My feet died in DC

Hello all and thank you very much for welcoming me back from DC, I know you all have. (yep, that's sarcasm right there, sorry bout that) But one thing you should know if you ever plan on going there: GET A SHUTTLE/TRAM/SOMETHING, because otherwise, your feet will roll over and die like mine have. Lots of walking over there, especially on a tight schedule like I was on. ("Okay, people, let's get over here! C'mon, we're on a schedule here, MOVE IT!!!") So after four days of walking around everywhere, that's including: Pentagon City Mall, Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial, Korean Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, WWII Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, the sidewalk outside the White House, National Gallery, Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, Iwo Jima Memorial, Arlington National Cemetary, Union Station, Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, FDR Memorial, and the streets of DC itself. That is tons of walking, and I switched between my Rocket Dog shoes (luv 'em ^.^) and my army issue boots. (ass-kickin' boots!!) Now some of you are probably thinking "hey, what're you complaining about? You probably slept the whole way back anyways!" Yeah, uh, that didn't happen. For some reason I was able to get in about a fifteen-minute nap as we went through West Virginia, but the rest of the trip I stayed awake, rearranging myself and my pillow, which was made up of my folded-up, inside-out rain jacket and my fuzzy black hat. Fun! I was lucky though, since I got two seats all to myself, letting me actually lay down most of the way.
Alas, I'm hungry, so I'll be going to lunch, now. Next post will be made up of pictures from the trip, including the white squirrel I saw!


Agius said...

Whenever I've been to the Smithsonian, I've found it will eat 7-8 hours of walking as though it were nothing. And I never get to see everything I want to.

Did you get to go inside the Washington Monument?

Wulfie said...

yep, and that's where jerry wanted a souveneir from. he even said "yeah, yeah, i know, i know, 'insert stupid dick joke here.'"
at least he realizes it! ^.^