The lack of activity on my blog can be explained easily! I've been posting a lot of art and comics and stuff (most of the comics are old though, sorry) on Artbistro.com. My name on there is JaneLeonard :D check it out sometime


Two New Pics!

Pretty little Sinty picture! If I had a scanner, it'd be so much better... Did this one with colored pencil.

This would have to be the creepiest, coolest picture I've ever drawn of Alli. Freakin sweet. <3

So, for a while now, I've been hanging around my grandma's house all day all week. When I say all day, I mean from about 9 am to 6 pm. I've been there to keep an eye on grandma to make sure she doesn't fall and gets something to eat/finishes what she's eating. The thing is, she sleeps almost all day. Plus, dad's over there often. Goddamn, he is so fucking depressing and such a guilt tripper... All I've been eating is fast food. I don't wanna freakin gain weight. I think I already have gained some. This whole situation hasn't helped my problem with being back and forth between mum and dad, either.

I asked mum if it would be out of line for me to ask dad to pay me a little bit hourly. She said maybe about $5 per hour would work. I only want to get paid because what I'm really doing is covering dad's ass all day. As soon as I suggested it to him on my ride home that night, though... He was trying to give me reasons for why I wouldn't need to be out there after this week. I gave him plenty of reasons why I would be out there (such as "hey dad, don't you have to work or something?") and after he still wouldn't budge, once we got back to the apartment and I was getting out, I put it plainly for him. If he doesn't pay me, I won't be out there. In other words, he won't see me anymore. Simple as that. That shut him up pretty fast.


Ok... This is stupid. Er.

Saw this first on the Colbert Report. It's from John McCain's site... omg...


No, I -don't- want a comic about sex.

Bitching time.

If you go to Top Webcomics, you'll see a hundred cool webcomics that people vote for. My problem is... the descriptions. No, in fact, I don't want a comic about sex. Or sex with furries. Or gay sex. Or lesbian sex. Or any other "interesting sexual roads." What the hell happened to good fantasy/adventure comics? Granted, there are a lot of those on there, but goddamn, guys, way too many of them are about fucking in interesting ways.

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems to me that there's more to life than that. And more to storylines than that. I don't care if I sound like some uptight bitch by saying this, but seriously... People are running out of ideas. I've noticed it myself. I've been writing lately, and I can't help but think "Hey, this sounds kinda like ." It's so great to feel as though you've made something original, something fresh, something people haven't seen before. But it's getting harder and harder to figure out stories... At least Allidar's rp is kind of interesting and new-ish. I'm guessing someone somewhere has already thought of that, but y'know, it's kind of like that idea where if you put enough monkeys on enough typewriters for long enough, you'll eventually, from the sheer number of possibilities, get the works of Shakespeare.

Now that I think of it... that'd be interesting. See if you can get a random word generator. Say, a version of Microsoft Word that puts random words in a document. See how many tries it takes for it to make sense.

Free art via mail for whoever figures that out and can prove it.


New pictures

Ain't it a bitch to have no scanner? Sorry about the blurriness. I ended up taking pictures of these with a regular camera. The big project turned out alright, but the others are kinda questionable. (especially the one of Sinty) But it's something, at least, right? Comment please :O


Time for some webcomic listings!

Alright, so I've found a few neat webcomics. Some of these you may already know, but some of them might be new. Anyways, here they are. <3
Xylia: A Faerie Tale. A nicely-drawn comic, I'd say. Sort of the same quality as Phoenix Requiem. (that one takes forever to get to a storyline though) If you can stand the sappy little scenes of the guy with the faerie girl, then you'll be good. Plenty of people know of VG Cats, but now there's a bit of a spinoff: Super Effective. Ya remember, in Pokemon, when you would get a good hit against an enemy that was weak to the type of attack you used... "It's SUPER EFFECTIVE!" Makes me lawl. Lawl. LFG Comic, as I already have linked to the side, is a neat comic, mostly due to Richard. A few fun animations are on it too, check out "Slaughter Your World." FOR PONY!! (read it and find out what that is) Penny Arcade, that stupid POS that I keep coming back to, is still one of my favorites. It's mostly entertaining to see how goddamn psycho these guys can get. By the way, don't look at a picture of them in real life. It's taboo. <3 Ctrl+Alt+Del is a strange one. <3 Gotta love it, though. Fun little storylines, mostly about gaming. Gaming and, of course, the girlfriend's responses to the main guy's antics keep it going pretty well.

