DC pictures

After you get too close, you can't fit the damn thing into a picture.

Here's a better pic. Pretty, right? Hehehe

This is the Pentagon City Mall. Dunno why it's called that. : /

This is the Nurses statue, dedicated to all the nurses and women involved with wars. A very nice monument. One of the nurses even had a bouquet of daisies stuck into her hand by a visitor.

Just as I promised: THE WHITE SQUIRREL!!!


My feet died in DC

Hello all and thank you very much for welcoming me back from DC, I know you all have. (yep, that's sarcasm right there, sorry bout that) But one thing you should know if you ever plan on going there: GET A SHUTTLE/TRAM/SOMETHING, because otherwise, your feet will roll over and die like mine have. Lots of walking over there, especially on a tight schedule like I was on. ("Okay, people, let's get over here! C'mon, we're on a schedule here, MOVE IT!!!") So after four days of walking around everywhere, that's including: Pentagon City Mall, Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial, Korean Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, WWII Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, the sidewalk outside the White House, National Gallery, Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, Iwo Jima Memorial, Arlington National Cemetary, Union Station, Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, FDR Memorial, and the streets of DC itself. That is tons of walking, and I switched between my Rocket Dog shoes (luv 'em ^.^) and my army issue boots. (ass-kickin' boots!!) Now some of you are probably thinking "hey, what're you complaining about? You probably slept the whole way back anyways!" Yeah, uh, that didn't happen. For some reason I was able to get in about a fifteen-minute nap as we went through West Virginia, but the rest of the trip I stayed awake, rearranging myself and my pillow, which was made up of my folded-up, inside-out rain jacket and my fuzzy black hat. Fun! I was lucky though, since I got two seats all to myself, letting me actually lay down most of the way.
Alas, I'm hungry, so I'll be going to lunch, now. Next post will be made up of pictures from the trip, including the white squirrel I saw!


Random sentence competition

Kumoi's brother Tom is currently running a Random Sentence Competition. To join in on that, go to Kumoi's page and then to Tom's from there. (hyperlinks hate me so just follow the steps -.-") I posted one already, lo and behold.

Why does Wolfie freeze the risky poem? Jerry breaks a resident against an emergency seat. Wolfie buys a supervised skill. A meet catalog pumps past the guiding mask. Jerry smells like a trouble with the innovative meat. Should Jerry overcome?

Yep. So, uh, if you want the prize (whatever it is) then go to the sites I listed!

Milkbonz for the lycan

Kumoi the lycan. I still think he's more of a kittycat.


Jerry appreciation day!! Yay!!

Today, as I have decided, is Jerry Appreciation Day! Woo! Today is when I list all the reasons why I love mah Jerry-kun! Yay!
1. he's adorable
2. he hugs me when i cry
3. he's funny
4. he's huggable
5. he's moral
6. he'll do anything for me
7. he makes me grin
8. he's got nice long thick hair ^.^
9. he lets me watch anime with him




What can I say? I'm a bit protective of my fanboys. As you all know, fanboy=minion.


The "computer room"

This, my friends, is where I am situated most of the time. See? Nice view. That's my bebbeh mac on the desk, there, too. ^.^ Yay macs!

Whacko Jacko...Xzorn's idol??

Look at the comments for "Hold that #1 down" for why I posted this... Ech...

A bunch of pictures I just took

Dunno why but I felt like posting a bunch of pictures from outside. It's a really nice day out today, so I thought what the hell, I'm going out.

Here's what color the leaves are right now. Kinda pretty, eh?

I was surprised there were any bugs even left, but I found a grasshopper jumping around! Kawaii <3

The light was really great today, so I figured I'd try doing a self-portrait. Worked pretty well, I'd say. I luv my hair ^.^

Worries about the DC trip

Next week on Wednesday, I'll be going on a school trip to Washington DC. Fun fun. Anyways, maybe it's just a bit paranoid, but do you think drug dogs will react to a purse made of hemp? Just thought that would be a good thing to check up on before I go and get arrested. o.O But I doubt they will. Half the guys in Washington probably smoke, anyways.


This is some rp that happened quite a while ago... like half a year or something, idk. But anyways, the dude there is Aethab, who was possessed by a demon of some sort, which made him act pretty strange. (notice also that he doesn't have an iris in his eye o.O) Anyways, he ended up knocking Tele to the ground and kissing her, which he said would have been a very strange experience, since it was the demon and not him. I'd say Galacian's right. I do keep some odd company...


