Assembly, Drawing, Whichever Fits.

This is an assemblage I did for the past two days in (sort of) Photoshop. And no, I didn't draw or make either of the images used. The portrait was done by one person, and the background by another. Add in a few light effects, select areas and change hues a bit, then pile it all together, and you have yourself this picture.
This, I'm not sure if I've posted it before. I was walking down the hallway in school last year on my way to US history when I saw Celia, the Norwegian exchange student. I walked up behind her and flipped her hair, so she pushed me. (not angrily, we're friends ^^) She said what she says in the comic, and I turned around too quickly. My purse was on a long strap, which caused it to fly out in front of me and smack right into a guy named Tyler. (graduated last year) He didn't look hurt at least, just kinda... startled. >.>
This one's one that my friends really liked. I wondered one day why some clubs didn't exist, then thought "...What would an emo club be like??" So I drew it. The hair dye is necessary, as any emo club member should know.



Another Christmas gone by. What a great way to start a paragraph. Now, to look at the importance of finding out what people actually WANT for their holiday gift recieving. Say... I love having an iPod Touch now. It's shiny and glossy and I put one of the Apple Decals on the back of it. Looks fly. But since I'm on dialup, and the wireless network is even HALF as fast as plugging the damn computer into the wall (this page took about a minute and a half to load), it's pointless to have this neat little device with all the special internet features on it, such as the direct link to YouTube, the web browser, even the iTunes store. And currently, I can't even use it yet. Sure, I have iTunes on my computer. Sure, I have an iMac. But the version of iTunes I updated to requires OS 10.4.7, while I have 10.4.7. And what stands between me and my lovely touch screen music player being used? About 133 MB of OS updating.
On a subject similar to useless gifts, mum had put a small antique sewing machine (the kind with the hand crank on the side and made of iron) in an auction so she can get some damn money for once. And good ol' dad thought "Hey wait a minute, she liked that thing, didn't she? Why's she auctioning something she likes?? I'll buy it for her so she can keep it forever and never be unhappy without it!" So that's one of the gifts mum got from dad, along with a calendar he buys her every year. (luckily she does like the calendar, it's pretty)
But I'm not perfect here either... I thought for sure my sister still had a DS, so I bought her the new Zelda game, The Phantom Hourglass, along with the Soul Calibur game for Wii. Turns out... she has no DS. But she does have a Wii! Said Wii is being played right now as I type. She's playing Guitar Hero III, which is pretty cool, since I get to hear songs I don't have on my computer. ("Hit Me With Your Best Shot" gets SO annoying, though. so does "Slow Ride")
Man, though. Can they make the lead singer any uglier??

P.S.: hands off my freakin turtles.


Things to consider

While looking up ideas for my multimedia drawing project that I STILL haven't made progress on, I found a few interesting things. My idea for the picture is a sort of "get the fuck along" message, involving a Pagan and a Christian hugging or shaking hands or something of that sort. Interesting things indeed.
Evangelicals trying to convert Jews... darn, guess we need to meet the quota before we can see Jesus.
Know where your traditions came from! It just might scare you.
Just noting... great picture to put with that :P Yep, that's what I do on a full moon. Dress like a crazy old lady and dance around a vegetable on fire.
Cernunnos compared to Cenarius. Lookie! =D
Seriously not trying to offend anyone with all this, just... trying to make everyone think. World would be a bit better if people did more of that.

New link? Yes.

Above is a link to a pretty cool site someone in my drawing class showed me while we were supposed to be looking for mixed media drawings to get ideas from. Pretty cool crap.


The Birthday Cake!

This is Logan Schwartz's birthday cake! He liked my faerie picture so much that he put it on his cake! <3 I feel special ^^


Hmm... Elfy?

In the real version, of course, the clear white smears aren't in it. That was added to make Pat decide--WILL JOO BAI EET?!


Negative Faerie Lore

What it would look like on scratchboard... mmm... It'd look good. But damn, I already drew the thing, so I'm not gonna do it AGAIN. x.x That would suck. Real bad. Plus, I hate scratchboard. The film's too hard to control, even with tiny lines, it gets messy.
On another note, since I always say SOMETHING on another note, the guys at the drawing table kind of had trouble hearing me for like one sentence of conversation. Hey, when you're used to people not listening to you, it's easy to not bother speaking up. Plus, they pretty much hate all the music that I like, and since music is all they talk about (they're into the local punk stuff), I usually have no idea what they're talking about. >.< Greeeeeeeat.


