End it

This has got to stop.


Dan said...

I hope your alright.. You know how to contact me if you ever need to talk. Also this is one of the reasons why i left WoW.. so much drama was causing me a stroke.. kinda scary.. Any ways i hope your alright dear..

dr. effing Phill said...

mmkay... now I'm pissed. Yeah, I am -REALLY- pissed. I am sooo sick of all this drama and BS. I'm sure I've said this before but if I had so much as a fucking penny for every time I had to go Dr. Phill for a person on WoW, I'd be richer than Bill Gates. Frankly, I'm sick of it.

I don't know who's side to take so I'm not going to. Tele says she didn't cheat on Gan with Nia even though she did kiss him and whatnot. Gan says that she made him cybar with her even though he said he didn't want to, and he also said that Tele said she was carrying Nia's child.

Jesus Christ I'm so sick of this shit. I try to be impartial, but I'm soo sick of always having to be the fucking peacemaker and get in between people.

I think that BOTH of you are in the wrong, call me what you want.

First you're completely overprotective of Tele until Nia shows up. I dunno what happened there but you never liked the guy from the start, even before Tele kissed him or w/e the hell she did. A week away from WoW and you're all, "I don't feel the same for her". You guys break up and it's back to Christy. Yet despite all the stories of manipulation and how you've been hurt so much in your life, you say, "She's better than she was". I try to ask you what happened out of curiosity and being a friend and she jumps all over me. And then you give me all this stuff about love and how you see it but for goodness sake, cut the dramatics. What she RP'd is completely different from OOC. Why do you think she CRIED when you got mad at her?

Why you continued to stick up for Nia despite Gan's displeasure and defend him against your own boyfriend at every corner I can't understand. My innitial impression was that you didn't want a friendship to go bad just because your BF didn't like him... but what the hell. Why you would RP kissing him is beyond me. You and I both know how easily Gan can get pissed off, you probably more than me. I might be wrong, but I think you did run to Nia after this whole thing. And when he said he told you that he still wanted to be friends with you, you pretty much spat in his face. Do you think he would have said that if he was so horrible to you?

You both need to cut this shit out. Deny whatever the hell you feel like, I could care less. All this is narrowed down to is he-said-she-said and it's basically a load of shit. But I can tell you right now, while I'm probably the only one saying this stuff at the moment, the people you BOTH are trying to get to pick sides are feeling the same exact way.
Maybe if I get you both mad enough at me, you'll do a whole "The enemy of my enemy is my ally" thing and I'm sure that would be a whole lot better for the rest of us. I honestly hope the both of you are happy either way.

Like I said, I'm impartial and if either one of you tries to make it seem like I'm on any sort of side, I'll turn that shit around on you so fast it'll make your head spin. I know I'll probably just end up eventually writing up some whole big appology to both of you and whatnot, but the shit has got to stop. You're right Tele, end it... THE BOTH OF YOU!

I'm now seriously considering starting a new character on a different server and if any of you feels like talking me out of it and keeping a friend from leaving, please be my guest. I still love both of you guys.

Elfangor/Patrick Brockway

Wulfie said...

pat, i dunno if you'll believe me (hell if anyone believes anything i say at this point) but i really am sorry that you always end up doing this... i did fuck things up, i know. i'm not gonna take all the blame, but i had a huge part in it i guess.
icly, Sintas is going to count Zab's kid as Nia's, since Zab's sure as hell not gonna help raise him. he's NOT biologically Niaam's.
but really, if i take all the blame and spiral down into a depression or whatever of just feeling sorry for myself, then will anything be fixed? because if it will, then for other peoples' good (since i really could give less of a shit about myself at this point) i will.

Wulfie said...

btw dan, i won't have a phone for a while again -_-" dad didn't/can't/won't/forgot to pay the bill. again. and i don't even wanna see the look on his face when he sees how much long distance i've been racking up T-T

Nia said...

Elfangor...im going to write a letter to you on WoW to try to give you my side, since i also am trying to be a neutral side in this. I didn't do really much of anything, to my will at least, to screw things...but this whole fight is a big game of telephone and the stories people are hearing are so....not what happend at all...

dan said...

