[Agate Ring of Fanboy Resistance]??

Lovely name I gave a ring the bf bought me, right? I need the extra stats. ~.~" I'm finally starting to work harder at getting more than 6 members in my guild, (yes, i know, it's pathetic) which means, since I'm going for quantity first to later weed out who's good and who's bad, that I'm going to end up with fanboys... One of them really caught me off guard. I was out in Westfall, and I figured "Hey, this is a good level area to recruit in," so I stamped the guild calling macro into the chat window. I got a few /tells inquiring about what the guild was all about, but got only one new member. I warned him that the guild was still VERY small (6 members, 5 of whom I haven't seen since I invited them -.-#) but he was happy to have a guild. And the world was good at that point. I knew this guy played often, so he's pretty much my first active member.
Okay, later I was on my way to Stormwind from Stranglethorn when I got another /tell. This one was from a guy who had been shamelessly flirting with every girl in sight at one of the taverns in Stormwind, me included. So, naturally, I was like "Um, excuse me?" and he said he was the same guy that I had recruited earlier. He seemed to have no idea what he had done, since I was very surprised and annoyed. So I had to remind him what I was so upset about. He was like "Oh! It's you! I'M A CHANGED MAN, I SWEAR!!" So I made him promise he had to be good, and I invited him to the guild.
Changed man? Right. He had me set his public note to "I like to flirt!!!!!"

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