Anyways, as you can see, I really REALLY suck at critiquing webcomics. On Top Web Comics.com, though... seriously, more people need to check out the intelligent comics and vote for those. Screw Twisted Kaiju Theater. Really stupid. But its high rank is a good indicator of just how many morons are on the internet.

Oh, and look for a comic called Gone With The Blastwave. I tried to find it, but it's hard to figure out where the hell it is with all the people talking about blast waves from various bombs in real life. It's pretty good though ^^ I haven't had the chance to check it out for a while, though. =O Mostly because I can't find it! If you find it, link it please. <3

Baibai <3

Merry Jane


Smells like children...

Again, from photography class, we went to the elementary school playground to take some pictures of kids at play. My other three were pretty good (but they're saved as photoshop files so the site won't load them) but this is one that Mr. Baierwalter, my teacher, wouldn't let me use. He cracked up when he saw it, but he said it would be too embarrassing for the girl in the picture. Oh well, I still like it <3 And you all get to see it. <3

Can you believe this?

The George W. Bush Store

Honestly. Can you believe this shit? A George W. Bush store? With items that say "thank you?" The site says it's popular, but I suspect its shoppers are more like my friend Caylyn, here. She wants one of the buttons just to be sarcastic. What would be funnier than wearing a shirt that says "Thank You" with a giant W on it? Some of the items are pretty ridiculous... Cufflinks? Honestly. Yard signs? Really, now...

Discuss! Disgust! Whichever!


A pretty ring and a nicely-composed picture

A couple of pictures from photography class. Well... one, anyways. The first one is one of my many attempts to take a picture of my ring that I wear <3 The second one, I edited in photoshop, but since the teacher demands for the files to be saved with .psd, it won't load onto blogger. So I do have a better version of it, but I just can't get it x.x



And this is why we should get a Naxx raid going.


New pics!

Alright. Lemme explain these.
The first one is a pic that I remade of ANOTHER pic that I had drawn of this already happening. That's my pally chickie, Levy, and a weird guy named Ethan who had an odd habit of sniffing her. So that's why she looks freaked out and that's what he's doing.
The second one... You guys are gonna hate it :P I've been rping on Moonguard a lot lately (yes, that's where i've been, i'm not dead) and have been rping as Allidar, my blood elf boy. (he's the one with the short black hair) You guys probably would cringe if you saw this server. I, however, am a sick freak and kinda like it. There's not as many (as -many-) morons on it like there are on ER. People tend to actually respect rp. (people -tend- to) Anyways... So this demonic guy pisses Alli off. The demon's kinda satyr-ish, in that he's all about partying, fun, romping around, mindless orgies, stuff like that. So when Alli decides "alright, can't take it anymore, gonna kill you," what does the demon guy do in his defense? Makes Alli gay for like an hour. Alli ends up being bi. I swear, I haven't even played there that much, or rp'd there much, but tons of shit has already happened.
It's kinda fun rping as a dude though, since when I get into arguments, I always win since I'm a girl -controlling- a guy. But yeah... Those two kinda get weird, since I've been passing myself oocly as a guy X3 Kinda fun, really, since it's not perverted like guys who have femme chars are. Cuz they're all like "Nyurr lookit her butt lolololol." Not like "Oooooh this is interesting rp..." And plus...
NO ONE ASKS IF HE'S ON HIS PERIOD IF HE'S ANNOYED!!!!!! Means a lot for people to not assume that's the reason for every time I get annoyed! It's trading sexism for sexism though, since every time I get involved in something that goes wrong, if it's two girls against me, I'm always to blame. And I usually turn out to be just someone who was kinda there at the wrong time...

But yeah so that's what I've been up to. You?


One old, two new

A few things, one of which was supposed to be posted MONTHS ago. The cake, sorry about the link... Tried to link it from my email. Dumb idea. The other two, though, are my Blood Elf boy, Allidar.



I'm gonna say this: you can have as many 70s as you want, but they'll never be "good enough" unless you play them nonstop and get them into the best instances/raids/pvp/arena teams you can find. (i'd still like to find some sort of good arena team :P)
So about that, it's time for me to bitch and rant.
Alright. If I find a character that I sort of like to play as (or rp as, whichever), then for christ's sake DON'T BITCH ABOUT IT. That shit gets so old SO fast. "Aww why don't you play (character's name) anymore? Jeez, don't be so lame." Seriously. I could do the same about everyone else, but I don't. Why? Because I hate it when people do that. Why would I do it too?
So fuck y'all if you don't like me skipping out on Sin or Tele or Levy or whoever. I try to have fun. Hard to do if I'm getting bitched at for trying, though.
Another note. Nia, why the hell do you hate playing as your new char so much? I mean I know, she's a girl, it's weird for you to play as a girl, but as I've said like two million times already, I've been playing as a dude. You think I'm doing any differently? No. Not at all. It's still weird. So either suck it up and stop complaining or just delete her if you hate her so much.