Hold that #1 down

Let's face it, he's protective of me when Jerry can't be. Gotta respect that to some degree, right? Only thing is that he doesn't have the power of being the real life bf of being able to just scare fanboys away with mere presence... Oh well.

"The Past Returns"

Tele, revisiting where she slaughtered her parents, remembering what happened. Love this picture.


Jerry's revenge

C'mon, Jerry, we all know this is just what you wanna do.

Does Jerry exist? Really? Yep he does.

Not very many comics of Jerry, I know, but that's partly from the lack of me seeing him on WoW and the fact that he doesn't roleplay. But here's one conversation that I managed to turn into a strip! Woo!


Kumoi Kitty!

If you look at Kumoi's site, he'll say over and over about how he's a demon. I'd say he's more of a semi-evil kittycat!


Meant to post this a while ago. Oh well! Here it is now!

Stupid dialup... *kicks dialup*

Another thing... 11 posts back, I said I would start posting another series of comics. The reason those HAVEN'T been posted is because for some reason they're incredibly long to load and haven't yet loaded successfully. Those are coming sometime. I promise.

Side effects without medicine

Earlier I posted about how I've been on shitty medications my whole life. Now, I'm getting OFF those shitty medications. But guess what? There's still one more thing to get over before I'll be the way I would without them: my brain's chemistry has to be reset after being full of stimulants for so long. It didn't have to make as many chems to keep me awake and alert with the medicine around, so now it has to start making those again. What that means for me is that it'll be hard to stay awake and hard to concentrate on anything. Great, I know. I guess some people would say that I should've just stayed on the meds since they weren't doing any actual harm, but y'know. I got a little sick of being a lab rat/guinea pig/whatever, so there ya go. And to describe just how tired I've been lately, I fell asleep in chemistry class yesterday. I've never fallen asleep in class before, so that was kind of odd.
So what do you think? Should I have stayed on the meds? Or is it better without them? I'm at a loss for what to think.


Birthday Boy!

A bit belated... well, VERY belated, but still! Happy 10,015th, Avenn!!


White Halloween??

It's October. It's fucking SNOWING. Damn, I hate this climate.


Lawrence Diller

Someone has the right idea...

Parents push the new abnormal

Lawrence Diller has been treating children with behavioral problems for 28 years, and he has noticed a disturbing trend: the kids brought in for possible psychiatric medication are "far less abnormal" than they used to be. Parents are less willing to tolerate minor weaknesses, says Diller, a behavioral pediatrician in Walnut Creek, California. He sometimes prescribes drugs but laments their overuse. Diller's new book, The Last Normal Child (Praeger Publishers, $39.99), explores the rood causes of the surge in psychiatric drug treatment for children and suggests different approaches. USA Today's Marilyn Elias spoke to Diller:

Q: Why did you call your book The Last Normal Child?
A: Because I had this fantasy, as more and more normal kids get psychiatric medication, that eventually the last normal child in the world finally would be brought to me for a prescription.

Q: What are some of the key reasons that more parents are bringing in normal kids to see if they have ADHD or another disorder and should be medicated?
A: For one thing, academic standards are getting increasingly rigorous and ridiculous--at ever-younger ages. Teachers start to complain about the children, especially boys, who can't get with the program.
I used to think parents worried only about their kids being good students, getting good jobs and making money. But now there's also this tremendous worry about children's self-image, their self-esteem. And the kids do feel bad, because they know they're disappointing their parents and teacher.
Sometimes children have undiagnosed learning disabilities, not ADHD. Or, they might not be motivated to do academic work. Not every kid is academic, and that can be hard for high-achieving parents. There may be problems at home, or parents may not be disciplining properly, so kids are acting out.

Q: Aren't you blaming parents a lot here?
A: No. Parents love their children and want the best for them. They bring kids in for evaluations out of love and great worry. Often it's the teacher who suggests it.

Q: What do you advise parents when a teacher or school psychologist says a child may have ADHD?
A: The child first should be evaluated for learning disabilities. If he's acting out in class, the teacher should try a behavior management program that offers incentives for good behavior. If a kid is inattentive but not hyperactive--and that's the fastest-growing percentage of kids being diagnosed with ADHD--90% of the time he has some kind of learning or processing disorder and may need a special educational program.

