The Abusive Love Affair With My SS WoW Mouse

It was a long time since I had reconnected my simple Logitech mouse. A long time, indeed. I had been using the Steel Series World of Warcraft Gaming Mouse. You know the one. Fifteen buttons, lights up, brushed steel paint job.
Piece of crap when you hook it up to a mac.
First of all, no drivers. None. It's $100 from a retailer. Maybe less online. I don't know. But no drivers for the Mac use of the mouse. Though it is advertised as being OSX compatible. Sure, it is compatible--if all you want to do is hook it up and use it as a two-button scroll mouse. The only button that naturally worked other than the usual buttons and wheel: the little tiny one on the left side. Pressing it would activate auto run, a staple for any adventurer without a mount, or anyone who has to fly across Northrend for no good reason.
About a month ago, I started to notice something strange on the left mouse button: An orange spot was showing through the paint. I had thought at first that the brushed steel look was created through the use of a two-tone metallic plastic. Wrong. It was painted. And I had worn it off with my constant finger presence. I painted some decoupage medium on it and went along my way. It looked stupid. Yes, it did. It wasn't even orange. It was sickly pink orange. Puke plastic under a brushed steel paint job. Yuck.
The auto run button became the next problem. I no longer could simply lightly press it to activate auto run. Now, it demanded that I hold it down for about a fourth of a second. Of course, that isn't much time at all, and I realize that. But I had to press it with purpose. I couldn't just lightly tap it anymore.
An acrylic woven cord covered the mouse's wire protectively, shielding it from damage and looking nice to boot. The mouse's position on the desk's keyboard tray, however, proved to be too much, as it had started to fray in the position it most often came in contact with the corner of the tray. The mouse was bulky. It was hard to move. It was a bit heavy. It had some strange balancing fins on it. These made the cord's abuse even worse as I would desperately try to swing the mouse from my action bar back to the party interface while healing.
The tracking was slow. About 50% slower than any Logitech mouse (the brand I'm most familiar with, obvious by now). Tracking was at max. The mouse didn't seem to give a damn.
It's been a painful time. I've had to get used to a bulky mouse with fifteen buttons that don't all work without the drivers to program them in order to perform better, and all the while the paint wears off.
Awesome mouse, Blizz. Awesome product, Steel Series.
Welcome back, sweetums. Let's lower that tracking speed just a tad, mm?


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