The Joy of Spamfire

Let me tell you, Druids do NOT go down without a fight.
The guild Sintas is in was looking for a healer for regular Magister's Terrace. I figure "what the hell, might as well," and offer to heal. A dps slot was open, so Elfy got to go too. The guys say they just have Kael'Thas to deal with, so I'm thinking "Oh, cool, short and sweet."
Little did I know it would become the most FUCKING EXCITING moment I've ever had on a goddamn game.
So the group goes to Kael, wipes, and I realize I can't figure out what I'm doing. Sure, I heal as Sin all the time! What's different this time?... The weather outside is heavy rain, so the room's gotten humid. I'm used to playing with dry hands. Not... humidly damp hands. Nasty. So I keep trying to figure out what to do. Can't do much about my hands. Sweater? I'm getting chilly... No, that just makes it worse. Take the sweater off. Fuck, now I'm COLD. Put the sweater on. Leave the sweater on and suffer through it.
Anyways, the first tank (first, in relation to when I joined the group : / ) eventually has to leave, so we get our handy dandy prot pally from the guild to come along. So we all run into the boss room, wipe, and I go through my sweater routine again. End up with it on again. The guys in the group are trying to get me psyched to heal! But all they say is why I should hate Kael and how I should picture him going gay for my man and taking him from me. (their idea, not mine) All that does is make me want to run in there as Tele and slaughter the hell out of Kael. I probably wouldn't be able to but hey, that's the desire that sprung up.
So after another try, a rogue in the group says it'll be his last try for the night before he leaves. I then realize "Wait a minute... I know what I've been doing wrong. I've been thinking of this as Kael'Thas, the raid boss in tempest keep. But now... he's just a puny lil' FIVE-MAN BOSS!! And he does tricks that have been used TWO MILLION TIMES in the game OVER AND OVER!" That, my friends, is what got me psyched.
So we buff up, run on in, and try the fight again. It goes pretty well until after like... the second time he does the gravity thing. Then people started dying. (paying attention to AoE orbs and party health at the same time is not easy x.x) Elfy dies. A rogue dies. The other rogue dies. Now it's just me and the prot pally, basically just healing ourselves at this point. My speedpad gets a workout!
But after a while... I lose track, get screwed by a cooldown I used, and realize the pally's dead. So there I am, stuck in midair in tree form, spamming lifeblooms on myself to try and stay alive.
Then I snap.
I rushed straight towards Kael, slapping a rejuvenation on myself before Moonfiring the HELL out of him. I was clicking the mouse so fast, you'd think I was trying to catch flies moving at 400 mph with the mouse. That's what it felt like, at least. Kael stands at 3%. The guys in the group all say "damn... well..." and then "go go go!"
I start to get really pissed off at that point, just about to scream "JUST FUCKING DIE!!!" Then, Kael falls. And yells his little schpiel, yadda yadda, whatever. I sit there for a minute... staring at the screen... thinking "what the HELL did I just do..." The guys worriedly ask me if I have battle res! I res the pally! Everyone gets rezzed! Then... an epic cloak for tanks and a pally axe drop. But fuck that, I JUST FINISHED OFF KAEL'THAS!! As resto! In healing gear! Without trinkets! Both on freakin cooldowns!
And if you somehow don't believe it, just look at the screenshots. (when it says failed, that means the global cd wasn't done yet when I clicked it)



What I've been up to, as well as a note of dad in his undies.

