A pretty ring and a nicely-composed picture

A couple of pictures from photography class. Well... one, anyways. The first one is one of my many attempts to take a picture of my ring that I wear <3 The second one, I edited in photoshop, but since the teacher demands for the files to be saved with .psd, it won't load onto blogger. So I do have a better version of it, but I just can't get it x.x



And this is why we should get a Naxx raid going.


New pics!

Alright. Lemme explain these.
The first one is a pic that I remade of ANOTHER pic that I had drawn of this already happening. That's my pally chickie, Levy, and a weird guy named Ethan who had an odd habit of sniffing her. So that's why she looks freaked out and that's what he's doing.
The second one... You guys are gonna hate it :P I've been rping on Moonguard a lot lately (yes, that's where i've been, i'm not dead) and have been rping as Allidar, my blood elf boy. (he's the one with the short black hair) You guys probably would cringe if you saw this server. I, however, am a sick freak and kinda like it. There's not as many (as -many-) morons on it like there are on ER. People tend to actually respect rp. (people -tend- to) Anyways... So this demonic guy pisses Alli off. The demon's kinda satyr-ish, in that he's all about partying, fun, romping around, mindless orgies, stuff like that. So when Alli decides "alright, can't take it anymore, gonna kill you," what does the demon guy do in his defense? Makes Alli gay for like an hour. Alli ends up being bi. I swear, I haven't even played there that much, or rp'd there much, but tons of shit has already happened.
It's kinda fun rping as a dude though, since when I get into arguments, I always win since I'm a girl -controlling- a guy. But yeah... Those two kinda get weird, since I've been passing myself oocly as a guy X3 Kinda fun, really, since it's not perverted like guys who have femme chars are. Cuz they're all like "Nyurr lookit her butt lolololol." Not like "Oooooh this is interesting rp..." And plus...
NO ONE ASKS IF HE'S ON HIS PERIOD IF HE'S ANNOYED!!!!!! Means a lot for people to not assume that's the reason for every time I get annoyed! It's trading sexism for sexism though, since every time I get involved in something that goes wrong, if it's two girls against me, I'm always to blame. And I usually turn out to be just someone who was kinda there at the wrong time...

But yeah so that's what I've been up to. You?


One old, two new

A few things, one of which was supposed to be posted MONTHS ago. The cake, sorry about the link... Tried to link it from my email. Dumb idea. The other two, though, are my Blood Elf boy, Allidar.



I'm gonna say this: you can have as many 70s as you want, but they'll never be "good enough" unless you play them nonstop and get them into the best instances/raids/pvp/arena teams you can find. (i'd still like to find some sort of good arena team :P)
So about that, it's time for me to bitch and rant.
Alright. If I find a character that I sort of like to play as (or rp as, whichever), then for christ's sake DON'T BITCH ABOUT IT. That shit gets so old SO fast. "Aww why don't you play (character's name) anymore? Jeez, don't be so lame." Seriously. I could do the same about everyone else, but I don't. Why? Because I hate it when people do that. Why would I do it too?
So fuck y'all if you don't like me skipping out on Sin or Tele or Levy or whoever. I try to have fun. Hard to do if I'm getting bitched at for trying, though.
Another note. Nia, why the hell do you hate playing as your new char so much? I mean I know, she's a girl, it's weird for you to play as a girl, but as I've said like two million times already, I've been playing as a dude. You think I'm doing any differently? No. Not at all. It's still weird. So either suck it up and stop complaining or just delete her if you hate her so much.