Q: How does a child's motivation matter when there are school problems?
A: Most commonly, you see kids struggling academically, but they have wonderful hearts, they're good socially. They're going to do well in something like sales. They're just not interested in academics. Others may be very creative, talented. They just don't fit into a school mold. Parents are worried and wonder if these kids should be on an ADHD drug so they'll get "on track." Being unmotivated can look similar to ADHD; they don't follow through, they're disorganized, they have trouble concentrating. But there are all different kinds of people in the world, and sometimes parents just have to accept that their kid is eccentric or different than they expected. These parents may need reassurance that their kids can do well by being themselves.

Q: Aren't you persuaded by some of the new brain scan studies that ADHD is a biological disorder?
A: I concede that there's a neurological component here, and it is genetic. But we know the environment can change kids' brains too. There's a core group that would greatly benefit from medication no matter what--perhaps an eight or a tenth of the kids getting it. But most of those with mild to moderate problems--which is most of what you see in a community sample--could manage without medication if they had better discipline and behavior management. The environment can amplify or decrease problems.

Q: What about defiant children? Some children are getting diagnosed with mental disorders if they're too difficult to control.
A: I'm not saying that these children are easy or that they never should get medication. But especially among the high-achieving professional parents I see, there's often too much talking, talking about the kids' feelings, and ambivalence about giving immediate consequences for bad behaviors--timeouts and withdrawing privelages that are important to a child. I work with the parents, helping them to give kids incentives for sitting still and doing homework, and following through with consistent discipline.
If, after a few months, a behavior management program at school and home doesn't have any effect, then we can consider medication.

(USA Today)

Thank you, Mr. Diller. This all makes so much sense... maybe this will help to refine the line between illness and a different way of thinking.

Running arguments

"A report from the front lines" seems to be a popular place to comment. Too bad it's just the, shall we say, triangle that's going at it. But here are some words for you two...
Jerry: What happens in the RP is my business. I'll RP the way I want, and yes, it seems a bit disheartening to hear that your girlfriend is getting "married" to some dude on the internet, but suck it. Rules: #1: You may NOT kill Xzorn, no matter how much you hate him. #2: You may NOT severely injure Xzorn. Yeah, I know, I'm being very nice to him. Deal with it.
Xzorn: What happens in the RP that I find to be terribly disgusting (i.e. the poker) is going to be FORGOTTEN. Okay?? That was a very revolting thing to do to Xzath (man, all these people with "Xz-" names!! o.O) and I agree with him that since you didn't die, that never happened. Rules: #1: You may NOT castrate Jerry. That's the only huge rule I can think of at this point, but it's the most important one.
As I said, play nicely, boys.



Drew this right after that previous bit happened. Couldn't think of anything else, man! I was going to start the comic for some other rp, but I was still trying to wrap my head around this one... yikes.


A report from the front lines!

Sources tell me that the bf is pretty damn pissed about something in the RP! Wanna know what it is?! Xzorn already knows ~.~"
omfg, Teleia's gettin hitched on Saturday. Or is she? Wait, yeah, she probably is. Well, maybe not... But that probably won't happen. But it might! Gyaah! So confused!!!

A profile!! Just because!!

Something I can't exactly do in the RP blog is write a full profile of Teleia, something I've been trying to piece together for a while. So, here goes. And if you think I'm overly obsessive about RP, then you're right. I'm not going to argue with that one, but I'll just say this: I had NO subject matter to be drawing before. I was working on this stupid Zelda series, y'know, the Nintendo game, and it was very, very stupid. So now that I have something to be drawing, and now that it's gotten me better at drawing to have dramatic scenes like fights to draw, I'm just gonna keep going with it until I get tired of it. Yatta!!
Oh. And by the way, "Yatta" means "I've done it!" or "I did it!" in Japanese. Nice little word, isn't it? :)
K then.

