Fightin' fire with fire

my house burnt down. discuss. (seriously it did. I'll explain more when I'm on a comp better than my iPod x.X)


Wulfie said...

k so what happened was that dad was thawing some pipes in an upstairs bathroom and left it unattended or something. So after that the heat caught fire and the small bathroom acted as a chimney, guiding the fire to the ceiling. The roof caught the flames and burned like hell. It collapsed the roof on the second floor. The wood was dry though I think so the whole house didn't cave in. But the second floor was decimated. In other words, my room no longer exists. So all my clothes are gone, as far as we know. As well as my books, scrapbooks, baby pictures, the coat I made for Gled, all my art supplies, all my old art projects (that includes my portfolio), bed, posters, the shirt Jorn had made for me... The list goes on. And that's not even counting everyone else's stuff. My computer might be alright. I haven't tried it yet. I'm not sure if it got water in it ( fire hose) so I'm letting it have a night to dry off.
And now we get to wonder where we're going to live. Currently, we're staying at a friend's house, but that is in no way permanent. We do have insurance, so that takes care of some of it at least.
And now I'm going to leave it at that. I don't want my iPod to die on me.

Dagnalis said...

Awww that is so horrible! -hug- if you need anything (Except money I can't send any) i'll try my best to do anything and i'm here for moral support if you need it

Wulfie said...

MAH COMPY WORKS!!!!!! =DDDDD hit it with a firehose and it still freakin works!!!!!!

elfy said...

Oh noes! That's horrible! Well I hope you're alright.

Anonymous said...

Damn. That sucks. Hope things get better. Light your dad's ass on fire with a cigar for me.


*Yes. Does still check this site.*

Wulfie said...

*is amazed* it's weird, cuz i keep thinking of stuff i want to get from my house for school tomorrow, but then i remember my room doesn't exist anymore, neither do my clothes, which i've been thinking about a lot.
oh, and... www.news-banner.com try and find it there. you'll notice that the house is called the Craig Leonard House. apparently he doesn't have a family after all. how interesting.
on another note relating to my fucked up dad, all the upstairs is ruined. but the basement is just fine. just a little water damage from the fire hoses. other than that, he's still got his wide-screen tv, his new mac, all his other shit he doesn't need. and did he ask me if i had any clothes left or ANYTHING left at all? no. of course not.
another interesting thing to note... i was looking through his camera to see if there were any pics i would want to load to my site, and i found pictures taken of the living room, dining room, and front parlor. nothing special in them, not focusing on anything, just pictures. my question... what did he take those pictures for? they were all taken at the same time, but the thing that i don't understand is that they were taken on the 5th of january. something seems amiss to me, i dunno about you guys, but it's suspicious. keep in mind that mum was trying to get him to finish the house so it could be sold. dad never wanted to sell it. EVER. i think he wanted to die in it. and there were lots of payments still due on its mortgage. he would never be able to pay them, neither would mum. also found out he was thawing the pipes with a heat gun. don't you have to constantly hold those to keep them aimed properly? i'm pretty sure you do...

Wulfie said...

oh and one good thing is that it turns out my big box of drawings was downstairs when it happened. they got that out. bad news is that it didn't have anything new in it.
though it does have the oh-so-classic Whackjob series in it. as well as some good one-pagers.

Dagnalis said...

Okay well that does seem pretty suspicious of your dad Authorities maybe? just as a heads up atleast maybe an investigation

Wulfie said...

hmm... this is more for me than for you guys. gonna inventory...
notable stuff i don't have o.0
1.) shirt jorn had made for me
2.) Faerie Lore pic
3.) Before his Master (that one of xzorn) pic
4.) prismacolor markers, the really good ones
5.) AnimeStudio, the software dad bought me.
6.) AdobeIllustrator (or something like that)
7.) my tiny stereo set
8.) iPod connector to the comp
9.) camera battery charger (doesn't matter. camera doesn't work anymore)
10.) hair stuff
11.) sweater i made in fashions class that had tails on it
12.) booklets for cds i actually bought, as well as the cases
13.) yu-gi-oh! cards i was still trying to figure out what to do with. (although it was interesting. one of the first things i saw when i went in my room was the card Monster Reborn)
14.) portfolio for St. Francis
15.) my really comfy bunny tank top, a nice brown color...
16.) cheshire cat shirt
17.) really awesome hawt black tank top with flourishes on it
18.) my Alex Ross art book that i used to get the guy proportions right for lots of drawings, including the one of xzorn
19.) journals i had scattered about and which i never really cared much for but were nice to have around
20.) a shoe box full of little clay sculptures i had made. they looked pretty cool, too :(

i'll just stop there. way too much shit to list. bah! the stuff that's mass-produced, i could care less about. except my bunny tank top... but anyways. i gotta figure out what i can do for a new St. Francis portfolio o.o""

Wulfie said...

And now guess what. Dad gets to rebuild the house.

Joggin' Jorgen said...


Got it? GO GET A JOB AND FIX YOUR LIFE, WOW IS THE ANTI LIFE, Don't make me burn your HD... (Im yelling cause liek.. u n0 job = moni3s, and m0n1es = liek n3w pl@c3 2 l1ve d00d, THINK)

Awesome wackjob got saved, god shines upon comics of me

Wulfie said...

Jorn, I told you. Mum won't let me get a job.

Kanta said...

Despite the angry history that you and I had together, Teleia. I'm sorry to hear that of your house and your belongings. I do hope that everything goes by well though.

Wulfie said...

thanks, kanta. nice to hear from you btw. always good to know one less person hates me :P

gan hates me now.
sometimes he doesn't.
he's a semi-hater.