Yet another. Bf actually liked this!

Bf pointed out "He doesn't have wings!" What a noob. Anyways, this is Xzorn, Tele's man. True, he doesn't have wings, but he's always there for her. ^.^ kawaii! Recently, though, I found out that his guild, the Scarlet Battallion, was the same group of Scarlets as the Scarlet Crusade, (whole lotta red going on here, man!) which Avenn warned me about... These are guys who act like the Inquisition: forcing religion and punishing "heretics." Check the RP blog for the specifics, but I'm kinda dreading that he might become an enemy. Aw... :(


Scarlet Xzorn said...

Awesome drawing, but I'm waiting eagerly for the one for last night.

Oh, and here's my Earthen Ring wiki page.


Wulfie said...

it's coming, it's coming, yikes! o.O
but lookit my awesome cel shading attempt!!
btw the bf might attack you here, too, so uh start running i guess :P

Jerry said...

*attacks* death to the one named xzorn!

Wulfie said...

jerry, stop it... i already tried to break up the fight in the OTHER post.
oh, and by the way...
*nukes xzorn's poker*
there we go. much better. :)