Another new link!

I have no bloodfang... nor am I a male night elf... BUT MAN THAT'S COOL!! :DDDD

Now, a link to my main armory page. Trouble is, half the time I'm in my rp armor, which doesn't represent badassedness very well. Plus............ wtf is with that picture at the top? I have neither black hair nor tan skin nor Bloodfang Shoulders... But neato! Link your armory thingies in the comments! Yay! :D


Elfangor said...

Tele's dreamin of epix...

Yeah Tele, I can guess how badly you want that armor set. I felt (and still feel) the same way about Dragonstalker (which owns bloodfang anyday). Meh, let's all get to 70 and maybe, just MAYBE we can 20 man Blackwing Lair.

Elroid said...

Personally I want the tier 5 rogue, it looks oober

Wulfie said...

isn't there a huge quest that goes with bloodfang? like the baron run?

and elroid. bloodfang... or deathmantle... mmmmmmmmmm.

deathmantle's the blue one, right? >.>

Illidari Elfangor said...

Right Teleia, Deathmantle's the blue one. But unfortunatly, there's no quest that goes with getting Bloodfang... 'cept unless you count the one where you gotta kill Nef for the cepter from Ahn'Quiraj... but yeah. No quest for it.

Galacian said...

Bloodfang is from blackwing lair and from ragnoras in mc. I know I have every peice of it.

t4 which is netherblade drops from the curator and prince in kara, gruul and the ogre high council in gruuls lair, and magtheridon in his lair.

t5 drops from ssc and the eye. only the scc has been cleared no one in the game has gotten past al'ar the phoenix god in the eye. so good luck with that one :3

they also released screens of t6 recently but it sucks ass.

also rogue dungeon 3 (assasination) looks hawt

Galacian said...

Forgot to mention bonescythe from naxx, it looks ok as well.

Galacian said...

And yet again I failed to mention a rogue set the gladiator gear is from the lvl 70 honor points (belt boots and bracer) and the rest of it is from arena.

nightslayer (not worth mentioning but it looks like ninja stuff)
bloodfang you all know it
t2.5 sucky looking (bug + samurai its from aq40)
t3 which is bonescythe (guard/assassin look)naxx
t4 netherblade (funky looking black white and blue batman gear)kara entry level 25 mans
arena (green version of t4)arena pvp
deathmantle (ssc and the eye, its the skull adorned one)
t6 (looks fugly) black temple.

Wulfie said...



get *counts on her fingers real quick and subtracts* 15 more people. we're raiding BWL.

Galacian said...

dont really need to, there are bloodfang recolorings at 70, there is let me see here,
blue full set
brown full set though most is from karazhan
assorted black peices
assorted green peices

Wulfie said...

but.... i wanted to see bwl anyways...

Galacian said...

Thats cool, and I wish you luck, but you are going to need 15-20 lvl 70's and you will die some, even in old content its inevitable. Vaelstraza, Chromaggus and Nef would take a bit of grinding glass and you cant beat nef without farming onyxia scale cloaks, he does a attack on the whole raid that would one shot you at 60 and probably take you out still or at 10 percent at 70, but the damage is nullified with that cloak.

I really dont know how razorgore would go without a lot of people. Might work, who knows.

The drakes and broodlord would be cake I would imagine.

Another thing to consider is naxx has some bosses that could be 20 manned very easily. The entire abomination wing, part of the spider wing, and maybe the plague wing could easily be done, deathknight wing? not so much.

Illidari Elfangor said...

Yeah, the move Galacian is talking about that Nefarion does is called Shadow Flame. Does some uber ass damage, even with the cloak. Without it, even a 70 might even be 1-shot.

I do agree however with Gala on how Nax would probably be easier for 20 70s to do. And you could deffinatly get Xzorn to do the deathknight wing on account of Ashbringer and all. Plus the splinters of the Aetish (Medivh's staff) drop from the bosses in Naxrammas. But unfortunatly, it's a caster only item. But the lure of that might even be enough to get some casters to come along. Plus I wanna go just for the hell of killing Kel'Thuzard, cuz he's an evil bastard XD.

Galacian said...

you need 8 tanks with dreadnought gear or better for the 4h, also quick reflexes to avoid void zones and such, plus you have to learn the "dance" for heigen the unclean. Deathknight wing is the hardest for 70's

Anonymous said...

Forgot to say as well that even to this day Saphiron cannot be killed without frost resistance (around 300 a person) he does some kinda pulse that will kill anyone without high frost resistance.

instances places you can do without some kinda of crazy prereq
molten core
naxx-plague abomination and spider wings
bwl cant get past the 4 drakes without a ony cloak (they do shadowflame to)
aq40 huhuran might be a roadblock but dont know (she required at least 15 people in the raid to have over 250 nature resitance preferably 300+) C'thun is still an ass kicker his beam that he rotates around the room with will still hit for 20k+ if you step in it.
Onyxia was being 5-10 manned before xpack, you could 10 man her most likely

galacian said...


since you wanted armory profiles
p.s. go 30/0/31 tel youll love it much better then shadowstep

Wulfie said...

but think of it...
if you get stuck in terrain... then look for a critter or another enemy nearby.
SHADOWSTEP! voila! i've used it before ^^

also used it in landhacking but nvm that >.>"