Rage from the IM-ing conversations

Here's something I sort of kind of figured out while I was talking to Jerry once. Since I'm a very analytical bitch, I tend to sort of categorize things all the time, even people. Yeah, kind of wrong of me to do, I know, but still, it helps me keep things straight.

Fanboy types.
Or, for D&D fans, Fanboy Alignments

#1: master fanboy, gets to actually be with the girl and is acknowledged as boyfriend by the girl.
#2: blatant, shameless fanboy. acts as if he is the bf and is acknowledged as the bf, but he isn't. just as protective as bf
#3: quiet fanboy. gets jealous of bf and even insults bf. goes quiet when bf is mentioned by girl.
#4: hinting fanboy. hints only once in a while of fanboydom by comparing himself to other fanboys, pointing out their faults, and explaining why he is superior

Hey, not my fault if you find yourself in this list. Lol.... >.>


Xzorn said...

My account got all screwy. Yeah.

I'm fanboy type 1, right?...

Wulfie said...

oh so that's what happened to you! :) kinda sucks.
sorry, hon, you're a type 2.

Galacian said...


=LC= Kumoi said...

HAHAA... BUUURNSS. *poke* Ftsssssss

Wulfie said...

*hugs xzorn* aww it's okay, you're still a big sweetie ^.^

Jerry said...

KILL! there im sorry :(