I've been drawing stuffs ^^ Sorry, not really WoW stuff, but it's still neato <3 She's a druid that I drew according to what I think real druids might have looked like. (it's hard to find actual reference pictures since fantasy games use them and clog google with them) And even if she doesn't look like they would have, she's still cute <3

Also, a note of something that happened a few weeks back... Dad and I had gone out to the house after he had picked me up to take me back to where we stayed for a while (Hartigans' house), though I hadn't planned on going to the house for a half hour that day right after school.. But anyways. There had been some flooding in the area so some of the roads were closed off. (Bluffton is basically one big flood plain that someone decided would make a good city. WRONG.) So he decided to take some back roads into Amish country. Didn't work. The backroads were flooded. We barely made it through one of the huge flooded areas that he decided to drive through. Eventually, we made our way to another road (and it turned out the usual road WASN'T flooded...) that would get us back on the road to Hartigans' house. That road... didn't look very bad. It was flooded. But dad didn't take into account how the road dipped down before getting to the intersection. I hadn't been on that road enough to remember it did that, though, so I thought "whatever, just get me home."
That's where this comes in... The road dipped down as we drove into the water, so the engine got submerged. Truck died. Dad called a towing service, but that guy was already out trying to help OTHER idiots who had gotten stuck in water like us morons had. So we just waited a while... The guy said it would take him 20 minutes to get to us, even -after- he was done with the guy he was helping at that time. So we waited more... Eventually dad decided "fuck it" and jumped out of the truck. Note that the cab had been filling up slowly with water... about an inch of water every minute, so therefore my feet were on the dash. When he opened the door, a bit more water rushed in, but he closed it quickly. He yelled for me to put it in neutral, so I did, and held the steering wheel straight. Then he pushed the truck. It hit me at that moment that it was pretty goddamn cold out. And that he was wearing shoes he wears every day... not for in water or mud or any of that. And that he was about 57 years old. Now, don't get me wrong, I hate my dad, but I don't wish death on him. He was gonna be fucked up if he stayed out too long. He got the truck halfway out, told me to park it, then got back in the cab. He was in pain, and I do mean PAIN, for about 15 minutes while his legs started to warm back up... It was about 30 degrees outside, with wind. After a while though, he started trying to rev the engine. It took about 10 tries until all the water had drained from the engine for it to start again. It did start though, so we got out of the water and called the towing guy to tell him we didn't need him. We got to the Hartigans' house, and by then my instincts had kicked in. Family member. In a bad situation. Help him. I brought him inside, told him to take his shoes and any wet clothes off (luckily his tighty whities hadn't gotten wet, otherwise, well, boys know what would've happened. that water was COLD), stuck the clothes in the dryer, then found some cookies and stuff for him to eat. I was gonna try to get him some coffee or something like that but the coffee maker was kinda weird and I couldn't find a kettle.
I forgot to tell him, though, that I would get a towel for him to sit on so he could sit in one of the easy chairs. Eventually, the man of the house came home from his FREAKIN AWESOME PAYING ENGINEER JOB (bling bling) to find my father, in his underwear, sitting in his chair, eating cookies. Imagine coming home to that... I explained what was going on though, and the guy understood (his name's Tim, btw... "They call me............Tim.") so it was all okay, but mum got home after a while and was kinda, y'know, freaked out. o_o" I did my best though. -_-"
To give you an idea of what my dad looks like, here's the picture that comes up every time he calls me. That's what he'd do on weekend mornings... sit at the computer in his underwear (and socks, if we were lucky) to check his email... One good question is why the hell is his bathrobe sitting off to the side? It should be on him. >.<
All said and done, though, I think dad did actually think "well fuck, not only am I stuck out in this freezing and rising water, so is my daughter. Shit." Maybe it was paternal instinct, maybe it was him saving his own ass in the process, maybe it was getting brownie points, or maybe it was one of the last ways that he can show how he cares. I don't know. It did happen a while ago, but still. At least I have a good memory of my dad, even if he did get me into that situation in the first place. I guess it doesn't matter what happens in life; it's what you do about it.


The updated Mac situation

Alright, so... currently I'm on my sister's laptop, since she's awesome and not twitchy about letting me use it, since my computer's been taken in to be looked at.
And it has been looked at. (more details on that later)
And the Mac guy said...


He also said it would be easier and simpler and a lot less of a headache to just get a new computer rather than try to update my old one. Or fix it or... whatever you wanna call it. To make it not suck as little as it did.
What will I be looking through?
Here's Apple's site. Look for yourself. Even Jorn admitted the new Macs have some pretty bitchin' hardware. (He also made SURE that I wouldn't want an AirBook... I really didn't want one.) This is what I'll be looking at... Except ignore the keyboard.