Faerie Lore

This is a drawing I've finally finished for drawing class. (yeah, i know, why take it) It's titled "Faerie Lore" because the guys in drawing class were teasing me about drawing a faerie. ^^" They were saying that I could get a PHD in faeries, and it'd be called "Faerie Lore." This is the result of it, so it looks cool, imo. Those dots were such a bitch to draw though >.< And drawing class was interesting today because Tyler Ashley was hungry. I was wearing my "Are you gonna eat your... *picture of tater tots*" shirt, so he was kinda staring at it. I noticed eventually, since I figured hell, he's prolly staring into space, I mean why would he look at me? So I rolled my eyes and zipped up my sweater, but it got too hot, so I just took it off again. Gotcha, bitch! ^^ My teacher, Ms. van Matre (we call her V), has been getting kinda annoyed though, since I draw so fast and get done with like weeks to spare. She's always gotta figure out something to keep me busy with, which is kind of hard to do. She asked me if I would be interested in doing ANOTHER of the same damn assignment, with another subject of course, on scratchboard. (cardboard with a film of ink on it that you scratch off to have white lines with a black background) So instead of that, to keep busy, I'm drawing a realistic ELFAH! Dewwwwwwwm lawl cya


Reality Check

Here's something I found in my drawing folder. I haven't posted this... and I haven't posted ANYTHING for a long time... so meh, why not.

A few points:
Gan, you suck. EverQuest? EVERQUEST?? Sheesh...
Elfy, you're still pink.
Jorn, don't be such a douche on WoW.
Elroid, I swear I'll pay you back. ^^
Niaam, you suck. Levy's depressed now.
Ard, good boy, trying to keep the peace on the site.
Dari, you're weird. ^^ Love ya.
Gled, grats on the internet!

What did that all have to do with the comic? Not. One. Thing. <3


Idiot Ex

Ah, how lovely to hear from people we don't like. There's absolutely nothing quite like it, no? In other words, Mr. Jerry White needs to just stop fuckin' talking to me. That'd be nice, I'd say. Especially since if I want someone to talk to to be a nasty SOB, then trust me, I'll damn well ask for it. What a jerk...


Candy Ass

Ze colored version of Levy. Lovely! <3

Back online, and the result of nauseating amounts of Dream Theater

First up, my internet has returned! It turned out that if one of the phone lines was fucked up, the other ones would all die. Lovely. Anyways, so it turned out that it was a problem with my computer's cable. The cord looked just fine; not frayed or anything, but when I unplugged it from the phone jack, the other phones went dead. Replace the cord, and we're back in business. How annoying is that?
Anyways, this pic is one I drew of Xzorn (yes, that's who that is. be happy. i drew you!) while listening to the CD "Systematic Chaos" by Dream Theater. It's got two songs on either end of the track list called "In The Presence of Enemies" parts I and II. Look up the lyrics. I thought they suited Xzorn's rp perfectly. <3
And for girls, here's one thing to do before you die. Talk to Shinro on the phone. Mmmmmmmmmmmm pretteh pretteh voice.


quick update

quick update: laptop is low on battery, so this will be FAST.

