A disturbing discovery

Alright, so I've been putting together this blog for Tele's RP journal. Trouble is, GuildPortal, where the journal has been hosted, seems to.... have forgotten some.
If ANYONE has those entries saved ANYWHERE, then PLEASE let me know. I actually am trying to get something done for once so it would be kind of handy if I could get it going from the beginning.
Goddamn. Just when I start to do something.
New comic coming in a bit. It won't be big though... I'll have to put a caption under it ;.; Cell phone pics just ain't the same as a huge 2MB scan of a weird-ass drawing... And my camera phone's only 1.3 MP. ...
Great. I know.
Kalren's 48. Tele's 19. DISCUSS!
This is Kalren if you don't know him, by the way. His wiki page. You'll just have to wait for an awesome-ass picture done by me to see what he looks like. t(^^t)


Elfy said...

I am SO giving him my bio so he can do a page on me.

Wulfie said...

why not do one yourself tho? ^.~ i'd do one for myself but i don't know how to do it :(

Elfy said...

Because he already has a wiki page and I'm the lazy elfeh. You know THAT. :P

Anonymous said...

Elfy = Teh lazyness, lulz.


Wulfie said...