This is my pally, Levolta Dawnsight. She's adorable. <3 And she loves candy. Though... the lollipops tend to make guys stare at her nervously. o.O Which led to her getting gang-banged, but anyways! This is what she looks like. Go celebrate. ^^"


Here ya go, Andy.

Just remember. YOU'RE the one who asked me to draw it. <3


Dear god, it's contageous!

WTF?? I know 300 was a good movie and the guys in it were hotter'n hell, but why are we ALL going for He-man?!



A Disturbing Meeting

As Sintas neared the dock in Ratchet, she saw the boat coming up quickly. "Good," she thought to herself, "I haven't missed it!" She waited for the boat to stop, ready to move aside for any passengers stepping off. She casually glanced up at a strangely-dressed man, blinking. He appeared to be wearing nothing more than boots, a belt, a loincloth, and a leather harness. A large two-handed sword was strapped to his back, and his hair was the same style as that of Andralas...
Eventually she recognized the man to BE Andralas. She blinked at him, unsure of what to say about his getup.
He stared back at her for a moment.

Seriously, dude, you looked like you were on your way to an appointment with an old lady with a fetish for men in tribal dress. -.-"