Just couldn't help but share this with you all. This is the new imagined rp, straight from my sick little mind. It always bothered me that Nide's rp never got finished up (he stopped playing) so I started thinking up what could've happened to him. Namely, how he died. Because if he's never coming back, chances are he died. I checked, too; his character doesn't exist anymore. ,>.<,
So I got to thinking of who all I could include in this. Definitely Xzorn, since there'd have to be the whole deal of him being with Tele after Nide had an interest in her. But what could actually take Nide down?
I'll cut it off here. I'm giving too much away already. But enjoy your free sample ^.^
I know it's not done but like I said, I just couldn't help but share it!


Xzorn said...

So... Where does that take place?

Looks like the Hound's dungeon.

Wulfie said...

nope, shadowfang keep ;)