The Joy of Spamfire

Let me tell you, Druids do NOT go down without a fight.
The guild Sintas is in was looking for a healer for regular Magister's Terrace. I figure "what the hell, might as well," and offer to heal. A dps slot was open, so Elfy got to go too. The guys say they just have Kael'Thas to deal with, so I'm thinking "Oh, cool, short and sweet."
Little did I know it would become the most FUCKING EXCITING moment I've ever had on a goddamn game.
So the group goes to Kael, wipes, and I realize I can't figure out what I'm doing. Sure, I heal as Sin all the time! What's different this time?... The weather outside is heavy rain, so the room's gotten humid. I'm used to playing with dry hands. Not... humidly damp hands. Nasty. So I keep trying to figure out what to do. Can't do much about my hands. Sweater? I'm getting chilly... No, that just makes it worse. Take the sweater off. Fuck, now I'm COLD. Put the sweater on. Leave the sweater on and suffer through it.
Anyways, the first tank (first, in relation to when I joined the group : / ) eventually has to leave, so we get our handy dandy prot pally from the guild to come along. So we all run into the boss room, wipe, and I go through my sweater routine again. End up with it on again. The guys in the group are trying to get me psyched to heal! But all they say is why I should hate Kael and how I should picture him going gay for my man and taking him from me. (their idea, not mine) All that does is make me want to run in there as Tele and slaughter the hell out of Kael. I probably wouldn't be able to but hey, that's the desire that sprung up.
So after another try, a rogue in the group says it'll be his last try for the night before he leaves. I then realize "Wait a minute... I know what I've been doing wrong. I've been thinking of this as Kael'Thas, the raid boss in tempest keep. But now... he's just a puny lil' FIVE-MAN BOSS!! And he does tricks that have been used TWO MILLION TIMES in the game OVER AND OVER!" That, my friends, is what got me psyched.
So we buff up, run on in, and try the fight again. It goes pretty well until after like... the second time he does the gravity thing. Then people started dying. (paying attention to AoE orbs and party health at the same time is not easy x.x) Elfy dies. A rogue dies. The other rogue dies. Now it's just me and the prot pally, basically just healing ourselves at this point. My speedpad gets a workout!
But after a while... I lose track, get screwed by a cooldown I used, and realize the pally's dead. So there I am, stuck in midair in tree form, spamming lifeblooms on myself to try and stay alive.
Then I snap.
I rushed straight towards Kael, slapping a rejuvenation on myself before Moonfiring the HELL out of him. I was clicking the mouse so fast, you'd think I was trying to catch flies moving at 400 mph with the mouse. That's what it felt like, at least. Kael stands at 3%. The guys in the group all say "damn... well..." and then "go go go!"
I start to get really pissed off at that point, just about to scream "JUST FUCKING DIE!!!" Then, Kael falls. And yells his little schpiel, yadda yadda, whatever. I sit there for a minute... staring at the screen... thinking "what the HELL did I just do..." The guys worriedly ask me if I have battle res! I res the pally! Everyone gets rezzed! Then... an epic cloak for tanks and a pally axe drop. But fuck that, I JUST FINISHED OFF KAEL'THAS!! As resto! In healing gear! Without trinkets! Both on freakin cooldowns!
And if you somehow don't believe it, just look at the screenshots. (when it says failed, that means the global cd wasn't done yet when I clicked it)



What I've been up to, as well as a note of dad in his undies.

I've been drawing stuffs ^^ Sorry, not really WoW stuff, but it's still neato <3 She's a druid that I drew according to what I think real druids might have looked like. (it's hard to find actual reference pictures since fantasy games use them and clog google with them) And even if she doesn't look like they would have, she's still cute <3

