The updated Mac situation

Alright, so... currently I'm on my sister's laptop, since she's awesome and not twitchy about letting me use it, since my computer's been taken in to be looked at.
And it has been looked at. (more details on that later)
And the Mac guy said...


He also said it would be easier and simpler and a lot less of a headache to just get a new computer rather than try to update my old one. Or fix it or... whatever you wanna call it. To make it not suck as little as it did.
What will I be looking through?
Here's Apple's site. Look for yourself. Even Jorn admitted the new Macs have some pretty bitchin' hardware. (He also made SURE that I wouldn't want an AirBook... I really didn't want one.) This is what I'll be looking at... Except ignore the keyboard.

Do you really think I'd disgrace myself with THAT puny thing?? Hell no. I'm getting me one of those big actual keyboards. I don't care about the design (much) compared to how comfortable the keys are to use. As for a mouse, I'll be keeping my Logitech mouse from Best Buy that I got for like $24. That thing's comfy as hell to use <3 And of course I'll still have my Nostromo speedpad. This is the model of speedpad I have. <3
But yes... Dad was also bugging me about how the new iPod Touches have way more memory than my measly 8gb. Thanks, dad. Thanks a lot. Nice of you to let me freakin' know.
Anyways... Sis has been home (obviously since i'm on her laptop) so she's been showing me some weird-ass YouTube videos. I won't link them all directly to the site as the video objects like I did with the gorgeous and delicious Illy and Arty. Instead, just simple links. <3
Dramatic reading of a breakup letter
You boys will love this. It even has a sequel!
Mentos punch. The Freshmaker!
NutriGrain. Feeling GREAT.
Human Tetris. Gotta love the Japanese. <3
I'm fucking Matt Damon (from Jimmy Kimmel)
I'm fucking Ben Affleck (another from Jimmy)
Nintendo Sixty-FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUR!!! Also look for the metal version of this, as well as the Mortal Kombat version. :3

That's all for now. <3 baibai, and please comment. Can't talk on WoW, y'know :P

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