor, which doesn't represent badassedness very well. Plus............ wtf is with that picture at the top? I have neither black hair nor tan skin nor Bloodfang Shoulders... But neato! Link your armory thingies in the comments! Yay! :D


A new link

On the side, you will notice a new link that says "Just to make you think of others." I found this site while doing research on poverty for a research paper in English class. Most of what I noticed was the display at the top of the screen. Just about every two seconds... Crazy, eh?


Now that it's updated...


And now that it's updated, here's where you can comment about the truly fucked-up rp journal entry! Woo! Yet another reason that I want a site forum. >.<

Lil boys

Boys boys boys that's just about all I rp with. And here is a buffet line of most of them: on Tele's head is (left to right) Avenn, Vane; on her shoulder, Elfy; in her arms, Xzorn, Jorn, and Nide; on the base of her tail is Gan; on the end of her tail is Gledriran; and clinging to her leg is Ardrick. Adorables!


Attention Whore

Nick, one of the people at my school, (formerly, now) decided he was just so upset last night that he had to take four pills of whatever it was and call all his friends and tell them he was killing himself. Yeah. Great. However, it's pretty hard to overdose on just four of ANYTHING, not to mention the fact that he wouldn't do that anyways. So why take pills and threaten that? To get attention. And to tell Caylyn, who works hard to keep all her friends safe and relatively happy, that it's all her fault and that she's a bitch and blah blah blah. What an asshole.
So that's what happened last night. I disconnected from the internet at about ten o'clock, so Caylyn called up at just that time. Good timing, since my dad was on the other computer and bitching about how he had to get online to print out some stupid work stuff.
In a situation like this, you yell at your dad, in a commanding tone of voice, to SHUT THE HELL UP BECAUSE SOMEONE'S FRIEND SHOVING PILLS IN HIMSELF IS A BIT MORE IMPORTANT THAN WORK.
Idiot. My sister pointed out, too, that someone's life is more important than work. And what did dad do? Bitch about it. What a lovely character.

So the moral of the story is that Wolfie gives you all permission to dropkick both her dad and her ex.


Old stuff


The above are pictures that I rescued from the depths of the Commissioned forums. Seriously, I've quit that forum. Too much drama. But I won't delete my account there, since it's always good for people to be able to know who it was who posted all that weird stuff way back when. Ugh... yeah, I'm still pissed at Fletch. That's one of the reasons I left. The comics were funny, at least.

I'm bored... -.-

Weird OOC crap

I was looking through my screenshots folder, and of the 6,904 screenshots, I found this little gem.
I really don't know why I screen everything, but still... there are some pretty weird ones there.

just for you

question: should jorn have his goggles on? or no?



Amazingly, this one I loaded to the site by myself, without having to ask anyone to do it for me =D Neato!
Aaaaanyways, the guy with the horns (which are just there to express anger, he doesn't REALLY have horns -.-) is Gan, who is enforcing his brotherly authority over the elf trying to make moves on Tele.

I pity those who incur Gan's wrath. Cuz... he reeeeeally knows how to express wrath.



Alright. Announcement: it's Easter. Go color some chicken eggs.

By the way, I think I'll do features once in a while, on request and with sufficient documentation, about some of the WORST pains-in-ze-asses on Earthen Ring. All in favor? Say yea or nay in the comments and why you say that. So, the idea goes like this: I'll post stuff like drawings and whatever I want to, as usual, but will also help the server out and document "bad, no no!" players. This site MAY be used as reference once any said player has been reported here.

Oh and.

-Because Blizzard uses macros. Silly GMs! Wulfie stomps bitches, not you!-


Bunny With Fangs agrees!


Badassedness and returning to business as usual

HAH, business as usual. When have I ever posted regularly anyways?? XD Anyways! Here's somethin' for Kanta to assure him of his badassedness. And to reinforce the idea, Kanta: you are badass.