Teleia Wolfsblood

Age: 110 (looks 17)
Height: 5' 8" (hell, why not make her my height? ;) )
Weight: 154 lbs (70 kg)(hell, i'll make her my weight, too!)
Hair color: silver
Eye color: yellow-orange
Skin tone: very pale

Birthplace: Booty Bay
Childhood home: Raven Hill
Current home: the whole goddamned world, man

The important stuff:

Teleia was, of course, born in Booty Bay, but her family moved to Duskwood soon thereafter to Raven Hill. (listen, guys, i didn't bother looking up the lore on this shit about timelines and stuff, but just play along with it, okay? :P) At that point, she had grown up a bit more and they could see she had the silver hair and yellow eyes of a worgen, indicating there would be lots of trouble. So they sent her younger sister away to Ironforge where she learned to be a paladin. The plan was that they would eventually meet up and live together to allow her sister Juliet to keep an eye on her.
This didn't work, however, since at age 7, Teleia had her first and worst transformation to a full worgen. Because of the bloodline being stacked so high with worgen genes, she was the most powerful one thus far, and it showed. She ended up killing her parents and a few other people. This happened outside the town, however, so the general consensus was that those people who had disappeared and the little girl had been hunted down by the wolves.
Since the transformation took up so much energy, Teleia collapsed after a while. It hadn't taken her long, however, to kill the people, so the loss of energy had no merciful outcome on the event. When she came to, she was found by some Tauren druids who found her drifted downstream into Stranglethorn. (proof for how she could have drifted without being eaten by the frenzies: generally, animals don't go after dead things, and she seemed pretty dead to them) The druids, with their knowledge of shapeshifting, helped her control the outbreaks, allowing her to eventually return to society.
Things went pretty normally for her, going in and out of "honest jobs" and thievery. During this time, she also learned the effects of alcohol on her. She only got drunk once in her life, and she ended up getting to know Edwin van Cleef rather personally, also losing a necklace she wore in the process.
After a while, while she was training in Elwynn, a young man came across her and helped her finish a job. This man's name was Nide, the leader of a new band of Defias. He seemed to like her immediately, and later asked her to join the guild. This guild is also where she met the lecherous second-in-command, Xzorn Mulahey, who also seemed to quickly take a liking to her. Things went relatively normally again, doing jobs and causing general commotion, until one day a bounty hunter showed up to try and capture Nide and his wife at that time. Those two ran to Duskwood and hid out, telling the others what to do to stay safe. Teleia was at Eastvale Logging Camp at the time, and wasn't happy with the order to stay put. Making matters worse, Xzorn was assigned to protect (babysit) her. The situation with the hunter, for Teleia, was that she had been paid to betray Nide, but thinking it over, she decided not to. This gave her an advantage, though, knowing the hunter by name: Elfangor Senurai Shadowfury. So after waiting it out at the logging camp, both Xzorn and Tele got tired of sitting around and went to Stormwind to help Nide and Darnassia (his wife) out of being cornered. When they got there, they found Darnassia was in the auction house, trapped by Elfangor. Xzorn went in to try to smooth things over, but Tele ran over to the Canal District with a plan. She dressed herself like an average person, started screaming for Elfangor's help, and jumped into the canal to fake drowning. This gave Darnassia the chance to escape and regroup with Nide, and sent the hunter running around trying to find her. Eventually, he dragged her out of the water, asking what happened. Xzorn, for some reason, had come, too, which gave Tele another idea. She jumped up and ran over to him, pretending to reunite with her brother. The story unfolded that Xzorn had been fighting Defias in Westfall for 7 years, explaining why he smelled like them. When Elfangor asked why Tele smelled of Defias, she broke down in fake tears, saying she had been in a relationship with one of them. She kept throwing a fit, appologizing to Xzorn ("I should have told you! I'm sorry, brother!!") and inspired him to tell off Elfangor for distressing her so. Elfangor left, bewildered and embarrassed, and the two met up with Nide again.
There were more run-ins later with Elfangor, chasing Tele around to try and force information out of her about Nide's wherabouts, though Nide had been absent for quite some time. She ended up getting tortured by his employer, eventually escaping and running to Longshore and hiding on an offshore island. He caught up, though, and had brought help; another hunter by the name of Avenn sur' Ravencrest Farstrider, who ended up shooting her in the back with his arrows. (yeah, i know, the start of a beautiful friendship, right? lol) Her response to him trying to grab her was a swift kick with her steel-toed boots... which I had forgotten ever happened... o.o" Anyways. Somehow they wound up being friends... neither of us know how the hell THAT happened...
(finishing later again, time for bed :P)

The big, shirtless dude

Why doesn't Herod have a shirt? Why?? Avenn said "yeah i wanna get his chestpiece." What chestpiece?? It must be invisible >.> [Phantom Blade] and [Phantom Armor]?