Do you really think I'd disgrace myself with THAT puny thing?? Hell no. I'm getting me one of those big actual keyboards. I don't care about the design (much) compared to how comfortable the keys are to use. As for a mouse, I'll be keeping my Logitech mouse from Best Buy that I got for like $24. That thing's comfy as hell to use <3 And of course I'll still have my Nostromo speedpad. This is the model of speedpad I have. <3
But yes... Dad was also bugging me about how the new iPod Touches have way more memory than my measly 8gb. Thanks, dad. Thanks a lot. Nice of you to let me freakin' know.
Anyways... Sis has been home (obviously since i'm on her laptop) so she's been showing me some weird-ass YouTube videos. I won't link them all directly to the site as the video objects like I did with the gorgeous and delicious Illy and Arty. Instead, just simple links. <3
Dramatic reading of a breakup letter
You boys will love this. It even has a sequel!
Mentos punch. The Freshmaker!
NutriGrain. Feeling GREAT.
Human Tetris. Gotta love the Japanese. <3
I'm fucking Matt Damon (from Jimmy Kimmel)
I'm fucking Ben Affleck (another from Jimmy)
Nintendo Sixty-FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUR!!! Also look for the metal version of this, as well as the Mortal Kombat version. :3

That's all for now. <3 baibai, and please comment. Can't talk on WoW, y'know :P


iMac, we're goin' down

Looks like I need a new computer. My mac no longer has sound... That's one thing that confuses me, mainly because it will make the startup noise (when you turn it on, not when you log in like on windows) but then it refuses to make any sound after that. So what am I to do?
Today's been a shitty day already. It's only 9:02, and I already regret just waking up. -.-" Woke up late. Got out of bed at 6:35 (i leave for school at 7 or so), ate too much for breakfast, sat around waiting for my ride to school (she forgot ;.; she didn't mean to tho so it's ok), called dad a few times trying to get him to pick me up (he was asleep >.<), went back upstairs, tried to call myself in sick to school (since i'm sure as HELL not gonna bother mum to take me to school. don't want her to get all stressed), was told that I couldn't (even though I've done so before), called mum to call me in to school (ended up stressing her out anyways), she set a time for me to have the computer shut off by every night since I seemed to be "sick" from staying up too late (10:00 pm. that includes the phone, too. ~.~"), then turned on my computer (which takes a long time now : / not sure why it's slowed down so much more), found out I have no sound at all (thought it was just iTunes, since I tried playing music but the timer stayed stopped at the 0:00 mark), deleted iTunes, reinstalled iTunes, updated the whole damn computer in desperation, still have no sound, it's freakin cold in here, NO MUSIC ,>.<, , and... goddamnit, why the hell did I even wake up...
Teenage angst?
Maybe a bit.
Mostly just stupid shit >.<


Photos (finally)

Finally, I got the incentive to post some photos of the fire. (doing this at school during photography class... it still has to do with pictures, right? ^^") This is what the house did look like right after the fire had been put out.
First up, the general view of the outside. The roof caught fire, so that's why that's gone.
A bit closer. This is while the firefighters were still putting the fire out. It was pretty damn windy that day so the fire kept going, and to make it worse, the valves on the fire hoses kept freezing up. It's gotta be kind of disheartening to be about to shoot a blast of water at a raging fire... but the water doesn't come out. What a bitch.
This is the breezeway doorway that leads into the house from the garage. It was mostly untouched, other than the ashes that got washed into it. No fire here. The room beyond it, though, is the old kitchen. It's the old kitchen because that used to be where it was before we moved the house and knocked down a few walls to make a bigger, more accessible kitchen for mum. That got blazed.
Some library books mum had just checked out. They got mostly just hosed by the fire hoses, thus the icicles. Not sure why they're yellow, but I'm thinking some of the varnish on the china cabinet they sat on got into the water. Don't know though for sure.
I'm not sure what room this is. I think it might be my bathroom, but I can't really tell. My bathroom had a window in it next to the sink... Whatever room this is, it got blasted too.
Finally, my room. This is the view from the doorway, which basically shows everything. The big heap in the corner is where my wardrobe was, and the whole thing is covered by the attic, which fell down onto it. To the right you would see (if it were a wider picture) where my desk was, which would have looked like just a pile of charred planks. I had a small TV next to my wardrobe, to the right of it. I asked about that when they were going through my room. They found no trace of it, or my GameCube. None of my mattress was left of course, nor my drawings. (I later found a few, but they were only things I had printed out from the computer. Those I can make over again.) The wall is hacked out to the left (north wall) from the firefighters beating it open with axes and sledgehammers. There was another window there, too.
So... That's my house. Below is what it used to look like.

