Photos (finally)

Finally, I got the incentive to post some photos of the fire. (doing this at school during photography class... it still has to do with pictures, right? ^^") This is what the house did look like right after the fire had been put out.
First up, the general view of the outside. The roof caught fire, so that's why that's gone.
A bit closer. This is while the firefighters were still putting the fire out. It was pretty damn windy that day so the fire kept going, and to make it worse, the valves on the fire hoses kept freezing up. It's gotta be kind of disheartening to be about to shoot a blast of water at a raging fire... but the water doesn't come out. What a bitch.
This is the breezeway doorway that leads into the house from the garage. It was mostly untouched, other than the ashes that got washed into it. No fire here. The room beyond it, though, is the old kitchen. It's the old kitchen because that used to be where it was before we moved the house and knocked down a few walls to make a bigger, more accessible kitchen for mum. That got blazed.
Some library books mum had just checked out. They got mostly just hosed by the fire hoses, thus the icicles. Not sure why they're yellow, but I'm thinking some of the varnish on the china cabinet they sat on got into the water. Don't know though for sure.
I'm not sure what room this is. I think it might be my bathroom, but I can't really tell. My bathroom had a window in it next to the sink... Whatever room this is, it got blasted too.
Finally, my room. This is the view from the doorway, which basically shows everything. The big heap in the corner is where my wardrobe was, and the whole thing is covered by the attic, which fell down onto it. To the right you would see (if it were a wider picture) where my desk was, which would have looked like just a pile of charred planks. I had a small TV next to my wardrobe, to the right of it. I asked about that when they were going through my room. They found no trace of it, or my GameCube. None of my mattress was left of course, nor my drawings. (I later found a few, but they were only things I had printed out from the computer. Those I can make over again.) The wall is hacked out to the left (north wall) from the firefighters beating it open with axes and sledgehammers. There was another window there, too.
So... That's my house. Below is what it used to look like.

The apartment

Alright, so I'm moved into the new apartment. With mum. Kind of an odd situation, since I love having the ceiling light on and she HATES having it on (she likes her little table lamp instead that doesn't light anything at all)... That would seem like a minor issue, but she can make anything a huge deal. Seriously. She started crying one time at our old house because I had it on. She also tends to get mad at me for not doing things. And why the toothpaste can't be kept on the bathroom sink, I DON'T KNOW, but... I digress. Point is, I don't have internet yet. We're gonna get it eventually (probably cable) but not yet. *hints at some guys to stop badgering her about it*
Another new thing I'm getting used to. We have neighbors now. Out in the countryside, "neighbors" are people who live across the field from you. The reason I bring up neighbors is because there's a window in the bathroom. And mum loves the sunlight so she always has the blinds open. I always shut them... Those things are gonna break from so much opening and shutting. At least she gave in to getting this apartment in the first place rather than the one next to it. The other one has a living room/bedroom/whateverroom with windows on three sides of it, one right after the other. She liked that a lot at first. And it was closed off from the rest of the apartment by more windows and a couple of windowed French doors. I figured that was pretty stupid, as well as the door to the bedroom being right next to a steep staircase. If you would exit that bedroom and turn right, you'd fall down stairs. Lame.
Anyways, I'm working on making a banner for Tele's blog. Looks pretty cool, imo.
When I get internet back, I'll let you guys know. Mmkay? Mmkay.



Due to the lack of a scanner, my comics are gonna be done with my camera phone for a while. It takes decent pictures for being just 1.3 MP. And look! Lovely captions!

[Kalren almost gets laid.]
Kal: "By the power vested in me, I now pronounce us HUSBAND and WIFE!!... Okay, guilt's gone. Go ahead."


A disturbing discovery

Alright, so I've been putting together this blog for Tele's RP journal. Trouble is, GuildPortal, where the journal has been hosted, seems to.... have forgotten some.
If ANYONE has those entries saved ANYWHERE, then PLEASE let me know. I actually am trying to get something done for once so it would be kind of handy if I could get it going from the beginning.
Goddamn. Just when I start to do something.
New comic coming in a bit. It won't be big though... I'll have to put a caption under it ;.; Cell phone pics just ain't the same as a huge 2MB scan of a weird-ass drawing... And my camera phone's only 1.3 MP. ...
Great. I know.
Kalren's 48. Tele's 19. DISCUSS!
This is Kalren if you don't know him, by the way. His wiki page. You'll just have to wait for an awesome-ass picture done by me to see what he looks like. t(^^t)


The WTF Videos of February

Here are some good WTF?? videos for this month. Spontaneous posting idea. Hey, at least I'm posting SOMETHING.
This month's subject is that delicious purple tattooed curvy-horned SoB we all know and love--ILLIDAN!!

This guy really must be 12.

He's got a cool voice :D

The best of both worlds. <3

And February is also National Arthas Worshipping Month.
I swear it is.



New changes to ze blog, as well as my huge transfer of rp journals

Alright, so I decided I didn't like having Tele's rp journal on the guildportal thing. So I'm just gonna make a new blog to post that in. And you can comment like you do on GA for that one too ;D Also thinking of adding a journal for Sintas... votes?