Pics that got saved

Ok, so they didn't really get saved from the fire. But still. These are some pics that burned that I won't see again other than as these little cell phone shots.
Some of them I'm really fond of... oh and that picture I drew of Xzorn under the spotlight. That one's gone too.


Fightin' fire with fire

my house burnt down. discuss. (seriously it did. I'll explain more when I'm on a comp better than my iPod x.X)


Fire Sign

So then. New art project. In drawing class, I had to try hard to draw realistically. But now, I'm in a painting class... Symbolism... Great. Anyways, I have to do a "symbolic self-portrait." What that means is I have to find images that represent me, and I have to be a stuffy tard about it too and be all official with elements of art and that crap. So, what represents me best? Aries. Look up anything about the Aries zodiac sign and it'll basically describe me perfectly.

One. Good description.
Another one. I want that postage stamp. D:

There are more, but you get the idea. Anyways, of course, I'm going to want to draw this thing realistically. But is that wrong if it's supposed to be symbolic? Goddamnit. And why did it have to be the sign associated with the masculine symbol? (for those that don't know: aries' ruling planet is mars. the male symbol is the spear/shield combo kinda O-> thingy except kinda tilted up) Sure, I'm the one all my RL friends lean on, but I'm not a freakin man. -.- If I were, I'd shoot myself in the face. No offense to the boys. But it's a nasty thought.
Oh well. I'm supposed to be looking up reference pictures, which I really should do...


Xzorn writes poems. Betcha didn't know!

Here's a poem Xzorn sent me. He said I wouldn't know who it's about, so don't bother guessing I suppose. Neat, though.

Your hope was lost,
Devoid of passion,
Heart coated in frost,
Soul burned and ashen,

Tear struck eyes see,
Beloved souls die,
Begging to be free,
Their corpses nigh,

Heart torn,
Soul weary,
Eyes forlorn,
Bleak and dreary,

Such mental anguish,
Too much to bear,
In worldly pain you languish,
Hope agony will your thoughts impair,

Your angst cloaked in blood,
Mind’s torment gone a while,
Will come back in a flood,
Though you are in denial,

Gone is your desire,
Love is so long dead,
Purged by wicked fire,
Or that is so you said,

I come to you with heart,
Which none else ever will receive,
Upon you my emotions impart,
Passion returns but you do not believe,

The world seemed utterly evil,
Dark and barren and bleak,
Wholly cruel and primeval,
Compassion and love so weak,

Your eyes shrouded in blindness,
Brought on by broken past,
Violence so mindless,
Caused a rift – so vast,

Faith is not lost,
My hope is yours,
My life is my cost,
To open closed doors.



Here ya go, Elfy! The promised comic of the Pirates of the Caribbean parody! =D I colored this one with colored pencils and a tiny bit of marker sooooo if it looks different, it is. Hope it turned out well. :D

Oh, and on the front lines at home, dad smacked me on the head after I had been throwing wads of paper at him to stop his snoring. Kinda hurt. Kinda called the cops. Kinda got redirected to the sheriff. Kinda... pissed off at the deputies. "You should just try to make the best of a bad situation" is what they told me to do. Fuck that. Been doing that for five (maybe six, now) years. I'm personally very sick of having to look for the good in life rather than being able to see it without too much trouble. Gives you situations like "Well, dad hit me kinda hard on the head and it stings but... um... at least he didn't punch me?" -.-#