First annual... wait that doesn't make sense o.O

This is the first annual (and no it doesn't make sense to say that but oh well) weekly display of who has the best pic of any sort on the Commissioned forums. This week's winner... Balefire!! Nice sig, man! Or chick... idk...

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Balefire said...

Umm, it's man. You could just look at my profile, you know. -.-*

Anyway, I'm glad to be chosen! And, since you like my sig, I'll tell you how I got it.

Ok, so in my introduction, I mentioned that I used to be pretty heavily involved in OGame, an online space simulation game which runs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and is in real-time against literally thousands of other players. Basically, I belonged to an alliance called The Borg. I was the head hancho of the wing allliance, called The Borg Training Ground, where we taught newbies how to play the game. I also ran the Wing's forums. On the forums, I wrote several detailed posts about specific strategies, and individual aspects of the game. Then, one day, I saw on the Ogame.org forums that someone was holding a competition to see who could write the best strategy guide. I thought, "heck, I practically already have one ready to go!" So, I spent a couple hours compiling all my advice into a single document, which ended up being more than 10 pages long, single spaced. First place was a free custom-made avatar and signature, as well as 3 free months of Commander mode for OGame. (Sortof a beefed up version with more options) Dozens of people entered, but I came out victorious! I was contacted a couple days later by Siah Tiong Hong, who asked what I wanted my sig and avatar to look like, and I wrote the description of Balefire which now exists in my introduction in MoA as a template. Basically, I wanted something which resembled the image that comes to mind when you think of Balefire. Whether that's the searing stream of white flame/light burning threads, the warping of reality, whatever, or a little of all of the above ^^. anyway, after several revisions, and tweaking, and sending back and forth of unfinished versions, I got the signature you see today, and I LOVE it. I also got an avatar, which I will use from time to time, but it looks somewhat similar to the sig, so I don't use it as often, because I like the sig. more.

~Balefire :D