Volunteer Work

Today, just like every other Wednesday for the past month or so, I'll be heading over to the animal shelter to volunteer. I'll probably be just walking dogs, but I think I'll try and play with some cats, too.
It's interesting. I was very skittish about doing this at first, though I can't really figure out why. I think it must have just been nerves, though. There's certainly nothing bad about volunteering. I think I was just nervous to be around new people. Strangely, I've never been nervous around animals I didn't know. Just people.
Obviously, animals don't judge as often as people do. To an animal, all humans seem to look the same, so why worry? Sure, they recognize us once they've gotten to know us or have some reason to fear us, but they don't judge by appearance. It's refreshing.

I had never walked a great pyrenees before, but James was nothing but a fluffy ball of love. And the cats are sweet as can be, if not a bit skittish at first.

However, I think their skittish nature can be easily forgiven. Being in a new place, not knowing when you'll leave, it must be startling and very scary.