Lol's. So I just downloaded the WoW Fansite kit from WoW's official site. It's full of a bunch of stuff I don't quite understand, such as just about anything involved with web programming. Let's see... I have now a bunch of logos (for original, BC, and WotLK respectively), some renders of Arthas (both his badass Wrath model and his... somewhat ugly Culling of Stratholme model), some avatars for forums (The ones in the lvl 80 avatars folder look like lvl 60 avatars), borders, stuff like that. Interesting...


Cosplay Idea

I don't even play this game. El Oh El. But damn, that guy's got a sexy costume. I want one.


So, what the hell did you get for christmas?

Holidays? Whatever it is you celebrate, winter-time festivities! What'd you do? Where'd you go? What'd you get?

What I got:
new cd: Kamelot "The Black Halo"
bunches of white chocolate
gold chocolate coins
awesome socks
awesome sweater
black ripped tights
a dvd with digital copy of "UP"
two magazines to tickle my art bone
a witch's calendar
a new purse
two WoW game cards

Where I will be going: Probably just staying home. I really doubt I'm gonna be going over to my uncle's or aunt's or anything.

What I'll do: Take a shower and eat!

This new cd, I'm listening to it now, mmmmmmm. Loving it.
Hope you all have a good time this season. :)


Hmm... Neat


Interesting. Wanted this as the page's header, but can't figure it out.
You can make your own at this site.


How to make a Gordon

It starts very simple: Find a picture. This one will work!

Next, take out the messy background. Let's put our soon-to-be-Gordon in City 17. That light in the background matches the light on the Gordon!

For this Gordon, I burned his chin to make the goatee, copy+pasted some nerd glasses on, then drew frames around them to match Gordon's iconic glasses, and found a picture of a crowbar on the internet. Color replacement fixed that blue crowbar right up!

No Gordon is complete without the Lambda symbol, though. I didn't feel like copy+pasting a whole HEV suit onto this guy, so I drew one and burned it up a bit!

Now, you have your very own Half-Life 4 Gordon Freeman! This is the one where he doesn't have an HEV suit, and instead runs around in jeans and a wifebeater. That's just how badass he is, now. *nod*



It's been a rather long time since I posted anything worthwhile on this blog, so I'll let you know what I've been up to.
--Sintas is in an rp guild on ER (finally) that actually rp's. Granted, it's simple clan style rp, but it's kind of fun to watch from there as Echelon Militia and Conjurers Court go at it. Silly drama bits.
--I've been working on a fan fiction (fanfic) for Sintas. It's viewed through the link to the right of this post. In the link bar. With all the other links. Though they're not really in bar form... Link stack? Eh.
--I'm thinking I'll write one for Sorrowdusk, too. I've been told it would be a cool idea, so... Eh.

In other news, screenshots are fun to play with in photoshop. Nice effects can be done on them to make them more realistic. Well, not realistic, but less pixelated and less obviously game models. I posted the two I've done below, as well as use one for the banner on Sint's fanfic site.

Gimme comments, guys. <3 Haven't talked to you people who know this blog in forever.


T-shirt Design

A design I made from a motivational poster.

New Drawings

A new picture of Sintas, a new style, and a variation of her altogether.

My demon hunter, Sorrowdusk, before adding armor and cleaning up edges.

Sorrowdusk after adding armor and a background.


The Most Useless WSG of All Time

I shit you not. Can you say clusterfuck? This was awesome. When we first ran out, we stayed in tree form, so when the horde saw us coming, they just stood around on their mounts staring at us for a minute. Then they figured out they couldn't kill us.



While watching Blizzcon!

This is my list of notes on the awesomeness being unveiled.
By the way, about the screenshots: sorry about them, but I have to keep the quality at medium to be able to load it properly. Even still, it sits around buffering often.

-7 new zones
-Lush southern Barrens
-Orgrimmar gets wrecked
-Barrens ripped in half
-Flyers in Azeroth
-Yes, Worgen and Goblins
-Heroic Deadmines and Shadowfang Keep
-Twilight Highlands
-Hillsbrad belongs to Horde now
-Deathwing Returns
-Phasing zones
-New PVP stuff, Garrosh controls Horde forces
-Still not caring much about PVP stuff
-New level flow
-Desolace isn't quite so desolate anymore. A crack from the Cataclysm in the land there allows water to flow in. Yay, irrigation!

