Lonely Lil' Niaam!

This is what happens when you leave Niaam alone.


A little something extra

Yes, it's late to be talking about Tele's (and my) birthday this year, but still. I found this in my Tele comics folder and decided "hell, it's not too big! let's load that fucker up." So lo and behold, this is a picture of Kanta boggling at all the gifts, Tele getting a gift from a total stranger, and Gan ready to pounce that bitch at any false move.


Listed Differences

Here's this! It's sort of... illustrated forum rambling. Sorta. I dunno. Enjoy, though! And by the way, my prepaid game time is out, so I'll be gone from WoW for a while. And to add to that, dad hasn't paid the cell phone bill. I have no phone or text messaging.

Gotta love dad.