The apartment

Alright, so I'm moved into the new apartment. With mum. Kind of an odd situation, since I love having the ceiling light on and she HATES having it on (she likes her little table lamp instead that doesn't light anything at all)... That would seem like a minor issue, but she can make anything a huge deal. Seriously. She started crying one time at our old house because I had it on. She also tends to get mad at me for not doing things. And why the toothpaste can't be kept on the bathroom sink, I DON'T KNOW, but... I digress. Point is, I don't have internet yet. We're gonna get it eventually (probably cable) but not yet. *hints at some guys to stop badgering her about it*
Another new thing I'm getting used to. We have neighbors now. Out in the countryside, "neighbors" are people who live across the field from you. The reason I bring up neighbors is because there's a window in the bathroom. And mum loves the sunlight so she always has the blinds open. I always shut them... Those things are gonna break from so much opening and shutting. At least she gave in to getting this apartment in the first place rather than the one next to it. The other one has a living room/bedroom/whateverroom with windows on three sides of it, one right after the other. She liked that a lot at first. And it was closed off from the rest of the apartment by more windows and a couple of windowed French doors. I figured that was pretty stupid, as well as the door to the bedroom being right next to a steep staircase. If you would exit that bedroom and turn right, you'd fall down stairs. Lame.
Anyways, I'm working on making a banner for Tele's blog. Looks pretty cool, imo.
When I get internet back, I'll let you guys know. Mmkay? Mmkay.



Due to the lack of a scanner, my comics are gonna be done with my camera phone for a while. It takes decent pictures for being just 1.3 MP. And look! Lovely captions!

[Kalren almost gets laid.]
Kal: "By the power vested in me, I now pronounce us HUSBAND and WIFE!!... Okay, guilt's gone. Go ahead."


A disturbing discovery

Alright, so I've been putting together this blog for Tele's RP journal. Trouble is, GuildPortal, where the journal has been hosted, seems to.... have forgotten some.
If ANYONE has those entries saved ANYWHERE, then PLEASE let me know. I actually am trying to get something done for once so it would be kind of handy if I could get it going from the beginning.
Goddamn. Just when I start to do something.
New comic coming in a bit. It won't be big though... I'll have to put a caption under it ;.; Cell phone pics just ain't the same as a huge 2MB scan of a weird-ass drawing... And my camera phone's only 1.3 MP. ...
Great. I know.
Kalren's 48. Tele's 19. DISCUSS!
This is Kalren if you don't know him, by the way. His wiki page. You'll just have to wait for an awesome-ass picture done by me to see what he looks like. t(^^t)


The WTF Videos of February

Here are some good WTF?? videos for this month. Spontaneous posting idea. Hey, at least I'm posting SOMETHING.
This month's subject is that delicious purple tattooed curvy-horned SoB we all know and love--ILLIDAN!!

This guy really must be 12.

He's got a cool voice :D

The best of both worlds. <3

And February is also National Arthas Worshipping Month.
I swear it is.



New changes to ze blog, as well as my huge transfer of rp journals

Alright, so I decided I didn't like having Tele's rp journal on the guildportal thing. So I'm just gonna make a new blog to post that in. And you can comment like you do on GA for that one too ;D Also thinking of adding a journal for Sintas... votes?


Pics that got saved

Ok, so they didn't really get saved from the fire. But still. These are some pics that burned that I won't see again other than as these little cell phone shots.
Some of them I'm really fond of... oh and that picture I drew of Xzorn under the spotlight. That one's gone too.


Fightin' fire with fire

my house burnt down. discuss. (seriously it did. I'll explain more when I'm on a comp better than my iPod x.X)


Fire Sign

So then. New art project. In drawing class, I had to try hard to draw realistically. But now, I'm in a painting class... Symbolism... Great. Anyways, I have to do a "symbolic self-portrait." What that means is I have to find images that represent me, and I have to be a stuffy tard about it too and be all official with elements of art and that crap. So, what represents me best? Aries. Look up anything about the Aries zodiac sign and it'll basically describe me perfectly.

One. Good description.
Another one. I want that postage stamp. D:

There are more, but you get the idea. Anyways, of course, I'm going to want to draw this thing realistically. But is that wrong if it's supposed to be symbolic? Goddamnit. And why did it have to be the sign associated with the masculine symbol? (for those that don't know: aries' ruling planet is mars. the male symbol is the spear/shield combo kinda O-> thingy except kinda tilted up) Sure, I'm the one all my RL friends lean on, but I'm not a freakin man. -.- If I were, I'd shoot myself in the face. No offense to the boys. But it's a nasty thought.
Oh well. I'm supposed to be looking up reference pictures, which I really should do...