Xzorn writes poems. Betcha didn't know!

Here's a poem Xzorn sent me. He said I wouldn't know who it's about, so don't bother guessing I suppose. Neat, though.

Your hope was lost,
Devoid of passion,
Heart coated in frost,
Soul burned and ashen,

Tear struck eyes see,
Beloved souls die,
Begging to be free,
Their corpses nigh,

Heart torn,
Soul weary,
Eyes forlorn,
Bleak and dreary,

Such mental anguish,
Too much to bear,
In worldly pain you languish,
Hope agony will your thoughts impair,

Your angst cloaked in blood,
Mind’s torment gone a while,
Will come back in a flood,
Though you are in denial,

Gone is your desire,
Love is so long dead,
Purged by wicked fire,
Or that is so you said,

I come to you with heart,
Which none else ever will receive,
Upon you my emotions impart,
Passion returns but you do not believe,

The world seemed utterly evil,
Dark and barren and bleak,
Wholly cruel and primeval,
Compassion and love so weak,

Your eyes shrouded in blindness,
Brought on by broken past,
Violence so mindless,
Caused a rift – so vast,

Faith is not lost,
My hope is yours,
My life is my cost,
To open closed doors.


elfy said...

Killer poem.
The whole eyes blinded thing reminds me of a Demon Hunter, but that's just me.

Xzorn said...


She's not a demon hunter. But thanks!

Dagnalis said...

Wow that was incredibly amazing a perfect way to express your feelings is in the beauty of a poem even if it's sad or angry or happy it's always a beautiful piece of work

Wulfie said...

lol i bet elfy's one of those people who gets reminded of nerdy stuff everywhere he goes...

Elfy: "Look! Sleep masks!"
Me: "No, Elfy..."
E: "But don't they??"
M: "No. They DON'T look like Demon Hunter eye coverings or whatever--"
E: "Ahem... They're called masks, thank you very much..."

elfy said...

lol when'd I do that? XD

Wulfie said...

dunno but i bet you would if you haven't already :3

LAWL! said...


Wulfie said...

who's lawl? >.>"

Niaam! said...

I got to hand it to you Xzorn...thats fancy stuff...you should hear some of my pieces...if i ever let any of you read them that is....*Sigh* i wish i could play WoW so bad... I have no way of showing anyone that im still living or something except through Jane and she stopped calling me...

Anyone want to see Niaam back? Well i need to get a new laptop...because the other one fried...but as soon as i get it back up...Niaam will be back and the ladies can cry again! HOOOZAH!

Well...not really...but you know... BTW JANE! I got a cell phone... its neat...yea.....neat....



Wulfie said...

wow, sry nia, didn't see this comment earlier. and jeez, just get a laptop for those fangirls to drool over you? tsk tsk... :D