Also, a note of something that happened a few weeks back... Dad and I had gone out to the house after he had picked me up to take me back to where we stayed for a while (Hartigans' house), though I hadn't planned on going to the house for a half hour that day right after school.. But anyways. There had been some flooding in the area so some of the roads were closed off. (Bluffton is basically one big flood plain that someone decided would make a good city. WRONG.) So he decided to take some back roads into Amish country. Didn't work. The backroads were flooded. We barely made it through one of the huge flooded areas that he decided to drive through. Eventually, we made our way to another road (and it turned out the usual road WASN'T flooded...) that would get us back on the road to Hartigans' house. That road... didn't look very bad. It was flooded. But dad didn't take into account how the road dipped down before getting to the intersection. I hadn't been on that road enough to remember it did that, though, so I thought "whatever, just get me home."
That's where this comes in... The road dipped down as we drove into the water, so the engine got submerged. Truck died. Dad called a towing service, but that guy was already out trying to help OTHER idiots who had gotten stuck in water like us morons had. So we just waited a while... The guy said it would take him 20 minutes to get to us, even -after- he was done with the guy he was helping at that time. So we waited more... Eventually dad decided "fuck it" and jumped out of the truck. Note that the cab had been filling up slowly with water... about an inch of water every minute, so therefore my feet were on the dash. When he opened the door, a bit more water rushed in, but he closed it quickly. He yelled for me to put it in neutral, so I did, and held the steering wheel straight. Then he pushed the truck. It hit me at that moment that it was pretty goddamn cold out. And that he was wearing shoes he wears every day... not for in water or mud or any of that. And that he was about 57 years old. Now, don't get me wrong, I hate my dad, but I don't wish death on him. He was gonna be fucked up if he stayed out too long. He got the truck halfway out, told me to park it, then got back in the cab. He was in pain, and I do mean PAIN, for about 15 minutes while his legs started to warm back up... It was about 30 degrees outside, with wind. After a while though, he started trying to rev the engine. It took about 10 tries until all the water had drained from the engine for it to start again. It did start though, so we got out of the water and called the towing guy to tell him we didn't need him. We got to the Hartigans' house, and by then my instincts had kicked in. Family member. In a bad situation. Help him. I brought him inside, told him to take his shoes and any wet clothes off (luckily his tighty whities hadn't gotten wet, otherwise, well, boys know what would've happened. that water was COLD), stuck the clothes in the dryer, then found some cookies and stuff for him to eat. I was gonna try to get him some coffee or something like that but the coffee maker was kinda weird and I couldn't find a kettle.
I forgot to tell him, though, that I would get a towel for him to sit on so he could sit in one of the easy chairs. Eventually, the man of the house came home from his FREAKIN AWESOME PAYING ENGINEER JOB (bling bling) to find my father, in his underwear, sitting in his chair, eating cookies. Imagine coming home to that... I explained what was going on though, and the guy understood (his name's Tim, btw... "They call me............Tim.") so it was all okay, but mum got home after a while and was kinda, y'know, freaked out. o_o" I did my best though. -_-"
To give you an idea of what my dad looks like, here's the picture that comes up every time he calls me. That's what he'd do on weekend mornings... sit at the computer in his underwear (and socks, if we were lucky) to check his email... One good question is why the hell is his bathrobe sitting off to the side? It should be on him. >.<
All said and done, though, I think dad did actually think "well fuck, not only am I stuck out in this freezing and rising water, so is my daughter. Shit." Maybe it was paternal instinct, maybe it was him saving his own ass in the process, maybe it was getting brownie points, or maybe it was one of the last ways that he can show how he cares. I don't know. It did happen a while ago, but still. At least I have a good memory of my dad, even if he did get me into that situation in the first place. I guess it doesn't matter what happens in life; it's what you do about it.


The updated Mac situation

Alright, so... currently I'm on my sister's laptop, since she's awesome and not twitchy about letting me use it, since my computer's been taken in to be looked at.
And it has been looked at. (more details on that later)
And the Mac guy said...


He also said it would be easier and simpler and a lot less of a headache to just get a new computer rather than try to update my old one. Or fix it or... whatever you wanna call it. To make it not suck as little as it did.
What will I be looking through?
Here's Apple's site. Look for yourself. Even Jorn admitted the new Macs have some pretty bitchin' hardware. (He also made SURE that I wouldn't want an AirBook... I really didn't want one.) This is what I'll be looking at... Except ignore the keyboard.

Do you really think I'd disgrace myself with THAT puny thing?? Hell no. I'm getting me one of those big actual keyboards. I don't care about the design (much) compared to how comfortable the keys are to use. As for a mouse, I'll be keeping my Logitech mouse from Best Buy that I got for like $24. That thing's comfy as hell to use <3 And of course I'll still have my Nostromo speedpad. This is the model of speedpad I have. <3
But yes... Dad was also bugging me about how the new iPod Touches have way more memory than my measly 8gb. Thanks, dad. Thanks a lot. Nice of you to let me freakin' know.
Anyways... Sis has been home (obviously since i'm on her laptop) so she's been showing me some weird-ass YouTube videos. I won't link them all directly to the site as the video objects like I did with the gorgeous and delicious Illy and Arty. Instead, just simple links. <3
Dramatic reading of a breakup letter
You boys will love this. It even has a sequel!
Mentos punch. The Freshmaker!
NutriGrain. Feeling GREAT.
Human Tetris. Gotta love the Japanese. <3
I'm fucking Matt Damon (from Jimmy Kimmel)
I'm fucking Ben Affleck (another from Jimmy)
Nintendo Sixty-FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUR!!! Also look for the metal version of this, as well as the Mortal Kombat version. :3

That's all for now. <3 baibai, and please comment. Can't talk on WoW, y'know :P


iMac, we're goin' down

Looks like I need a new computer. My mac no longer has sound... That's one thing that confuses me, mainly because it will make the startup noise (when you turn it on, not when you log in like on windows) but then it refuses to make any sound after that. So what am I to do?
Today's been a shitty day already. It's only 9:02, and I already regret just waking up. -.-" Woke up late. Got out of bed at 6:35 (i leave for school at 7 or so), ate too much for breakfast, sat around waiting for my ride to school (she forgot ;.; she didn't mean to tho so it's ok), called dad a few times trying to get him to pick me up (he was asleep >.<), went back upstairs, tried to call myself in sick to school (since i'm sure as HELL not gonna bother mum to take me to school. don't want her to get all stressed), was told that I couldn't (even though I've done so before), called mum to call me in to school (ended up stressing her out anyways), she set a time for me to have the computer shut off by every night since I seemed to be "sick" from staying up too late (10:00 pm. that includes the phone, too. ~.~"), then turned on my computer (which takes a long time now : / not sure why it's slowed down so much more), found out I have no sound at all (thought it was just iTunes, since I tried playing music but the timer stayed stopped at the 0:00 mark), deleted iTunes, reinstalled iTunes, updated the whole damn computer in desperation, still have no sound, it's freakin cold in here, NO MUSIC ,>.<, , and... goddamnit, why the hell did I even wake up...
Teenage angst?
Maybe a bit.
Mostly just stupid shit >.<