-no internet for at least a week more.
-nearly lost electricity from a late payment.
-no cell phone soon, not sure when.
-dad sux. still.
-dad bought an $80 cement griffin and a $75 post card of bluffton. meanwhile, i'm running low on lunch money constantly.
-mum is gonna find a new lawyer, having gotten no closer to divorce.
-divorce mediation went through, but it turns out there's not enough money to mediate with. the only thing to make us enough money to do so: sell the house. probably never gonna work.
-found out incoming calls on my cell phone aren't free. i also have no home phone, but i found out incoming calls on that -are- free.
-can get free calls after 9 pm on weekdays or anytime on the weekend. ;.;
-wanted to post a new drawing, but couldn't find my flash drive.
-school still sucks.
-mum is doing a bit better, now she's just pissed off rather than all sobby.
-gled might come see me on spring break! \o/ whee! that means you other guys gotta get yer asses in gear >.> kek
-jorn, you'll still get a hug if you send me moneh <3 just gotta come here to get it lol, but i dunno about second base. -.- you're 13 and you watch porn all the time anyways.
-jordan, sorry about the phone situation v.v just gonna have to find other people to yak with i guess : /
-mum has a job at a warehouse (called Peyton's) and will be working either second or third shift. ;.; that means i'm gonna be more on my own after she starts. that place has mandatory overtime, too, which means if it's time for you to go home, but you're not done with a job yet, you have to finish it before you can go.
-i'll also note that i think the thing that should be cut is the satellite TV from our budget. seriously, bill o'reilly, get the FUCK outta my house. your show sucks. <3 and you're a bitch to women.
-i want to get an industrial ear piercing, but mum says that after i get into college and have a job and have a car and am out of the house, then i can make myself "look more and more like the lower class." what a bitch. caylyn's gonna get one on friday, though. ;.;
-it's getting cold. x.x summer's almost gone, so it's cool outside and not as humid, but there are mosquitoes like HELL. guess they were part of a species that doesn't carry any diseases, but DOES reproduce really fast after a long, hard rain. lots of them. -.- i went outside for about 15 minutes and got eaten alive. x.x thank god the anti-itch stuff still works, even though it's a year expired. ^^"
-also note i've paid the mortgage for the house once. after i did that, dad asked me if i could help him pay a lady back for $1700 up in fort wayne. i pretended to need mum's permission (since i'm trying to at least not make him totally hate me, i need my rep with him so i can get him to buy groceries and things like that) and she said no. \o/ i might, however, pay for the internet. a double-edged sword, though, since if i pay for it and get it back, it'll get me back on WoW, but it'll also allow dad to make more outrageous purchases on eBay. (remember that post card i mentioned?)
-the drawing i mentioned that i wanted to post, by the way, is a pic that i thought up while listening to dream theater's "In The Presence of Enemies" parts I and II. it's totally xzorn's ic theme song, in my opinion, so look it up, dude. it gave me the idea of drawing him realistically, for some reason, and thanks to mr. alex ross and his book containing just about every awesome piece of superhero art he's ever done, i did it! and it looks fabulous <3
-note i said this was a quick update: doing this as long as the battery will allow. didn't charge it enough before i came ;.; and i only have an hour anyways, since i'm here on account of mum's computer classes at the library, which has free wireless internet <3
-mum made, literally MADE, dad sign his paycheck (aka Birthright Allowance) over to her by having two sheriff deputies in the dining room make him sign it to her. this week he only got $50 out of it. <3 gotta pay the gas bill and electric bill, dad. no dvd shopping at walmart for you, i'm afraid. good riddance.
-mum also found out from the deputies that she can get a restraining order on him, forcing him out of the house. her lawyer said that wouldn't be possible, but her lawyer is also in fort wayne, in a different township. <3 the deputies said "that's not how it's done in bluffton" and actually made one aspect of this ass-end town kinda agreeable. lovely!
-the school cut off the home ec (Family And Consumer Sciences, or FACS) class at the middle school. the teacher from there came to the high school to replace the teacher of the same stuff who just left the school for another one. apparently, they consider the actual lifeskill classes to be... electives. nice. -.- furthermore, that teacher is TERRIBLE and stupid and i ended up taking her class. why? i had to fill 4th period, the last class of the day, since i guess it's just physically impossible for me to go home early. also, i have no car. i'm getting better at driving, though. <3
-looked at my phone bill for last month, which still isn't paid, btw... and it came to more than $600. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww just recieving calls from texas uses up minutes... luckily i only used 452/500 text messages that i have for non-verizon texts. <3 still not gonna do that as much as i used to. gled's not gonna be affected by this, though. and i do realize the bill is phenomenal for the situation at hand and the lack of cash, and that's why i've got rules now. if you do call me, off verizon, any time before the time slot i mentioned, i'll only talk a few minutes ;.; sorry, guys... trust me, i'm not happy either...
-battery's almost gone!



This is my pally, Levolta Dawnsight. She's adorable. <3 And she loves candy. Though... the lollipops tend to make guys stare at her nervously. o.O Which led to her getting gang-banged, but anyways! This is what she looks like. Go celebrate. ^^"


Here ya go, Andy.

Just remember. YOU'RE the one who asked me to draw it. <3


Dear god, it's contageous!

WTF?? I know 300 was a good movie and the guys in it were hotter'n hell, but why are we ALL going for He-man?!



A Disturbing Meeting

As Sintas neared the dock in Ratchet, she saw the boat coming up quickly. "Good," she thought to herself, "I haven't missed it!" She waited for the boat to stop, ready to move aside for any passengers stepping off. She casually glanced up at a strangely-dressed man, blinking. He appeared to be wearing nothing more than boots, a belt, a loincloth, and a leather harness. A large two-handed sword was strapped to his back, and his hair was the same style as that of Andralas...
Eventually she recognized the man to BE Andralas. She blinked at him, unsure of what to say about his getup.
He stared back at her for a moment.