Some probably won't believe me on some of this. Really, Heroic Deadmines and Shadowfang Keep?

Believe me. I shit you not.

An example of the new level flow. What they're basically doing is changing the level ranges for the zones. This relates to Horde claiming Hillsbrad, too, since that makes the whole upper half of the Eastern Kingdoms better for the leveling flow from Tirisfal.

As of right now, I haven't heard anything about Malfurion returning D: sadface.

So, mum and dad's reaction to my nerdgasm?
Yep. Mum and dad -and- sis are pretty annoyed with all my WoW interest, it seems like.
I'll say the teenager cliche, though, and say that they don't get it.
To explain simply, I want to work for this company that makes these awesome games. That's what I want to work towards in college, not to -just- be a fan my whole life. So I guess if they don't get it after I've explained it to them, screw 'em. I'll go into computer animation, I'll work hard at it, and I'll work at Blizzard. Whether they roll their damn eyes or not.

Second day:

-Whoever this comedian is, I -really- hate him.
-Mistress of Pain cosplay: AWESOME.
-Girl who did the tidbit of Lament of the Highborne: AWESOME
-Guy in kilt doing Talon King Ikiss... wow. Very well done, for something that retarded and annoying to hear in-game! (sort of a compliment)
-Jared doing the Draenei male dance: AWESOME, got the crowd going, hope he gets something!
-LoL @ TAFKAL80ETC lawl
-Can these Directv airheads talk any longer? And how many recaps must they give us?
-imho: you can't be -that- hardcore of a player when you're presentable for tv. lawl.
-Finally the Directv airheads shut up so Ozzy can play. =D "Bark At the Moon" first, of course. Go worgen!


Amidst the Confusion

SO. About those goblins and worgen! Obviously they're the only interest anyone has in the new expansion, other than Onyxia and Ragnaros' returns. But let's get down to business.
Fellow lore whores are having the most trouble with this whole situation. So I'll explain it as it's been explained on other sites, starting with goblins, since they take the least amount of time to explain.

If you know anything about Deathwing (formerly Neltharion), then you know he employed goblins in the past to do his work for him. Well, in Cataclysm, the story is that he's calling on the goblins to serve him again. And since they can't exactly say no, they obey.
Except for a small group. (think eredar/draenei style) They resist, and become shipwrecked on an island off the coast of the Barrens. Somehow they stop an Alliance ship, and somehow that ship has an orc held captive. That orc turns out to be Thrall, and so the goblins tell him of their plight. He's grateful for their aid, of course, and offers them a place in the Horde. They accept. Yay, goblins! I'm still not sure what this means for the Steamwheedle Cartel, but we'll find out soon enough.

Now, the worgen of course are annoying the shit out of some people for being on the Alliance side. "Oh, but they look like animals! They're not an alliance-ey race!" Yeah, well draenei look like demons. Get over it. XP
So. Worgen are from another dimension originally, but are able to infect others with Lycantrope, which is the same as becoming a werewolf. Arugal, of course, found a way to summon worgen without the Scythe of Elune, but eventually couldn't control them himself. They ended up infecting the town of Pyrewood near Shadowfang Keep, making the residents humans by day and worgen by night. This infection spread to Gilneas, just south of Silverpine, despite the Gilneans' efforts to shut themselves off from the world. Unlike Pyrewood, though, the Gilneans have developed some manner of cure for this; they're able to keep their human minds intact, but are still nonetheless worgen. The Cataclysm, whatever the terrible disaster that befalls Azeroth is, ends up shattering their wall. Now that they have to contend with the rest of the world again, they seek allies, and are accepted into the Alliance.

But if anyone still can't get over this shit, just think. Flying mounts... In Azeroth...

Exploring Hyjal...

Malfurion returns...

Mmmmmmmm, Malfurion...


Blizzard's Fan Situation

The masks in question. Above are the goblin masks, which kind of look like Shrek knockoffs, and the worgen masks, which look good enough to be from expensive Japanese CGI porn.

