zomg write it down

I have left everything behind. The family I had, the woman I loved, neither are important now. My power has grown. Outland, the accursed piece of rock I traveled to, held no golden future. Kael'thas' promises led us astray. I will play no pawn of the Legion. And now... I will play no pawn of Illidan's. My own path has been plotted on the map, my own story struck into the chords of history. And through all my life, through every loss, I have decided only one purpose in the world is great enough for one such as myself: To be the spiller of demon blood, to relish my blades sinking into the twisted creatures of the Burning Legion. Archimonde is slain. Kil'jaeden still waits. And soon... Sargeras will taste my fury as I have tasted his. Only this time, he will realize who he has trespassed against. He will learn what it truly means to cross a demon hunter.

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