"Comfort," the attempt at cel shading

Cel-shadedness! Woot! Also tried pretty hard on the clothes for this one. Yet another the bf's gonna throw a fit over, but y'know, it's an awesome picture so Nyaaa!



Finally, I can start posting the Zal series.
Sounds weird to put it that way... the Zal series. Oh well.
Anyways, I try sometimes to put two pages together in one image. This takes FOREVER to load, I know, so I might end up splitting them up... But who knows. Maybe it'll work! o_o"

The hippie!!

Da Hippie on the last day of school last year. She's a bit less gothic now, but still basically the same.

Because I want to, that's damn why.

Why put a picture of myself on something as dangerous as *gasp* THE INTERNET?! Good lord, I should board up the windows. Who fuckin cares? Anyone who actually tries to find me anyways will be noted not only as a perv but also an official fanboy.

Whackjob #11 (finally!!)




This is some RP that ticked me off. I'd been arrested several times by the Hounds, but never knew what I had done wrong. I asked Jorn about it later, and he couldn't think of a reason. Great. He said he had a warrent, but he ended up accusing me of littering. What an ass.

Yet another. Bf actually liked this!

Bf pointed out "He doesn't have wings!" What a noob. Anyways, this is Xzorn, Tele's man. True, he doesn't have wings, but he's always there for her. ^.^ kawaii! Recently, though, I found out that his guild, the Scarlet Battallion, was the same group of Scarlets as the Scarlet Crusade, (whole lotta red going on here, man!) which Avenn warned me about... These are guys who act like the Inquisition: forcing religion and punishing "heretics." Check the RP blog for the specifics, but I'm kinda dreading that he might become an enemy. Aw... :(

Figure this one out, Nancy Drew...

Can anyone explain, if that's even possible, why someone would do this? And why they wouldn't say the reason this nut had to do this??

ok forget this for now. the hyperlink won't show. but trust me, look up the amish schoolhouse shooting. it's incredibly meaningless violence.


21st Century Hippie!

Been meaning to post this for a while. This is what happens when a hippie gets stoned and gets on AIM...
Oh and this is taking forever to do because simply copying and pasting doesn't want to work... GRR

ugetmeclser2god: Fuckin' computer
ugetmeclser2god: AMREOW
wolfienumbah2: lol
wolfienumbah2: guess what im doing?
ugetmeclser2god: ....what?
ugetmeclser2god: :P
wolfienumbah2: makin backgrounds >.<
ugetmeclser2god: lol
wolfienumbah2: blah
wolfienumbah2: sucks ass
ugetmeclser2god: That'd be fun right now, I'm pretteh high lol
wolfienumbah2: cuz if i get a webcomic going, then i can't just use photos like i've been doing
wolfienumbah2: lol
ugetmeclser2god: Thats gayer than Logan, bwahahaha!

Wait, no, I have a better idea. Just look it up on her site. It actually let her copy+paste. -.-#

...I quietly ask myself...


[Agate Ring of Fanboy Resistance]??

Lovely name I gave a ring the bf bought me, right? I need the extra stats. ~.~" I'm finally starting to work harder at getting more than 6 members in my guild, (yes, i know, it's pathetic) which means, since I'm going for quantity first to later weed out who's good and who's bad, that I'm going to end up with fanboys... One of them really caught me off guard. I was out in Westfall, and I figured "Hey, this is a good level area to recruit in," so I stamped the guild calling macro into the chat window. I got a few /tells inquiring about what the guild was all about, but got only one new member. I warned him that the guild was still VERY small (6 members, 5 of whom I haven't seen since I invited them -.-#) but he was happy to have a guild. And the world was good at that point. I knew this guy played often, so he's pretty much my first active member.
Okay, later I was on my way to Stormwind from Stranglethorn when I got another /tell. This one was from a guy who had been shamelessly flirting with every girl in sight at one of the taverns in Stormwind, me included. So, naturally, I was like "Um, excuse me?" and he said he was the same guy that I had recruited earlier. He seemed to have no idea what he had done, since I was very surprised and annoyed. So I had to remind him what I was so upset about. He was like "Oh! It's you! I'M A CHANGED MAN, I SWEAR!!" So I made him promise he had to be good, and I invited him to the guild.
Changed man? Right. He had me set his public note to "I like to flirt!!!!!"