Side effects without medicine

Earlier I posted about how I've been on shitty medications my whole life. Now, I'm getting OFF those shitty medications. But guess what? There's still one more thing to get over before I'll be the way I would without them: my brain's chemistry has to be reset after being full of stimulants for so long. It didn't have to make as many chems to keep me awake and alert with the medicine around, so now it has to start making those again. What that means for me is that it'll be hard to stay awake and hard to concentrate on anything. Great, I know. I guess some people would say that I should've just stayed on the meds since they weren't doing any actual harm, but y'know. I got a little sick of being a lab rat/guinea pig/whatever, so there ya go. And to describe just how tired I've been lately, I fell asleep in chemistry class yesterday. I've never fallen asleep in class before, so that was kind of odd.
So what do you think? Should I have stayed on the meds? Or is it better without them? I'm at a loss for what to think.


Scarlet Xzorn said...

Medication should not be used unnecessarily. If I had a dollar for every perfectly fine person on happy pills...




Wulfie said...

lol, that's very true