iMac, we're goin' down

Looks like I need a new computer. My mac no longer has sound... That's one thing that confuses me, mainly because it will make the startup noise (when you turn it on, not when you log in like on windows) but then it refuses to make any sound after that. So what am I to do?
Today's been a shitty day already. It's only 9:02, and I already regret just waking up. -.-" Woke up late. Got out of bed at 6:35 (i leave for school at 7 or so), ate too much for breakfast, sat around waiting for my ride to school (she forgot ;.; she didn't mean to tho so it's ok), called dad a few times trying to get him to pick me up (he was asleep >.<), went back upstairs, tried to call myself in sick to school (since i'm sure as HELL not gonna bother mum to take me to school. don't want her to get all stressed), was told that I couldn't (even though I've done so before), called mum to call me in to school (ended up stressing her out anyways), she set a time for me to have the computer shut off by every night since I seemed to be "sick" from staying up too late (10:00 pm. that includes the phone, too. ~.~"), then turned on my computer (which takes a long time now : / not sure why it's slowed down so much more), found out I have no sound at all (thought it was just iTunes, since I tried playing music but the timer stayed stopped at the 0:00 mark), deleted iTunes, reinstalled iTunes, updated the whole damn computer in desperation, still have no sound, it's freakin cold in here, NO MUSIC ,>.<, , and... goddamnit, why the hell did I even wake up...
Teenage angst?
Maybe a bit.
Mostly just stupid shit >.<


One Awesome Dude said...

That's what you get for not answering your phone. Jerk

Wulfie said...

shush, jorn.

my computer's fixed, by the way. so goddamn weird how it worked... i looked around on forums for some sort of answer and found out that if i updated GarageBand, it would work. and it did. what the hell. >.<