Another Christmas gone by. What a great way to start a paragraph. Now, to look at the importance of finding out what people actually WANT for their holiday gift recieving. Say... I love having an iPod Touch now. It's shiny and glossy and I put one of the Apple Decals on the back of it. Looks fly. But since I'm on dialup, and the wireless network is even HALF as fast as plugging the damn computer into the wall (this page took about a minute and a half to load), it's pointless to have this neat little device with all the special internet features on it, such as the direct link to YouTube, the web browser, even the iTunes store. And currently, I can't even use it yet. Sure, I have iTunes on my computer. Sure, I have an iMac. But the version of iTunes I updated to requires OS 10.4.7, while I have 10.4.7. And what stands between me and my lovely touch screen music player being used? About 133 MB of OS updating.
On a subject similar to useless gifts, mum had put a small antique sewing machine (the kind with the hand crank on the side and made of iron) in an auction so she can get some damn money for once. And good ol' dad thought "Hey wait a minute, she liked that thing, didn't she? Why's she auctioning something she likes?? I'll buy it for her so she can keep it forever and never be unhappy without it!" So that's one of the gifts mum got from dad, along with a calendar he buys her every year. (luckily she does like the calendar, it's pretty)
But I'm not perfect here either... I thought for sure my sister still had a DS, so I bought her the new Zelda game, The Phantom Hourglass, along with the Soul Calibur game for Wii. Turns out... she has no DS. But she does have a Wii! Said Wii is being played right now as I type. She's playing Guitar Hero III, which is pretty cool, since I get to hear songs I don't have on my computer. ("Hit Me With Your Best Shot" gets SO annoying, though. so does "Slow Ride")
Man, though. Can they make the lead singer any uglier??

P.S.: hands off my freakin turtles.

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