Seriously, dude, you looked like you were on your way to an appointment with an old lady with a fetish for men in tribal dress. -.-"


Lonely Lil' Niaam!

This is what happens when you leave Niaam alone.


A little something extra

Yes, it's late to be talking about Tele's (and my) birthday this year, but still. I found this in my Tele comics folder and decided "hell, it's not too big! let's load that fucker up." So lo and behold, this is a picture of Kanta boggling at all the gifts, Tele getting a gift from a total stranger, and Gan ready to pounce that bitch at any false move.


Listed Differences

Here's this! It's sort of... illustrated forum rambling. Sorta. I dunno. Enjoy, though! And by the way, my prepaid game time is out, so I'll be gone from WoW for a while. And to add to that, dad hasn't paid the cell phone bill. I have no phone or text messaging.

Gotta love dad.


What's this JPEG thingy??

The first time Zabash saw Sintas. True, his name is Bazash, but nyaa, that's what you guys called him at that time!

Gonna try to load more pictures, so don't yell at me ;.;


More Warcraft Videos.... oh yes...


Jimmy And yes, I'm gonna go for the Scryers. Did you see that shit they've got?? O.O
Lookit aaaall the skeletons... This one's kinda long, and has the same song over and over, but man, that's freakin awesome. I didn't get to see the burning legion on Ironforge or anywhere like that, but I saw them in the Hinterlands. Me and Avenn had fun running after/away from the big doggies. Glad I had my mount by then!
Be nice to the GMs. Otherwise they'll .kill you. ^^ But seriously... Elfy... you and the other guys got to see Hyjal... LET'S DO EET AGAIN! SHADOWSTEP LAND HAX BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA


"One of her moods again!"

Yep, I was in one of my bitchy moods again lately, and unfortunately for Gan, he was the only one around to talk to me. (aka get it all dumped on HIM) This time, like many others, I was ticked off about how men have it easier than women. He said that it was pretty even, but I listed off plenty of things, like how guys aren't expected to be gorgeous/strive to be beautiful, behave nicely, follow orders, wear makeup, yadda yadda yadda. He eventually said he agreed that men have it easier.
And now I have a research paper to do. Guess what I'm doing it on?
Societal expectations of ladies.
Of course, I'm finding out many more things to bitch about.
Incarcerated women shackled during labor
Women's rejection of abortion laws. This makes me wonder... Is it mostly men who want abortion to be illegal...? Hopefully Bill O'Reilly has learned his lesson...
Quote: Foeticide and infanticide
UNICEF notes that “Where there is a clear economic or cultural preference for sons, the misuse of [pregnancy diagnostic tools] can facilitate female foeticide.”
This seems to say that many cultures think it's shameful to have daughters. (Link)

As you can see... it's gonna be hard to make this thing only about three pages or so...



That is the biggest fuckin rabbit i have ever seen.



Today, I felt sick at school. The sculpture class has been going to the elementary school to teach them to make either pinch or coil pots, so I was walking back from there. The sun was hot today, and medicine I had taken was starting to wear off. (if you're a boy, count your blessings, cuz you never have to deal with THIS) So I felt sick and I was getting way too hot and I was also getting tired from walking. I went straight to the nurse's office ("nurse" hah) and demanded to call home to get picked up.

After about an hour and 20 minutes later, mum still hadn't shown up. I called again, and she said she'd take a little longer to get there, since the sheriff's deputy was at the house.

So I laid down for about ten more minutes, wondering what the hell was going on. Mum showed up, I got out of the school, and in the car, she finally told me what had been going on. Sis was in the passenger's seat, too, which I thought was odd. Lately, she's been doing the payroll for the plastics factory that the family owns, a job which grandma would usually do, but she's been losing her memory. And of course, dad's rampant spending of our grocery money and bill money on DVDs and other worthless shit he doesn't need/already has, has prompted us to demand he only gets $100 out of his paycheck, since he doesn't pay bills. He also left us without grocery money for about two weeks. Anyways, Sis has been doing the payroll. She was holding an unwritten paycheck for him (why he still gets a fuckin paycheck is a mystery to me), sitting in her car with the windows half-open when he comes over and reaches in, grabs her arm, and says he'll break it if she doesn't give him his paycheck, even though he "hates talking like this." Hates talking like that my ass. He talks like that all the time, just never physical threats...

So the sheriff's deputy was at the house and told dad to use some anger management techniques. Sis decided to not file charges, though a report was definitely filed of the incident.