On wow.com, it's been stated that it's 99.99999% positive that worgen and goblins will be the new races for the next expansion pack, named Cataclysm. Now, some probably think that Blizz would be pretty pissed about this kind of leak, especially after trying to claim that it was too early to tell (or whatever the hell they said), but you must remember this is a business. No matter what you yourself make of this game, this wonderful fantasy world that you visit regularly, it -is- a business, it -is- a product.
So let's take our awesome business analyst skills and look at this. People weren't too sure about Wrath of the Lich King, even though it was hyped up. They didn't know what all to expect, and therefore many stopped playing before resubscribing to join in the Northrend playground. Particularly, there was much ado about whether or not you'd be allowed to fly. Five thousand gold to fly on a super-fast mount that you may not get to use in the next expansion? Well, I don't think I'm too sure if I want to bother subscribing if it's going to be like that...
But with leaks of information coming out, people will be (especially on rp servers) thinking about what all they'll want for their new goblin or worgen character! They'll be farming cash, gathering some rp gear perhaps, and making placeholder characters with the names they'll want. To Blizzard's business gurus, that means they'll resubscribe. The players will be busy with making sure they have what they want for the next round of payments. So really, this seems to me like an intentional leak. I guess this relates to my vision of Blizzard's facilities being akin to Fort Knox, but that's just me.
I realize of course that many people have already talked about this, but hey. This is my two cents. Plus, I'm really looking forward to seeing worgen being playable. (if you have any idea what i rp as, you know why) And if not? Well, after all this hype, Blizz would be ridiculously braindead to not include them.



This is the result of a drawgasm from last night, finished at 1:30 am. This is pretty damned hopeful for me, since I was freaking out about the fact that I couldn't just start drawing stuff whenever I wanted to. (stupid me, I never could anyways) I was worried, though, since I would have an idea, get my stuff together, try to draw, and my hand just wouldn't work. I'm guessing it has something to do with muscle groups in my hands being unused and only committed to typing, or maybe just the fact that I couldn't focus on an idea.

About the drawing, though. My grand idea was for life and death to be represented by two characters, Sintas and Thalamanos (aka Nightscourge). Sin is a druid and Thal is, of course, a death knight. Sin's in-character concern at the moment is that the natural world isn't about to accept death knights as part of the world. And if you think "well, machines aren't, either," then consider the fact that machines don't ask for respect or breathe. They also haven't recently quit serving an evil lord that decimated most of a continent. But anyways, the idea was that life and death were arguing. Life said she was better off without death, but death had the point that nothing lives forever and that everything dies eventually. I guess it was easier to explain when I was hatching the idea and drawing it, but still. That's the basis of it.

So in the real world, we just got new ceiling fans installed. My room and my mom's room didn't have one to begin with, so those are new. The living room had one, but it didn't work, so the fan blades were taken off anyways. So we get new ceiling fans, and our youngest cat, Gracie, is afraid of them. Mum throws a fit about this, since she's worried that Gracie will be scarred for life because of the ceiling fans. True enough, Gracie was freaked out by them and would meowl about them, glancing up at them constantly. But now she's in the living room with the fan on, playing with a milk ring. (you know, the ones from right under the lid when you open a new jug of milk) So I'd say the cat crisis is over. Remarkably, our other cat, Charlie, was very unphased by them.



HEYYYYYYY I haven't posted on this thing in forever. I'm even too lazy to check when that last post was. Some changes have taken place in my life since then. I'll try to get you all up to speed.
1.) I got married to a high school buddy of mine.
2.) I moved to Virginia with my new husband
3.) My husband decided to not go to work so we ended up broke in a matter of about three months.
4.) My husband got picked up by the cops for not going to work (he's a marine). I got picked up by my parents and taken home.
5.) My grandma is now in a nursing home and doing hella better than she was when at her house. (she misses being home though of course)
6.) I got a short job at the Bass Mansion, aka Brookside, working on paint analysis for the restoration of it.
7.) I've applied to the University of Saint Francis and have an admissions essay I'm working on.
8.) I still play WoW, of course. Yes, I'm an addict.

I haven't drawn much lately, but I'll post what I've gotten done so far in the next post I do. I also don't have a scanner still :( too bad so sad, I guess. For now, I'm going to go through my posts and figure out which pictures have bad links and won't open anymore.