The Joy of Spamfire

Let me tell you, Druids do NOT go down without a fight.
The guild Sintas is in was looking for a healer for regular Magister's Terrace. I figure "what the hell, might as well," and offer to heal. A dps slot was open, so Elfy got to go too. The guys say they just have Kael'Thas to deal with, so I'm thinking "Oh, cool, short and sweet."
Little did I know it would become the most FUCKING EXCITING moment I've ever had on a goddamn game.
So the group goes to Kael, wipes, and I realize I can't figure out what I'm doing. Sure, I heal as Sin all the time! What's different this time?... The weather outside is heavy rain, so the room's gotten humid. I'm used to playing with dry hands. Not... humidly damp hands. Nasty. So I keep trying to figure out what to do. Can't do much about my hands. Sweater? I'm getting chilly... No, that just makes it worse. Take the sweater off. Fuck, now I'm COLD. Put the sweater on. Leave the sweater on and suffer through it.
Anyways, the first tank (first, in relation to when I joined the group : / ) eventually has to leave, so we get our handy dandy prot pally from the guild to come along. So we all run into the boss room, wipe, and I go through my sweater routine again. End up with it on again. The guys in the group are trying to get me psyched to heal! But all they say is why I should hate Kael and how I should picture him going gay for my man and taking him from me. (their idea, not mine) All that does is make me want to run in there as Tele and slaughter the hell out of Kael. I probably wouldn't be able to but hey, that's the desire that sprung up.
So after another try, a rogue in the group says it'll be his last try for the night before he leaves. I then realize "Wait a minute... I know what I've been doing wrong. I've been thinking of this as Kael'Thas, the raid boss in tempest keep. But now... he's just a puny lil' FIVE-MAN BOSS!! And he does tricks that have been used TWO MILLION TIMES in the game OVER AND OVER!" That, my friends, is what got me psyched.
So we buff up, run on in, and try the fight again. It goes pretty well until after like... the second time he does the gravity thing. Then people started dying. (paying attention to AoE orbs and party health at the same time is not easy x.x) Elfy dies. A rogue dies. The other rogue dies. Now it's just me and the prot pally, basically just healing ourselves at this point. My speedpad gets a workout!
But after a while... I lose track, get screwed by a cooldown I used, and realize the pally's dead. So there I am, stuck in midair in tree form, spamming lifeblooms on myself to try and stay alive.
Then I snap.
I rushed straight towards Kael, slapping a rejuvenation on myself before Moonfiring the HELL out of him. I was clicking the mouse so fast, you'd think I was trying to catch flies moving at 400 mph with the mouse. That's what it felt like, at least. Kael stands at 3%. The guys in the group all say "damn... well..." and then "go go go!"
I start to get really pissed off at that point, just about to scream "JUST FUCKING DIE!!!" Then, Kael falls. And yells his little schpiel, yadda yadda, whatever. I sit there for a minute... staring at the screen... thinking "what the HELL did I just do..." The guys worriedly ask me if I have battle res! I res the pally! Everyone gets rezzed! Then... an epic cloak for tanks and a pally axe drop. But fuck that, I JUST FINISHED OFF KAEL'THAS!! As resto! In healing gear! Without trinkets! Both on freakin cooldowns!
And if you somehow don't believe it, just look at the screenshots. (when it says failed, that means the global cd wasn't done yet when I clicked it)



Elfy said...

I can second that. I was there, lying face down on the ground dead as she went BOOM BOOM BOOM!

Wulfie said...

^^ i don't wanna sound like i'm all full of myself but... man that was cool <3

Anonymous said...

Nice. Very nice.


Wulfie said...

it's a ganoo sighting *gersp*

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

That is the lamest acheivement ever.

Anonymous said...
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Wulfie said...

alright if these are just gonna be spammers from now on, then i'll be mad :P

Dagnalis said...

thats very interesting and i also have an interesting Kael story. So I was running mgt with Pherall (Kilrin) Zalthos (praise) Jorn (He gave me good anime advice) me (Awesome hunter) and we had to constantly swap out DPS so we kept trying on Kael getting rid of a mage,a hunter (Had to go), and we picked up a lock so were like yeah we can do it this time. Unfortunately we all died at the first gravity lasps well all of us but our lock who took Kael down from 50% to dead everyone was amazed and we started swearing and other things happend. But thats a pretty amazing story to here I guess new areas bring everyone together!

Wulfie said...

lol... new areas bring people together? :P not what i've noticed. from what i've seen, people decide "screw you guys i wanna do dailies" and seem to not really give a damn about people who don't want to do the dailies ALL THE TIME.

not naming names. but jeez... honestly. they're really that great? :P

elfy said...

Well considering I'm now at 2600 gold in a couple of weeks, I'd say yeah, they are. :D