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Something I can't exactly do in the RP blog is write a full profile of Teleia, something I've been trying to piece together for a while. So, here goes. And if you think I'm overly obsessive about RP, then you're right. I'm not going to argue with that one, but I'll just say this: I had NO subject matter to be drawing before. I was working on this stupid Zelda series, y'know, the Nintendo game, and it was very, very stupid. So now that I have something to be drawing, and now that it's gotten me better at drawing to have dramatic scenes like fights to draw, I'm just gonna keep going with it until I get tired of it. Yatta!!
Oh. And by the way, "Yatta" means "I've done it!" or "I did it!" in Japanese. Nice little word, isn't it? :)
K then.

Teleia Wolfsblood

Age: 110 (looks 17)
Height: 5' 8" (hell, why not make her my height? ;) )
Weight: 154 lbs (70 kg)(hell, i'll make her my weight, too!)
Hair color: silver
Eye color: yellow-orange
Skin tone: very pale

Birthplace: Booty Bay
Childhood home: Raven Hill
Current home: the whole goddamned world, man

The important stuff:

Teleia was, of course, born in Booty Bay, but her family moved to Duskwood soon thereafter to Raven Hill. (listen, guys, i didn't bother looking up the lore on this shit about timelines and stuff, but just play along with it, okay? :P) At that point, she had grown up a bit more and they could see she had the silver hair and yellow eyes of a worgen, indicating there would be lots of trouble. So they sent her younger sister away to Ironforge where she learned to be a paladin. The plan was that they would eventually meet up and live together to allow her sister Juliet to keep an eye on her.
This didn't work, however, since at age 7, Teleia had her first and worst transformation to a full worgen. Because of the bloodline being stacked so high with worgen genes, she was the most powerful one thus far, and it showed. She ended up killing her parents and a few other people. This happened outside the town, however, so the general consensus was that those people who had disappeared and the little girl had been hunted down by the wolves.
Since the transformation took up so much energy, Teleia collapsed after a while. It hadn't taken her long, however, to kill the people, so the loss of energy had no merciful outcome on the event. When she came to, she was found by some Tauren druids who found her drifted downstream into Stranglethorn. (proof for how she could have drifted without being eaten by the frenzies: generally, animals don't go after dead things, and she seemed pretty dead to them) The druids, with their knowledge of shapeshifting, helped her control the outbreaks, allowing her to eventually return to society.
Things went pretty normally for her, going in and out of "honest jobs" and thievery. During this time, she also learned the effects of alcohol on her. She only got drunk once in her life, and she ended up getting to know Edwin van Cleef rather personally, also losing a necklace she wore in the process.
After a while, while she was training in Elwynn, a young man came across her and helped her finish a job. This man's name was Nide, the leader of a new band of Defias. He seemed to like her immediately, and later asked her to join the guild. This guild is also where she met the lecherous second-in-command, Xzorn Mulahey, who also seemed to quickly take a liking to her. Things went relatively normally again, doing jobs and causing general commotion, until one day a bounty hunter showed up to try and capture Nide and his wife at that time. Those two ran to Duskwood and hid out, telling the others what to do to stay safe. Teleia was at Eastvale Logging Camp at the time, and wasn't happy with the order to stay put. Making matters worse, Xzorn was assigned to protect (babysit) her. The situation with the hunter, for Teleia, was that she had been paid to betray Nide, but thinking it over, she decided not to. This gave her an advantage, though, knowing the hunter by name: Elfangor Senurai Shadowfury. So after waiting it out at the logging camp, both Xzorn and Tele got tired of sitting around and went to Stormwind to help Nide and Darnassia (his wife) out of being cornered. When they got there, they found Darnassia was in the auction house, trapped by Elfangor. Xzorn went in to try to smooth things over, but Tele ran over to the Canal District with a plan. She dressed herself like an average person, started screaming for Elfangor's help, and jumped into the canal to fake drowning. This gave Darnassia the chance to escape and regroup with Nide, and sent the hunter running around trying to find her. Eventually, he dragged her out of the water, asking what happened. Xzorn, for some reason, had come, too, which gave Tele another idea. She jumped up and ran over to him, pretending to reunite with her brother. The story unfolded that Xzorn had been fighting Defias in Westfall for 7 years, explaining why he smelled like them. When Elfangor asked why Tele smelled of Defias, she broke down in fake tears, saying she had been in a relationship with one of them. She kept throwing a fit, appologizing to Xzorn ("I should have told you! I'm sorry, brother!!") and inspired him to tell off Elfangor for distressing her so. Elfangor left, bewildered and embarrassed, and the two met up with Nide again.
There were more run-ins later with Elfangor, chasing Tele around to try and force information out of her about Nide's wherabouts, though Nide had been absent for quite some time. She ended up getting tortured by his employer, eventually escaping and running to Longshore and hiding on an offshore island. He caught up, though, and had brought help; another hunter by the name of Avenn sur' Ravencrest Farstrider, who ended up shooting her in the back with his arrows. (yeah, i know, the start of a beautiful friendship, right? lol) Her response to him trying to grab her was a swift kick with her steel-toed boots... which I had forgotten ever happened... o.o" Anyways. Somehow they wound up being friends... neither of us know how the hell THAT happened...
(finishing later again, time for bed :P)


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