Psycho Magnetism (The Zucchini Squad)

That's my battle cry. "WHY AM I SUCH A PSYCHO MAGNET?!!!!!!!!!!"
Good reason for it, too. Every time I rp, there's always a new one waiting right around the corner to confuse the hell outta me. It's not fair, I tell you! But it's probably my own fault, like it always is, who I end up hanging around. Like, for instance, Jorngen. (yeah, that crazy guy from "Whackjob" with the crew cut)
Jorn has legal custody over pretty much the whole city of Stormwind. He's really into adopting people, apparently... Anyways, he gets the idea to try and adopt Tele. Now, Tele isn't much of a family person so she refuses this outright. He keeps trying, even with his other friends, Zalthos and Thurl, sort of cornering her against the table.

So Tele refuses still and eventually walks out the door. Needless to say, she's followed.

Jorn gets on his knees and begs... (went by too fast, i didn't get a screenshot of it ,>.<,) and Tele still refuses, so he gives up for a while, letting Zal approach her. For some reason, everyone suddenly wants to be Tele's friend, and it ticks her off... And besides, this is Zal we're talking about, so there's no way she's gonna be nice to him. (he calls her dog woman and throws bones and rubber balls at her whenever he sees her)

(finishing later but i just gotta post it, y'know!)

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