Hmm... Elfy?

In the real version, of course, the clear white smears aren't in it. That was added to make Pat decide--WILL JOO BAI EET?!


Negative Faerie Lore

What it would look like on scratchboard... mmm... It'd look good. But damn, I already drew the thing, so I'm not gonna do it AGAIN. x.x That would suck. Real bad. Plus, I hate scratchboard. The film's too hard to control, even with tiny lines, it gets messy.
On another note, since I always say SOMETHING on another note, the guys at the drawing table kind of had trouble hearing me for like one sentence of conversation. Hey, when you're used to people not listening to you, it's easy to not bother speaking up. Plus, they pretty much hate all the music that I like, and since music is all they talk about (they're into the local punk stuff), I usually have no idea what they're talking about. >.< Greeeeeeeat.


Faerie Lore

This is a drawing I've finally finished for drawing class. (yeah, i know, why take it) It's titled "Faerie Lore" because the guys in drawing class were teasing me about drawing a faerie. ^^" They were saying that I could get a PHD in faeries, and it'd be called "Faerie Lore." This is the result of it, so it looks cool, imo. Those dots were such a bitch to draw though >.< And drawing class was interesting today because Tyler Ashley was hungry. I was wearing my "Are you gonna eat your... *picture of tater tots*" shirt, so he was kinda staring at it. I noticed eventually, since I figured hell, he's prolly staring into space, I mean why would he look at me? So I rolled my eyes and zipped up my sweater, but it got too hot, so I just took it off again. Gotcha, bitch! ^^ My teacher, Ms. van Matre (we call her V), has been getting kinda annoyed though, since I draw so fast and get done with like weeks to spare. She's always gotta figure out something to keep me busy with, which is kind of hard to do. She asked me if I would be interested in doing ANOTHER of the same damn assignment, with another subject of course, on scratchboard. (cardboard with a film of ink on it that you scratch off to have white lines with a black background) So instead of that, to keep busy, I'm drawing a realistic ELFAH! Dewwwwwwwm lawl cya


Reality Check

Here's something I found in my drawing folder. I haven't posted this... and I haven't posted ANYTHING for a long time... so meh, why not.

A few points:
Gan, you suck. EverQuest? EVERQUEST?? Sheesh...
Elfy, you're still pink.
Jorn, don't be such a douche on WoW.
Elroid, I swear I'll pay you back. ^^
Niaam, you suck. Levy's depressed now.
Ard, good boy, trying to keep the peace on the site.
Dari, you're weird. ^^ Love ya.
Gled, grats on the internet!

What did that all have to do with the comic? Not. One. Thing. <3