This is why I keep a knife by my bed and had a pair of handcuffs at the ready; I knew dad would go this way eventually... Even if I don't want to hurt him, I will if I have to.


Another new link!

I have no bloodfang... nor am I a male night elf... BUT MAN THAT'S COOL!! :DDDD

Now, a link to my main armory page. Trouble is, half the time I'm in my rp armor, which doesn't represent badassedness very well. Plus............ wtf is with that picture at the top? I have neither black hair nor tan skin nor Bloodfang Shoulders... But neato! Link your armory thingies in the comments! Yay! :D


A new link

On the side, you will notice a new link that says "Just to make you think of others." I found this site while doing research on poverty for a research paper in English class. Most of what I noticed was the display at the top of the screen. Just about every two seconds... Crazy, eh?


Now that it's updated...


And now that it's updated, here's where you can comment about the truly fucked-up rp journal entry! Woo! Yet another reason that I want a site forum. >.<

Lil boys

Boys boys boys that's just about all I rp with. And here is a buffet line of most of them: on Tele's head is (left to right) Avenn, Vane; on her shoulder, Elfy; in her arms, Xzorn, Jorn, and Nide; on the base of her tail is Gan; on the end of her tail is Gledriran; and clinging to her leg is Ardrick. Adorables!


Attention Whore

Nick, one of the people at my school, (formerly, now) decided he was just so upset last night that he had to take four pills of whatever it was and call all his friends and tell them he was killing himself. Yeah. Great. However, it's pretty hard to overdose on just four of ANYTHING, not to mention the fact that he wouldn't do that anyways. So why take pills and threaten that? To get attention. And to tell Caylyn, who works hard to keep all her friends safe and relatively happy, that it's all her fault and that she's a bitch and blah blah blah. What an asshole.
So that's what happened last night. I disconnected from the internet at about ten o'clock, so Caylyn called up at just that time. Good timing, since my dad was on the other computer and bitching about how he had to get online to print out some stupid work stuff.
In a situation like this, you yell at your dad, in a commanding tone of voice, to SHUT THE HELL UP BECAUSE SOMEONE'S FRIEND SHOVING PILLS IN HIMSELF IS A BIT MORE IMPORTANT THAN WORK.
Idiot. My sister pointed out, too, that someone's life is more important than work. And what did dad do? Bitch about it. What a lovely character.

So the moral of the story is that Wolfie gives you all permission to dropkick both her dad and her ex.


Old stuff


The above are pictures that I rescued from the depths of the Commissioned forums. Seriously, I've quit that forum. Too much drama. But I won't delete my account there, since it's always good for people to be able to know who it was who posted all that weird stuff way back when. Ugh... yeah, I'm still pissed at Fletch. That's one of the reasons I left. The comics were funny, at least.

I'm bored... -.-

Weird OOC crap

I was looking through my screenshots folder, and of the 6,904 screenshots, I found this little gem.
I really don't know why I screen everything, but still... there are some pretty weird ones there.

just for you

question: should jorn have his goggles on? or no?



Amazingly, this one I loaded to the site by myself, without having to ask anyone to do it for me =D Neato!
Aaaaanyways, the guy with the horns (which are just there to express anger, he doesn't REALLY have horns -.-) is Gan, who is enforcing his brotherly authority over the elf trying to make moves on Tele.

I pity those who incur Gan's wrath. Cuz... he reeeeeally knows how to express wrath.



Alright. Announcement: it's Easter. Go color some chicken eggs.

By the way, I think I'll do features once in a while, on request and with sufficient documentation, about some of the WORST pains-in-ze-asses on Earthen Ring. All in favor? Say yea or nay in the comments and why you say that. So, the idea goes like this: I'll post stuff like drawings and whatever I want to, as usual, but will also help the server out and document "bad, no no!" players. This site MAY be used as reference once any said player has been reported here.

Oh and.

-Because Blizzard uses macros. Silly GMs! Wulfie stomps bitches, not you!-


Bunny With Fangs agrees!


Badassedness and returning to business as usual

HAH, business as usual. When have I ever posted regularly anyways?? XD Anyways! Here's somethin' for Kanta to assure him of his badassedness. And to reinforce the idea, Kanta: you are badass.



Okay. This is bad timing. Plans for rp have been held up by the fact that i have been banned from WoW for a while. (how ever long that is. ugh) The person who banned me is undoubtedly the lying, manipulating, whorish, fiendish, stupid, slutty, village-bike-everyone's-had-a-damn-ride ASHERAN. (ooh did i just post her name? ooh i think i did!) The reason for my banning is probably some cock-and-bull story she came up with about me molesting someone or something stupid and highly offensive like that. But whatever it is, this is what it looked like when we were arguing. The black spaces were guild chat, which I decided to omit just in case the guild thought it would be a loss of privacy.

