HEYYYYYYY I haven't posted on this thing in forever. I'm even too lazy to check when that last post was. Some changes have taken place in my life since then. I'll try to get you all up to speed.
1.) I got married to a high school buddy of mine.
2.) I moved to Virginia with my new husband
3.) My husband decided to not go to work so we ended up broke in a matter of about three months.
4.) My husband got picked up by the cops for not going to work (he's a marine). I got picked up by my parents and taken home.
5.) My grandma is now in a nursing home and doing hella better than she was when at her house. (she misses being home though of course)
6.) I got a short job at the Bass Mansion, aka Brookside, working on paint analysis for the restoration of it.
7.) I've applied to the University of Saint Francis and have an admissions essay I'm working on.
8.) I still play WoW, of course. Yes, I'm an addict.

I haven't drawn much lately, but I'll post what I've gotten done so far in the next post I do. I also don't have a scanner still :( too bad so sad, I guess. For now, I'm going to go through my posts and figure out which pictures have bad links and won't open anymore.



Anonymous said...

Like a boss

Xzorn said...

Heya. It's been a while. You still play on Earthen Ring?