Things to consider

While looking up ideas for my multimedia drawing project that I STILL haven't made progress on, I found a few interesting things. My idea for the picture is a sort of "get the fuck along" message, involving a Pagan and a Christian hugging or shaking hands or something of that sort. Interesting things indeed.
Evangelicals trying to convert Jews... darn, guess we need to meet the quota before we can see Jesus.
Know where your traditions came from! It just might scare you.
Just noting... great picture to put with that :P Yep, that's what I do on a full moon. Dress like a crazy old lady and dance around a vegetable on fire.
Cernunnos compared to Cenarius. Lookie! =D
Seriously not trying to offend anyone with all this, just... trying to make everyone think. World would be a bit better if people did more of that.

New link? Yes.

Above is a link to a pretty cool site someone in my drawing class showed me while we were supposed to be looking for mixed media drawings to get ideas from. Pretty cool crap.


The Birthday Cake!

This is Logan Schwartz's birthday cake! He liked my faerie picture so much that he put it on his cake! <3 I feel special ^^