Running arguments

"A report from the front lines" seems to be a popular place to comment. Too bad it's just the, shall we say, triangle that's going at it. But here are some words for you two...
Jerry: What happens in the RP is my business. I'll RP the way I want, and yes, it seems a bit disheartening to hear that your girlfriend is getting "married" to some dude on the internet, but suck it. Rules: #1: You may NOT kill Xzorn, no matter how much you hate him. #2: You may NOT severely injure Xzorn. Yeah, I know, I'm being very nice to him. Deal with it.
Xzorn: What happens in the RP that I find to be terribly disgusting (i.e. the poker) is going to be FORGOTTEN. Okay?? That was a very revolting thing to do to Xzath (man, all these people with "Xz-" names!! o.O) and I agree with him that since you didn't die, that never happened. Rules: #1: You may NOT castrate Jerry. That's the only huge rule I can think of at this point, but it's the most important one.
As I said, play nicely, boys.


Jerry said...

suck it? thats not very nice :(

Wulfie said...

too bad. suck it.