A bunch of pictures I just took

Dunno why but I felt like posting a bunch of pictures from outside. It's a really nice day out today, so I thought what the hell, I'm going out.

Here's what color the leaves are right now. Kinda pretty, eh?

I was surprised there were any bugs even left, but I found a grasshopper jumping around! Kawaii <3

The light was really great today, so I figured I'd try doing a self-portrait. Worked pretty well, I'd say. I luv my hair ^.^


Scarlet Xzorn said...

To leave the sanctity of thine computer room eth suicide.

Thou shalt refrain.

Jerry said...

Yay! i love your hair too its so nice

Wulfie said...

^.^ ty jerry!
oh and xzorn, im just betting you're one of those people even paler than i am... that's not a good thing...

Scarlet Xzorn said...

I'm really not that pale. I'm a quarter Cuban...

And I was kidding. I actually do enjoy nice days every once in a while.

Wulfie said...

lol i knew you were kidding (hoped o.o")
but wait, so you're a quarter cuban...and, what, a quarter jewish too? i get confused on the xzorn fractions >.<

Jerry said...

what cuban?, jewish? dont be silly xzorn is 100% fanboy!!!


Wulfie said...

true, but that's not one of the ethnicities listed on the SAT forms or whatever so i don't think it's nationally recognized.
even though it should. ;)