Finally, for those of you who don't play WoW and wonder what the hell it's like to RP, here are a few screenshots.

A standoff that occurred. For an explanation, look at the RP blog, which is in the links section. (in case you didn't know that)

Such a dramatic moment. Too bad Xzorn has that weird out of character defense mechanism of his. -.-

After RPing with Xzorn for the evening, not to mention getting a weird look from Gil, I went to Stormwind to find out what the hell happened to Al. Chained down to the floor with a muzzle on and a weird red mark on his chest? Yep. That's odd. Notice the chat window. He's the new addition to the list. I'd say he's a rank...4. Maybe? Yeah. Al's a rank 4 fanboy. In character, that is.

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Wulfie said...

jerry noted "wow, you do a lot of kneeling over people."