This is the result of a drawgasm from last night, finished at 1:30 am. This is pretty damned hopeful for me, since I was freaking out about the fact that I couldn't just start drawing stuff whenever I wanted to. (stupid me, I never could anyways) I was worried, though, since I would have an idea, get my stuff together, try to draw, and my hand just wouldn't work. I'm guessing it has something to do with muscle groups in my hands being unused and only committed to typing, or maybe just the fact that I couldn't focus on an idea.

About the drawing, though. My grand idea was for life and death to be represented by two characters, Sintas and Thalamanos (aka Nightscourge). Sin is a druid and Thal is, of course, a death knight. Sin's in-character concern at the moment is that the natural world isn't about to accept death knights as part of the world. And if you think "well, machines aren't, either," then consider the fact that machines don't ask for respect or breathe. They also haven't recently quit serving an evil lord that decimated most of a continent. But anyways, the idea was that life and death were arguing. Life said she was better off without death, but death had the point that nothing lives forever and that everything dies eventually. I guess it was easier to explain when I was hatching the idea and drawing it, but still. That's the basis of it.

So in the real world, we just got new ceiling fans installed. My room and my mom's room didn't have one to begin with, so those are new. The living room had one, but it didn't work, so the fan blades were taken off anyways. So we get new ceiling fans, and our youngest cat, Gracie, is afraid of them. Mum throws a fit about this, since she's worried that Gracie will be scarred for life because of the ceiling fans. True enough, Gracie was freaked out by them and would meowl about them, glancing up at them constantly. But now she's in the living room with the fan on, playing with a milk ring. (you know, the ones from right under the lid when you open a new jug of milk) So I'd say the cat crisis is over. Remarkably, our other cat, Charlie, was very unphased by them.

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