Blizzard's Fan Situation

The masks in question. Above are the goblin masks, which kind of look like Shrek knockoffs, and the worgen masks, which look good enough to be from expensive Japanese CGI porn.

On wow.com, it's been stated that it's 99.99999% positive that worgen and goblins will be the new races for the next expansion pack, named Cataclysm. Now, some probably think that Blizz would be pretty pissed about this kind of leak, especially after trying to claim that it was too early to tell (or whatever the hell they said), but you must remember this is a business. No matter what you yourself make of this game, this wonderful fantasy world that you visit regularly, it -is- a business, it -is- a product.
So let's take our awesome business analyst skills and look at this. People weren't too sure about Wrath of the Lich King, even though it was hyped up. They didn't know what all to expect, and therefore many stopped playing before resubscribing to join in the Northrend playground. Particularly, there was much ado about whether or not you'd be allowed to fly. Five thousand gold to fly on a super-fast mount that you may not get to use in the next expansion? Well, I don't think I'm too sure if I want to bother subscribing if it's going to be like that...
But with leaks of information coming out, people will be (especially on rp servers) thinking about what all they'll want for their new goblin or worgen character! They'll be farming cash, gathering some rp gear perhaps, and making placeholder characters with the names they'll want. To Blizzard's business gurus, that means they'll resubscribe. The players will be busy with making sure they have what they want for the next round of payments. So really, this seems to me like an intentional leak. I guess this relates to my vision of Blizzard's facilities being akin to Fort Knox, but that's just me.
I realize of course that many people have already talked about this, but hey. This is my two cents. Plus, I'm really looking forward to seeing worgen being playable. (if you have any idea what i rp as, you know why) And if not? Well, after all this hype, Blizz would be ridiculously braindead to not include them.


Ganoes said...

That's pretty damn cool. I know -you-'ll like that, heheheh. And, if it's intentional, it -will- be Great Sea. Goblins're essential to the Great Sea, what with Undermine.

Wulfie said...