What's this JPEG thingy??

The first time Zabash saw Sintas. True, his name is Bazash, but nyaa, that's what you guys called him at that time!

Gonna try to load more pictures, so don't yell at me ;.;


Ganoes said...

Oh, come on! He wasn't like -thaaat-! XD

Elfangor said...

I'm guessing the guy restraining Zab is Moi? Sure looks like me.

Wulfie said...

nope, elfy, that's ericole. (i refuse to call him by that stupid double-L name he had to take up just because that jerk wouldn't give him his name back... sounds dumb >.<)

Elfangor said...

Meh, well good drawing anyways. But now updatez teh arr pee journalz FITAWIP!

Wulfie said...

lol fitawip??

Elfangor said...

Didn't you see, "Making Swear Words" by Oxhorn? He's got a whole shitload of funny stuff on YouTube. Look up Oxhorn. And don't remind me about the Anti-Elf Anthem because I WILL go on a Tauren slaughter.

In any case, Fitawip is how you say FTW.

Elroid said...

Oxhorn is very cool, I like all the stuff he made. . .even the Anti-Elf anthem, and you don't add the 'p' it's just like you are taking the letters and trying to pronounce a whole new word with it.



Elroid said...

And isn't Bazash a Draenei?

Wulfie said...

Bazash = gan's dranei shaman character, icly is half dranei, half orc.
Zabash = his night elf standin for bazash til they added dranei. gan is OBSESSED with dranei and would probably lick one if it asked him to.

besides, i dun like FITAWIP or FITAWAH! i prefer FITAW!!

Wulfie said...

sounds like a sound you'd make when kicking someone in the head.

"hey, dipshit!"
"whatchu call me?! FITAW! *KICK*"

tehhippie said...

Hey hey hey, got my journal back! Its http://autu-tourniquet.livejournal.com/.

HOORAY! They wouldn't let me name myself what I usually do: autumntourniquet or autumn-forest, bulllllllshiiiiitttttt.


-love peace hippie grease,