Okay. This is bad timing. Plans for rp have been held up by the fact that i have been banned from WoW for a while. (how ever long that is. ugh) The person who banned me is undoubtedly the lying, manipulating, whorish, fiendish, stupid, slutty, village-bike-everyone's-had-a-damn-ride ASHERAN. (ooh did i just post her name? ooh i think i did!) The reason for my banning is probably some cock-and-bull story she came up with about me molesting someone or something stupid and highly offensive like that. But whatever it is, this is what it looked like when we were arguing. The black spaces were guild chat, which I decided to omit just in case the guild thought it would be a loss of privacy.

And YES, I DO screenshot everything.

-#- Due to the ceaseless bitching about her rights that she so definitely deserves, I have decided it's best to take the screenshots off the site. I won't email them on request, so don't bother asking. Why do I do this? Oh, I don't wanna take up all the server space. ^_^ Plus the comments are enough to convince someone of what everyone says about Ash. It's very interesting, really. She comes up with all these lies about me and everyone else, but everyone and I have truthful facts about her that are just as bad as her lies. Worse, really, since they're true. ;D

Comments have been disabled. This has gone on long enough.

Love and kisses and crowbars,



ZO MAI GAWD it's a picture!

ZOMG I POSTED HOLY FUCK IT'S ARMAGEDDON GET IN THE CAR. Anyways! This is a lovely lovely picture of Tele that I drew in English class. (what, you think i actually learn stuff there? bah.) I'm sorry for the lack of posts, guys, I really am... It's just that whenever I wanna post a picture, I have to bother someone on AIM or MSN to load it for me. Yeah, I know, get faster internet, wulfie, gawd! I would if I could, trust me.