If you look on Kumoi's blog, you'll eventually find somewhere in the archives a picture of Link from the Zelda series drawn as a girl. I didn't like it, so I drew a man-Zelda of sorts. That picture wasn't very good, but this new one is!



Well, lookie who's back! it's "Turn me into a worgen pretty please" Kaellin! And he wants to kill Jorn! Fun! Anyways, realizing I haven't explained that which I just said, yes, Tele and Xzorn are broken up. Xzorn was too drunk and stupid all the time, flirting nonstop, so Tele said "Fuck it" and got rid of him. Next person who wanted to go out with her: Jorn! Crazy goggle-man.


Not quite what he wanted, I bet

By request, another side of Fletch's personality. His jealous side!

Note: Fletch, in the middle, is aiming a gun (i'm not good at drawing them) at Xzorn.

Straightjacket needed

Salazar, the Frollo-lovin' freak on MoA!


Sugar High Solution

The solution to the rampant overuse of sugar by Aussies!!!


Maru's boys

Here are the boys from the MoA forums. clockwise from 12 o'clock: Fletch, an Aussie; Me; Prop, a Croatian; and Delyn, a Swede. I swear, though, it gets difficult to talk to anyone with the time zone changes.


Wulfie angry. -.-##

I'm ticked. As usual. But that's beside the point.
This week has been one of the worst weeks I've ever had. I was sick to my stomach, dizzy, in a bad mood for no reason, badgered about my grades (as usual...), speculated to be Durham's girlfriend (twice), told that a punch in the face would make me prettier... Guh. I need a vacation from life. Maybe somehow I could set up to get to sleep for a whole week... I think I'm also at a block in drawing. I haven't been able to get my hands to work, but maybe that's because I drew tons of stuff in such a short time. Anyone else have that problem? And anyone else wanna come here and help me murder Spencer Copeland? Either that or help me beat Durham over the head for not getting me the huge 492MB WoW patch this weekend like he said I would. ("so you'll bring it to my house after school?" "yeah." "really?" "yeah!") Grr. Wulfie is not happy right now. -.-#######


The Leash

Yep, I'm pretty convinced I'm on a leash. I tell everyone I'm alright, but they don't believe me, and keep yanking me around. Once I get settled into something else that i think is alright, they decide they don't like it and pull me out of it.


Pic contest!

This week goes to Brandorf! Woo! Katamari forever!! ^.^




Propagandalf! Woo! Still not too sure about the man-shorts, though. ^.~


Mya, pay attention.

This is what you get when you don't pay attention long enough. I get your attention whether you like it or not, mister, so deal with it. ^.^

Better late than never, right? Pic contest!

Invy, this makes me laugh. I can hardly even look at it for too long without cracking up! XD


Pics of Shitsville

For some reason, there's been interest in the town I live in... I haven't a clue why anyone's interested, but here are some pics...

Adoption 2

A bit lazy on the backgrounds, I know, but hey. It was weird. All of a sudden everyone wanted to be Tele's friend. o.O


Lovely Rocket Dogs

The brand name is Rocket Dog for those shoes. I love 'em. ^.^ No shoelaces, just velcro and elastic ties. Easy to slip on, and they even sorta look like they're from anime, the way they're shaped. Yay!

Indomitable Maru!!

NO ONE can beat MARU!!!


That one pay to play rpg, life!!!

Two of my peeps: on the left is my friend Logan, then on the right is Darek. (im pretty sure that's how you spell it, im sorry!)

Everyone has someone like this at their school. The guy who can do all the weird stuff, like inflating a nylon glove on his head using his nose. He got a detention once for "assaulting another student." What it was that he did was he did his chicken imitation and "pecked" at a guy named Clayton. The teacher, Mr. Bultemeier, said it was one of the strangest detentions he's ever assigned. Imagine when the vice principal read that one...

And here's the teacher, Mr. Bult. Damn fate, he went to another school this year. I'm glad i got to be in his class before he left, though. He was hilarious. Any person who took his class will tell you that. He did some strange things... He had a pet Ball Python that he would feed in class... Then there was this naturally frozen cat he found between two bales of hay that he kept at the front of the room. On the first day of class, like new semesters, too, he would eat a piece of it. He was really eating a piece of straw stuck to it, but still, it's still kinda nasty.

Here's my dad. "Dad." Ugh. He's the nutcase.



Not posting this "officially," yet, just wondering... how can I improve the first panel?? It just doesn't look right, and the only artist around here is a total plagarist... ugh. -.-#


Adoption 1

How old is he, anyways? 30's? 40's? There's no way he's in his 20's... anyways, he was wanting to adopt a 110-year-old girl with animal tendencies? How weird...


A good thing? Who knows.

This is what made Xzorn go *sepukku* Sorry, hon.


Puppy Eyes

How do I get stuck in these situations? Some guy ends up having a problem and none of the other guys want to help him, since he would be put in an awkward pose, so they look for a girl, who always happens to be me.

Jorn, stop whining about how your wife left you. It can't be good for your goggles to get all that water damage.


