21st Century Hippie!

Been meaning to post this for a while. This is what happens when a hippie gets stoned and gets on AIM...
Oh and this is taking forever to do because simply copying and pasting doesn't want to work... GRR

ugetmeclser2god: Fuckin' computer
ugetmeclser2god: AMREOW
wolfienumbah2: lol
wolfienumbah2: guess what im doing?
ugetmeclser2god: ....what?
ugetmeclser2god: :P
wolfienumbah2: makin backgrounds >.<
ugetmeclser2god: lol
wolfienumbah2: blah
wolfienumbah2: sucks ass
ugetmeclser2god: That'd be fun right now, I'm pretteh high lol
wolfienumbah2: cuz if i get a webcomic going, then i can't just use photos like i've been doing
wolfienumbah2: lol
ugetmeclser2god: Thats gayer than Logan, bwahahaha!

Wait, no, I have a better idea. Just look it up on her site. It actually let her copy+paste. -.-#

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