Not quite what he wanted, I bet

By request, another side of Fletch's personality. His jealous side!

Note: Fletch, in the middle, is aiming a gun (i'm not good at drawing them) at Xzorn.


Tower said...

Fletch couldn't get a gun as in Australia, unlike America, it's bloody hard to get one since Port Arthur. Besides we just punch people

Fletch_Talon said...

you just punch people, id break my fragile little fists, nah but a gun is way too extreme, id probably just chuck some rocks at him as you would the neighbor's annoying cat


and no maru/wulfie im not serious, i plan on avoiding doing things which will earn me a thorough beating should you ever travel here to australia ;p

Wulfie said...

meh, just whack someone over the head once, i say. they'll learn. ;)

Xzorn said...

I like it alot, but I look a little girlish.

Don't shoot me. I'll sword you.

Xzorn said...

I haven't been getting enough love recently.