And YES, I DO screenshot everything.

-#- Due to the ceaseless bitching about her rights that she so definitely deserves, I have decided it's best to take the screenshots off the site. I won't email them on request, so don't bother asking. Why do I do this? Oh, I don't wanna take up all the server space. ^_^ Plus the comments are enough to convince someone of what everyone says about Ash. It's very interesting, really. She comes up with all these lies about me and everyone else, but everyone and I have truthful facts about her that are just as bad as her lies. Worse, really, since they're true. ;D

Comments have been disabled. This has gone on long enough.

Love and kisses and crowbars,



ZO MAI GAWD it's a picture!

ZOMG I POSTED HOLY FUCK IT'S ARMAGEDDON GET IN THE CAR. Anyways! This is a lovely lovely picture of Tele that I drew in English class. (what, you think i actually learn stuff there? bah.) I'm sorry for the lack of posts, guys, I really am... It's just that whenever I wanna post a picture, I have to bother someone on AIM or MSN to load it for me. Yeah, I know, get faster internet, wulfie, gawd! I would if I could, trust me.



Ze second page. Jorn screams like a girl, Elfy tries to provide a solution, and Tele yells at them both for being stupid boys.


A cruel joke

Image hosting provided by Fletch, by the way. Anyways, I'm almost positive of two things: that this will actually happen in the rp at some point and that some idiot will point out to me that acid melts steel or something like that. But I shaded it well, so nyaa!


*Tap tap*

Tele sees Nide. Nide sees Tele. Nide and Tele hug each other. Jorn sees Nide hug Tele. Jorn doesn't like it at all. End result: Tele has no idea what to do.



The first page! The second page will be loaded soon!


The 40 Gold Comic (hope it's worth it)

Let's hope I don't get yelled at for that second panel, right? ^.^""
*edit* On a side note, the file name of this image is "SHIT NO.jpg"


Pics from hippie's house!

A few nights ago, I went over to hang out at Caylyn's house! Woo!

A sports composite of Caylyn jigging with a strobe light going.


And when my internet decides to be a bit faster, I'll post the rest of the pictures. *sigh*


Mushroom, MUSHROOM! (if you don't get it, ask)

Zangarmarsh, one of the new areas in Outland in the Burning Crusade expansion pack for WoW (choir of angels) is pretty much just a swamp of giant shrooms. And some of these shrooms attack you. Apparently one of the Blizzard guys wanted to relate a bad trip he had. XD

Pounce Tag

Tele's new favorite thing to do: play tag.


Happy Lil' Furballs!

Alright, Vane, here it is. Or Elle or whatever you wanna be called. (i really don't know. sorry ^.^") But yes! This is Tele's new worgy bro! Vane! (the "a" has a little ^ above it, but i don't know how to get that to type...)


Flamethrower Fun

Okay, for one thing, what the HELL is with all the gnome rpers on earthen ring all of a sudden?! And why must they follow Jorn and Tele around?!

Another thing, if you look at the link to this image, please don't think that's my fault. it looks like "many uses of flamethrower sex." The "ex" was added by imageshack, I had NOTHING to do with it this time! o.o"""


Maybe his shirt's ripped a bit too much... >.>

Or not enough...

Tele and Elfy have been fighting again... And this drawing comes at much request, though I'm guessing everyone wanted to see Tele in the picture, too. Got to practice drawing worgen first, guys. Then I'll post something better. ;) But here's Elfy, with his wings and a ball of fire forming. The fight started because of Tele breaking up with Xzorn... Apparently Xzorn went off on Elfy because he's pissy lately, and sort of losing his grip on reality at the same time. Or something like that. Elfy, you can correct me. But then Elfy comes over to where Tele is, he tells her to shut up about whatever she's talking about, and then he starts yelling at her for breaking up with Xzorn, because "You were his connection to the outside world!!" blah blah fight starts after tele punches him. More on that in a while, that's gonna take a while to draw. o.o""


Nap time

Yep. My boy. Sleeping in my lap. And yes, my boy is Fletch.


Takin' a nap, and a cute one, at that.

Aww, Aussie boy Fletch! <3 This is probably the side of his personality he was referring to.

Dangit, I wanna go to Australia so bad. >.<