More Warcraft Videos.... oh yes...


Jimmy And yes, I'm gonna go for the Scryers. Did you see that shit they've got?? O.O
Lookit aaaall the skeletons... This one's kinda long, and has the same song over and over, but man, that's freakin awesome. I didn't get to see the burning legion on Ironforge or anywhere like that, but I saw them in the Hinterlands. Me and Avenn had fun running after/away from the big doggies. Glad I had my mount by then!
Be nice to the GMs. Otherwise they'll .kill you. ^^ But seriously... Elfy... you and the other guys got to see Hyjal... LET'S DO EET AGAIN! SHADOWSTEP LAND HAX BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA


"One of her moods again!"

Yep, I was in one of my bitchy moods again lately, and unfortunately for Gan, he was the only one around to talk to me. (aka get it all dumped on HIM) This time, like many others, I was ticked off about how men have it easier than women. He said that it was pretty even, but I listed off plenty of things, like how guys aren't expected to be gorgeous/strive to be beautiful, behave nicely, follow orders, wear makeup, yadda yadda yadda. He eventually said he agreed that men have it easier.
And now I have a research paper to do. Guess what I'm doing it on?
Societal expectations of ladies.
Of course, I'm finding out many more things to bitch about.
Incarcerated women shackled during labor
Women's rejection of abortion laws. This makes me wonder... Is it mostly men who want abortion to be illegal...? Hopefully Bill O'Reilly has learned his lesson...
Quote: Foeticide and infanticide
UNICEF notes that “Where there is a clear economic or cultural preference for sons, the misuse of [pregnancy diagnostic tools] can facilitate female foeticide.”
This seems to say that many cultures think it's shameful to have daughters. (Link)

As you can see... it's gonna be hard to make this thing only about three pages or so...



That is the biggest fuckin rabbit i have ever seen.