No, I -don't- want a comic about sex.

Bitching time.

If you go to Top Webcomics, you'll see a hundred cool webcomics that people vote for. My problem is... the descriptions. No, in fact, I don't want a comic about sex. Or sex with furries. Or gay sex. Or lesbian sex. Or any other "interesting sexual roads." What the hell happened to good fantasy/adventure comics? Granted, there are a lot of those on there, but goddamn, guys, way too many of them are about fucking in interesting ways.

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems to me that there's more to life than that. And more to storylines than that. I don't care if I sound like some uptight bitch by saying this, but seriously... People are running out of ideas. I've noticed it myself. I've been writing lately, and I can't help but think "Hey, this sounds kinda like ." It's so great to feel as though you've made something original, something fresh, something people haven't seen before. But it's getting harder and harder to figure out stories... At least Allidar's rp is kind of interesting and new-ish. I'm guessing someone somewhere has already thought of that, but y'know, it's kind of like that idea where if you put enough monkeys on enough typewriters for long enough, you'll eventually, from the sheer number of possibilities, get the works of Shakespeare.

Now that I think of it... that'd be interesting. See if you can get a random word generator. Say, a version of Microsoft Word that puts random words in a document. See how many tries it takes for it to make sense.

Free art via mail for whoever figures that out and can prove it.


New pictures

Ain't it a bitch to have no scanner? Sorry about the blurriness. I ended up taking pictures of these with a regular camera. The big project turned out alright, but the others are kinda questionable. (especially the one of Sinty) But it's something, at least, right? Comment please :O


Time for some webcomic listings!

Alright, so I've found a few neat webcomics. Some of these you may already know, but some of them might be new. Anyways, here they are. <3
Xylia: A Faerie Tale. A nicely-drawn comic, I'd say. Sort of the same quality as Phoenix Requiem. (that one takes forever to get to a storyline though) If you can stand the sappy little scenes of the guy with the faerie girl, then you'll be good. Plenty of people know of VG Cats, but now there's a bit of a spinoff: Super Effective. Ya remember, in Pokemon, when you would get a good hit against an enemy that was weak to the type of attack you used... "It's SUPER EFFECTIVE!" Makes me lawl. Lawl. LFG Comic, as I already have linked to the side, is a neat comic, mostly due to Richard. A few fun animations are on it too, check out "Slaughter Your World." FOR PONY!! (read it and find out what that is) Penny Arcade, that stupid POS that I keep coming back to, is still one of my favorites. It's mostly entertaining to see how goddamn psycho these guys can get. By the way, don't look at a picture of them in real life. It's taboo. <3 Ctrl+Alt+Del is a strange one. <3 Gotta love it, though. Fun little storylines, mostly about gaming. Gaming and, of course, the girlfriend's responses to the main guy's antics keep it going pretty well.

Anyways, as you can see, I really REALLY suck at critiquing webcomics. On Top Web Comics.com, though... seriously, more people need to check out the intelligent comics and vote for those. Screw Twisted Kaiju Theater. Really stupid. But its high rank is a good indicator of just how many morons are on the internet.

Oh, and look for a comic called Gone With The Blastwave. I tried to find it, but it's hard to figure out where the hell it is with all the people talking about blast waves from various bombs in real life. It's pretty good though ^^ I haven't had the chance to check it out for a while, though. =O Mostly because I can't find it! If you find it, link it please. <3

Baibai <3

Merry Jane


Smells like children...

Again, from photography class, we went to the elementary school playground to take some pictures of kids at play. My other three were pretty good (but they're saved as photoshop files so the site won't load them) but this is one that Mr. Baierwalter, my teacher, wouldn't let me use. He cracked up when he saw it, but he said it would be too embarrassing for the girl in the picture. Oh well, I still like it <3 And you all get to see it. <3

Can you believe this?

The George W. Bush Store

Honestly. Can you believe this shit? A George W. Bush store? With items that say "thank you?" The site says it's popular, but I suspect its shoppers are more like my friend Caylyn, here. She wants one of the buttons just to be sarcastic. What would be funnier than wearing a shirt that says "Thank You" with a giant W on it? Some of the items are pretty ridiculous... Cufflinks? Honestly. Yard signs? Really, now...

Discuss! Disgust! Whichever!