Lol's. So I just downloaded the WoW Fansite kit from WoW's official site. It's full of a bunch of stuff I don't quite understand, such as just about anything involved with web programming. Let's see... I have now a bunch of logos (for original, BC, and WotLK respectively), some renders of Arthas (both his badass Wrath model and his... somewhat ugly Culling of Stratholme model), some avatars for forums (The ones in the lvl 80 avatars folder look like lvl 60 avatars), borders, stuff like that. Interesting...


Cosplay Idea

I don't even play this game. El Oh El. But damn, that guy's got a sexy costume. I want one.


So, what the hell did you get for christmas?

Holidays? Whatever it is you celebrate, winter-time festivities! What'd you do? Where'd you go? What'd you get?

What I got:
new cd: Kamelot "The Black Halo"
bunches of white chocolate
gold chocolate coins
awesome socks
awesome sweater
black ripped tights
a dvd with digital copy of "UP"
two magazines to tickle my art bone
a witch's calendar
a new purse
two WoW game cards

Where I will be going: Probably just staying home. I really doubt I'm gonna be going over to my uncle's or aunt's or anything.

What I'll do: Take a shower and eat!

This new cd, I'm listening to it now, mmmmmmm. Loving it.
Hope you all have a good time this season. :)


Hmm... Neat


Interesting. Wanted this as the page's header, but can't figure it out.
You can make your own at this site.


How to make a Gordon

It starts very simple: Find a picture. This one will work!

Next, take out the messy background. Let's put our soon-to-be-Gordon in City 17. That light in the background matches the light on the Gordon!

For this Gordon, I burned his chin to make the goatee, copy+pasted some nerd glasses on, then drew frames around them to match Gordon's iconic glasses, and found a picture of a crowbar on the internet. Color replacement fixed that blue crowbar right up!

No Gordon is complete without the Lambda symbol, though. I didn't feel like copy+pasting a whole HEV suit onto this guy, so I drew one and burned it up a bit!

Now, you have your very own Half-Life 4 Gordon Freeman! This is the one where he doesn't have an HEV suit, and instead runs around in jeans and a wifebeater. That's just how badass he is, now. *nod*



It's been a rather long time since I posted anything worthwhile on this blog, so I'll let you know what I've been up to.
--Sintas is in an rp guild on ER (finally) that actually rp's. Granted, it's simple clan style rp, but it's kind of fun to watch from there as Echelon Militia and Conjurers Court go at it. Silly drama bits.
--I've been working on a fan fiction (fanfic) for Sintas. It's viewed through the link to the right of this post. In the link bar. With all the other links. Though they're not really in bar form... Link stack? Eh.
--I'm thinking I'll write one for Sorrowdusk, too. I've been told it would be a cool idea, so... Eh.

In other news, screenshots are fun to play with in photoshop. Nice effects can be done on them to make them more realistic. Well, not realistic, but less pixelated and less obviously game models. I posted the two I've done below, as well as use one for the banner on Sint's fanfic site.

Gimme comments, guys. <3 Haven't talked to you people who know this blog in forever.