Idiot Ex

Ah, how lovely to hear from people we don't like. There's absolutely nothing quite like it, no? In other words, Mr. Jerry White needs to just stop fuckin' talking to me. That'd be nice, I'd say. Especially since if I want someone to talk to to be a nasty SOB, then trust me, I'll damn well ask for it. What a jerk...


Candy Ass

Ze colored version of Levy. Lovely! <3

Back online, and the result of nauseating amounts of Dream Theater

First up, my internet has returned! It turned out that if one of the phone lines was fucked up, the other ones would all die. Lovely. Anyways, so it turned out that it was a problem with my computer's cable. The cord looked just fine; not frayed or anything, but when I unplugged it from the phone jack, the other phones went dead. Replace the cord, and we're back in business. How annoying is that?
Anyways, this pic is one I drew of Xzorn (yes, that's who that is. be happy. i drew you!) while listening to the CD "Systematic Chaos" by Dream Theater. It's got two songs on either end of the track list called "In The Presence of Enemies" parts I and II. Look up the lyrics. I thought they suited Xzorn's rp perfectly. <3
And for girls, here's one thing to do before you die. Talk to Shinro on the phone. Mmmmmmmmmmmm pretteh pretteh voice.


quick update

quick update: laptop is low on battery, so this will be FAST.

-no internet for at least a week more.
-nearly lost electricity from a late payment.
-no cell phone soon, not sure when.
-dad sux. still.
-dad bought an $80 cement griffin and a $75 post card of bluffton. meanwhile, i'm running low on lunch money constantly.
-mum is gonna find a new lawyer, having gotten no closer to divorce.
-divorce mediation went through, but it turns out there's not enough money to mediate with. the only thing to make us enough money to do so: sell the house. probably never gonna work.
-found out incoming calls on my cell phone aren't free. i also have no home phone, but i found out incoming calls on that -are- free.
-can get free calls after 9 pm on weekdays or anytime on the weekend. ;.;
-wanted to post a new drawing, but couldn't find my flash drive.
-school still sucks.
-mum is doing a bit better, now she's just pissed off rather than all sobby.
-gled might come see me on spring break! \o/ whee! that means you other guys gotta get yer asses in gear >.> kek
-jorn, you'll still get a hug if you send me moneh <3 just gotta come here to get it lol, but i dunno about second base. -.- you're 13 and you watch porn all the time anyways.
-jordan, sorry about the phone situation v.v just gonna have to find other people to yak with i guess : /
-mum has a job at a warehouse (called Peyton's) and will be working either second or third shift. ;.; that means i'm gonna be more on my own after she starts. that place has mandatory overtime, too, which means if it's time for you to go home, but you're not done with a job yet, you have to finish it before you can go.
-i'll also note that i think the thing that should be cut is the satellite TV from our budget. seriously, bill o'reilly, get the FUCK outta my house. your show sucks. <3 and you're a bitch to women.
-i want to get an industrial ear piercing, but mum says that after i get into college and have a job and have a car and am out of the house, then i can make myself "look more and more like the lower class." what a bitch. caylyn's gonna get one on friday, though. ;.;
-it's getting cold. x.x summer's almost gone, so it's cool outside and not as humid, but there are mosquitoes like HELL. guess they were part of a species that doesn't carry any diseases, but DOES reproduce really fast after a long, hard rain. lots of them. -.- i went outside for about 15 minutes and got eaten alive. x.x thank god the anti-itch stuff still works, even though it's a year expired. ^^"
-also note i've paid the mortgage for the house once. after i did that, dad asked me if i could help him pay a lady back for $1700 up in fort wayne. i pretended to need mum's permission (since i'm trying to at least not make him totally hate me, i need my rep with him so i can get him to buy groceries and things like that) and she said no. \o/ i might, however, pay for the internet. a double-edged sword, though, since if i pay for it and get it back, it'll get me back on WoW, but it'll also allow dad to make more outrageous purchases on eBay. (remember that post card i mentioned?)
-the drawing i mentioned that i wanted to post, by the way, is a pic that i thought up while listening to dream theater's "In The Presence of Enemies" parts I and II. it's totally xzorn's ic theme song, in my opinion, so look it up, dude. it gave me the idea of drawing him realistically, for some reason, and thanks to mr. alex ross and his book containing just about every awesome piece of superhero art he's ever done, i did it! and it looks fabulous <3
-note i said this was a quick update: doing this as long as the battery will allow. didn't charge it enough before i came ;.; and i only have an hour anyways, since i'm here on account of mum's computer classes at the library, which has free wireless internet <3
-mum made, literally MADE, dad sign his paycheck (aka Birthright Allowance) over to her by having two sheriff deputies in the dining room make him sign it to her. this week he only got $50 out of it. <3 gotta pay the gas bill and electric bill, dad. no dvd shopping at walmart for you, i'm afraid. good riddance.
-mum also found out from the deputies that she can get a restraining order on him, forcing him out of the house. her lawyer said that wouldn't be possible, but her lawyer is also in fort wayne, in a different township. <3 the deputies said "that's not how it's done in bluffton" and actually made one aspect of this ass-end town kinda agreeable. lovely!
-the school cut off the home ec (Family And Consumer Sciences, or FACS) class at the middle school. the teacher from there came to the high school to replace the teacher of the same stuff who just left the school for another one. apparently, they consider the actual lifeskill classes to be... electives. nice. -.- furthermore, that teacher is TERRIBLE and stupid and i ended up taking her class. why? i had to fill 4th period, the last class of the day, since i guess it's just physically impossible for me to go home early. also, i have no car. i'm getting better at driving, though. <3
-looked at my phone bill for last month, which still isn't paid, btw... and it came to more than $600. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww just recieving calls from texas uses up minutes... luckily i only used 452/500 text messages that i have for non-verizon texts. <3 still not gonna do that as much as i used to. gled's not gonna be affected by this, though. and i do realize the bill is phenomenal for the situation at hand and the lack of cash, and that's why i've got rules now. if you do call me, off verizon, any time before the time slot i mentioned, i'll only talk a few minutes ;.; sorry, guys... trust me, i'm not happy either...
-battery's almost gone!