Teleia you'll have to get on aim some time to talk to me. hope you remember me on aim, if not simply add "bugmanwonder". Also i hope to hear from you soon if possible.
Elf i hope your doing well at least in WoW. Asl for any of you that care i'm playing a game called second life , both City of heroes and City of Villains. the first one is a free game thats very fun.. also easy to roleplay in if anyone cares. www.secondlife.com

Xzorn said...

Tel, I'm not taking a side in this because I wasn't there. But I <3 you and if you feel bad I give hugs for free.

Elfy, I love you too. Don't leave me! You're my huggable.

EVIL Xzorn said...

On an unrelated note.


Go there.

Anonymous said...

Honestly? In my book, it's already ended. I'm just trying to, forget? Yes. Forgive? Maybe not, for a long time. And, yes, Elfy. I know I was wrong in several ways. But right in others. As for that talk about love? Dramatics my ass, mate. I kinda veiw that as a low blow. I told you in earnest what I veiwed of it, what's it, what's not, and the like. As for Christy? That's something that's been bothering me. What happened in the past, is she was a whore. But, she was the first person to ever bring me out of depression. She cheated on me alot, though. And alot of stuff afterwards changed her, but I wont go into that for now. I beleive she's changed and better now, aye. But, the switch of relationships.. so fast? I honestly don't like. Again, I'll go into that too, later. Now, as far as Tele and Nia? I wont even go into it, Elfy. You already know the deal that I said to you. At this point? I don't care. For all I care, I'll side with Tele against myself. It's done. It's over. Go fuck your wives and your husbands. Me and her both made some mistakes. Now, to Tele. I'm not going to be held accountable for keeping this going, because no matter what bullshit you say or bring up, you know -your- the one continuing this all the time. As for Matt? I've no say there. Now. As the dear host of this website said, "End it." I've been trying to. Now, Jane, Elfy, and all my other fellow dipshits and dumbasses, end it. Hell, if you want to finish it and have a final answer / enemy? Go ahead and use me as the bad guy. I. DON'T. CARE. Tele's done a good job turning people against me, or trying. So, go ahead. Good day.. or night.. or afternoon. Any questions? You know where to bloody find me.

Ganoes / Logan Rose.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and two more things. About the screenshot. One, I noted upon not liking how alot of the stuff you were doing / treating me on MANY occasions, but you either didn't care, or went to go hide. Secondly, until recently, me and Niaam had a deal of peace. He broke it by going around some of my friends, bitching and whining about me. So, any other of your bullshit things I need to correct? Good day. I'm grumpy and just woke up.

Ganoes / Logan Rose

Anonymous said...

Oh! And another thing. I didn't just up and hate you all of a sudden. I decided to break up with you, yes, but wanna know a secret? I was wondering if I'd made such a good deal or not. Thinking I maybe shouldn't have.. for what ever stupid reason got that in my head. So, I didn't just up and hate you. What made me up and hate you, is how the next day you gave me hell constantly every day, and tried to turn alot of my friends against me. That, or just making me out to be the bad guy. Hell, you even practically told Minara, that you were going to make her side with you, or end friendship. But, I won't go too in depth about all the bullshit that made me hate you, but, what made so was after the break up. You brought it upon yourself. Shit. If you hadn't? We'd probably still be chatting and talking great and stuff. Or maybe more. Who knows. But I seriously doubt any of that will happen now. I'm not going to force a single person here, on WoW, or any one to side with me, or beleive me. I'm not going to try and get everyone to hate -you-.

Ganoes / Logan Rose

Wulfie said...

i'm gonna ask one thing, and only because i'm confused and kinda hurt by it (like you care anyways). you say christy was the first to bring you out of depression, well didn't you tell me the same damn thing referring to me very early on? or did you forget?
amazingly enough, that's really the only thing that bothered me.

Anonymous said...

I stress the reference of initially. And, you never brought me out of depression, Jane. You cheered me up, yeah, made me see things a bit more positive, yeah, but I never told you that you brought me out of depression. Who's twisting words now, eh?

Ganoes / Logan Rose

Kanta said...