Xzorn: Elfy's huggable

3rd Pic Contest Winner

Pingu_chan! Grats on the cuteness!


Psycho Magnetism (The Zucchini Squad)

That's my battle cry. "WHY AM I SUCH A PSYCHO MAGNET?!!!!!!!!!!"
Good reason for it, too. Every time I rp, there's always a new one waiting right around the corner to confuse the hell outta me. It's not fair, I tell you! But it's probably my own fault, like it always is, who I end up hanging around. Like, for instance, Jorngen. (yeah, that crazy guy from "Whackjob" with the crew cut)
Jorn has legal custody over pretty much the whole city of Stormwind. He's really into adopting people, apparently... Anyways, he gets the idea to try and adopt Tele. Now, Tele isn't much of a family person so she refuses this outright. He keeps trying, even with his other friends, Zalthos and Thurl, sort of cornering her against the table.

So Tele refuses still and eventually walks out the door. Needless to say, she's followed.

Jorn gets on his knees and begs... (went by too fast, i didn't get a screenshot of it ,>.<,) and Tele still refuses, so he gives up for a while, letting Zal approach her. For some reason, everyone suddenly wants to be Tele's friend, and it ticks her off... And besides, this is Zal we're talking about, so there's no way she's gonna be nice to him. (he calls her dog woman and throws bones and rubber balls at her whenever he sees her)

(finishing later but i just gotta post it, y'know!)



Salazar changed her avatar, but not before I grabbed her old one!! >:D

Family... deal with it.

Strange how you can find family in people other than your family. Of course, maybe that's just because I'm 16. idk. Anyways, Jerry's on my head, Xzorn's slung over my shoulder, Hippie's in my hand, Kumoi's between my arms, and Avenn's on my elbow. Yay!

More screenshots

Shadowfang Keep is, I think, my favorite instance. And no wonder. Lookit all the doggies!!

See? for rp, even a rogue can find a cool staff. Just find a nice offhand item. Works just the same!
...And yes, those are my rp clothes...


Second Annual Pic Contest! Woo!

This week's winner is BjornStormwolf! Congrats!
I, uh... don't really have a prize for you...
What would you want, anyways? :P
But ya gotta love the little kitty. You just gotta.


Finally, for those of you who don't play WoW and wonder what the hell it's like to RP, here are a few screenshots.

A standoff that occurred. For an explanation, look at the RP blog, which is in the links section. (in case you didn't know that)

Such a dramatic moment. Too bad Xzorn has that weird out of character defense mechanism of his. -.-

After RPing with Xzorn for the evening, not to mention getting a weird look from Gil, I went to Stormwind to find out what the hell happened to Al. Chained down to the floor with a muzzle on and a weird red mark on his chest? Yep. That's odd. Notice the chat window. He's the new addition to the list. I'd say he's a rank...4. Maybe? Yeah. Al's a rank 4 fanboy. In character, that is.


Monastery Belltower

Here it is, Xzorn. Hope you like it. :D


A bit of planning... DAMMIT!!

Nide stands in the middle of roaring flames, badly burned and injured. But somehow he's smiling, even though he's also crying. Eventually he does what he has to and dives into the flames.

Dammit, I hate it when I come up with the ending before the middle. -.-# So frustrating.
Yeah, Kumoi, I hardly think as organized as you think I do. Most of the time, thinking up a story is having somewhere to start, thinking a bit about what to consider as the outcome, and then writing bullshit until the end can happen. Weird, eh?


Wish I could draw as fast as I can think...

Weirdo Darrek

This happened a while ago. Went on an instance run of the Stockades (y'know the prison with all the sex deprived defias... makes a good rp reason to not go there at least) with three guys, and one of them (Darrek) was all ornery and such, which bounced off my personality perfectly, since we were going at it like we had known each other forever. So, like in the strip, one of the guys asks if we knew each other, and Darrek says "Say yes!" I'm still scratching my head about this one. Why did he want me to say that i knew him??


Character design

If you can't figure out who this is from what you've already seen... then YOU ARE A MORON!!!!

IRP 5, or, Bad Guy Cliches

Okay, I'm not staying too close to the bad guy theme of him going after the girl. Wait, maybe that will happen. But that's not my intent of happening. I'll just have to watch this thing play out.



Tele's outfit. Yep. Keeping in the slave girl tradition, it's sleazy, just the way the jerks holding her captive like it. Ugh. Realism...

To Fletch


IRP 3 (working hard!!)

I'm trying to frantically ink these drawings. Not a good plan, probably, since I should be more careful and deliberate when I do that kind of thing. But still, you get the general idea of the story, right?

First annual... wait that doesn't make sense o.O

This is the first annual (and no it doesn't make sense to say that but oh well) weekly display of who has the best pic of any sort on the Commissioned forums. This week's winner... Balefire!! Nice sig, man! Or chick... idk...

Blazing Speed

Hey, a 60% speed increase excites me. I'd say it is blazingly fast. Plus it's nice to have a big black horse to sit on ^.^


Bitchiness subdued!!

Sometimes Jerry comes to see me and ends up listening to me bitch about life. Sorry, hon. :( But it always helps to have him around.