Drama <.<;
*Taking no sides, but will watch for future references in case he gets dragged in*

elfy said...

Oh boy, here we go again. Alright, lemmie just say this.
From what Niaam wrote me, what it sounds like is that the innitial thing about cheating was a misunderstanding. Sint at frist didn't want to kiss Niaam because she thought Gan'd get mad. Then Niaam asked if Sintas was with Gan and she said no, meaning that her ALT Sintas wasn't with Ganoes. That's when all hell broke loose.

I honestly don't think THAT counts as cheating.

So basically, Gan, you overreacted, but Tele, you were in the wrong to give Gan complete hell the day afterwards even though he asked if you two could still be friends.

Nobody's twisting words. And there's a massive ammount of misunderstanding here. I think that the real problem here is that this relationship couldn't last for very long anyway because it was over an online game. This is why I don't get involved with anyone online and am completely against cybaring for those of you who want to know. I make friends, but I don't make girlfriends online.

If I were either one of you, I'd appologize for the misunderstanding and agree to be friends again. Either that or agree to disagree, be friends again, and not bring the subject up. Because honestly, you're making a lot of people angry and resentful at the both of you and you're making people want to up and leave. More than just me.

Who wants to be the bigger person?

Anonymous said...

To the contrary. Niaam didn't even know who Ganoes was til' I told him. So, how could he ask if Sintas was with Ganoes? And. Niaam knew she was with Zab. Unless someone wants to prove me wrong. Now, I'm going to go into detail. After the kissing, and what ever else may have happened, Tele was HEAD. OVER. HEELS. for Niaam. She'd ditch me all the time to hang out with him, always talked to him, forced me to endure talking and being nice to him. The list could go on. And Andy can vouche for me here. He knows this.
Now, incase the news hasn't spread, this very morning, me and Jane somewhat "made up". Talking again. And, Elfy, my dear favorite dumbass, despite harsh words exchanged between me and her to others, we've BOTH been just trying to put it fucking behind us, but it's dumbasses like you who want to go into bullshit like this continue it! Good motherfucking god damned day.

Ganoes / Logan Rose

Anonymous said...

*vouches for Logan, but stays neutral either way*

- Andy

iLawl said...

Hey, Hey guys, Truely epic lulz

I tried to paste a rofl copter but it didn't worky T_T


your favorite dumbass said...

GOOD! Maybe now we can end it. And Gan, Tele had SAID to Nia that Gan might get mad, even though Nia didn't know Gan at that point. I dunno if he knew she was with Zab, but at this point I don't care.

And I don't just choose to continue this, I'm forced to because of my morality and the fact that I care for both of you guys. If you don't want me to anymore, that's fine, I'll just say, "Let em tough it out".

I'm sick of catering to everyone's needs on WoW. I can bitch out too y'know. I can go Fuck-the-world-mode too y'know. But what I can't do is make everyone feel sorry for me and come to my defense at a whim.

Oh well, now that this is over maybe I can sleep soundly.

Dr. Phill strikes again!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, another load of fucking bullshit too, it seems to me. IF IT'S FUCKING OVER, THEN WHY YOU YOU CONTINUEING IT, GOD DAMNIT?! Or are you too fucking thick skulled to realise this! IT'S OVER! If your trying to get us to be friends, or to talk again, your making it worse, dip shit. And, no. Tele didn't even mention me to Niaam at the time of the cheating. When I talked to him, the night Tele had told me "Niaam had forced love and kissing and stuff on her", I talked to him, on both of my chars. He didn't know who the fuck I was. As far as whims and running to defense? FUCK. THAT. I don't see why the fuck I tried to just talk to you about shit. Hell, if it's all been so god damned stressful to you, THEN WHY THE FUCK DIDN'T YOU LET ME KNOW. Now, as far as catering needs? That was your own fucking desicion, and I'm truely sorry your one of the few I open up to or speak my god damned mind about what bothers me. I'll make sure not to do that anymore. Now. You don't care. I don't care. Tele doesn't care. No one cares. Every one go fucking reproduce the god damned population IMO and shut the hells up. Might be a plan.

Ganoes / Logan Rose

Wulfie said...